MySoapBox Review

This post is my MySoapBox Review – I have been a member of MySoapBox survey panel for over 3 years and have been paid!

MySoapBox Survey Panel

MySoapBox is an online paid survey community that rewards members for expressing their opinions through participating in market research surveys and activities.

Is MySoapBox Legitimate or Scam?

MySoapBox panel was established and operated by SoapBoxSample, a member of the Interview Service of America (ISA) family. It is definitely a legitimate paid survey panel. Personally I was a member of ClickIQ, and my ClickIQ account (with all my earnings) was transferred to MySoapBox in 2014. So I have been a member of MySoapBox for about 5 years and have been paid many times!

Who can Join MySoapBox panel?

  • Minimum Age Requirement: over the age of 13
  • Can provide a valid mailing address and email address
  • Live in United States of America
  • Each individual may only have one account
  • Other people in the same household can join

What are the MySoapBox Survey Rewards – how to get paid?

MySoapBox members earn points for participating in different activities, mainly online surveys. Once you have accumulated 25,000 points ($25), you can redeem your points for a wide selection of electronic gift cards, such as amazon gift cards, Walmart, Target, iTune gift cards etc.

After you reach your initial 25,000 point threshold, there is no minimum to redeem so long as you have enough points to cash in for one of gift cards, starting at 500 points for $5 amazon (and other) gift cards.

My MySoapBox Review

Survey Frequency, points etc

MySoapBox sends a good number of surveys. I receive their survey invitation emails almost every day. In the survey invite email, they clearly indicate the survey number, points and estimated length of the survey. You can also log into your account and see if there are any survey opportunities. I have noticed that sometimes the surveys listed in your account only show survey number, so I usually pay attention to the survey emails and start taking surveys using the links within the emails.

MySoapBox surveys usually worth 500 points to 1500 points and last 5 minutes – 20 minutes. The points are about average compare to other survey sites. I only take surveys that are need 15 minutes or less, so for me, their surveys are easy to do most of the time. They will credit your account 10 points if you disqualify for a survey.

MySoapBox also has good paying product testing surveys and sometimes high paying online discussion boards (focus group) opportunities. Occasionally they have online surveys for kids and teenagers.

MySoapbox Survey payment

Shortly after my account at ClickIQ was transitioned to MySoapBox, I had enough points (25000) to cash out the first time for $25 amazon gift card. The process was quick and easy. And after that, since there was no minimum threshold requirement, I have redeemed my points many times, all for amazon gift cards. It took about one week to receive my e-gift card since the cash out request. Following is a partial screen shot of my recent MySoapBox amazon gift card payment.

MySoapBox Survey Reward Payment Amazon gift card
MySoapBox Survey Reward Payment – Amazon Gift Card

Member Support

MySoapBox member care/support is good and responsive. I have contacted support once inquiring payment status, and received their response the same day, and received the payment in 2 days!

MySoapBox – Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of surveys
  • Has good paying product testing surveys
  • Reward 10 points if disqualify for surveys
  • Fast survey crediting
  • Fast survey payment
  • Very wide selection of gift cards rewards
  • Low cash out threshold after initial redemption
  • Good member support


  • Initial redemption requires 25000 ($25) minimum points


MySoapBox is a legitimate online paid survey panel. They are not among my top earning survey sites, but they have been reliable and consistent in terms of survey inventory, payment and support, and I especially like that they have interesting product testing survey opportunities. I do recommend MySoapBox survey panel!

Thank you for reading my MySoapBox review. Are you a member of MySoapBox survey panel? Please feel free to share your experience and comments, and any questions are welcome!

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