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MySurvey Review

This post is my MySurvey Review – please note: MySurvey has been moved to LifePoints survey panel!

logo-mysurvey MySurvey is one of best online paid survey panels. It was acquired by Lightpseed Research, one of the leading online market research companies in early 2010. On January 2011, Lightpspeed consumer survey panel and MySurvey merged into one survey panel under the name of MySurvey Panel.

History of MySurvey.com

MySurvey.com has been collecting the opinions of U.S. consumers since 1946 as National Family Opinion (MySurvey used to be called NFO MySurvey), and was part of Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS). TNS is ranked as the word’s largest provider of custom research and analysis, operating globally across 70 countries. The current MySurvey.com website was created in 2001 to enable consumers to express their opinions online, and in 2010 mysurvey.com became part of Lightspeed Research.

Is MySurvey.com Legitimate survey panel or Scam?

YES – MySurvey.com is a legitimate online survey panel. It is run by Lightspeed Research, one of the leading market research companies. Personally I have been a member since 2005 and been paid many times without any problems. You can check out my payment proof within my review section below.

Who can join MySurvey panel & How to sign up?

Minimum Age Required to Join:  16 years old
Open to Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland

To sign up, please use following sign up links to join the MySurvey panel of your country:
Join MySurvey – USA Panel     Join MySurvey – Canada Panel
Join MySurvey – UK Panel        Join MySurvey – Australia Survey Panel

MySurvey Rewards/Payments:

MySurvey survey panel rewards panel members points for taking online paid surveys. Points are redeemable for following:

  • Cash – this can be paid by check or Paypal. Minimum cash out 1100 points ($10) via Paypal, 1150 points ($10) via check.
  • Amazon/iTunes gift certificates – minimum 1100 required for $10 amazon/itunes gift card;
  • Misc Gift cards for popular stores, restaurants and entertainments etc – such as redbox, starbucks, oldnavy, cvs, sears and more;
  • MLB e-certificate and raffle tickets (raffle tickets will be discontinued on December 1st ,2014);
  • Various merchandise/prizes in categories like DVDs, games, outdoors, personal care, sporting and travel;
  • Sweepstakes entries – earn sweepstakes entries for taking surveys and mini-polls.
  • Charity donations.

My MySurvey Review

MySurvey.com is one of  early survey sites I joined and it’s has remained as a quality survey panel over the years.

Survey Frequency and Quality

Operated by one of the major market research companies (Lightspeed), MySurvey.com offers members a great number of online surveys opportunities. Typically I receive 1-2 surveys invites daily, and surveys offers from 50 points to 300 points (and sometime 10 points for short 5 minutes surveys).

Their surveys cover a wide range of topics for consumers about products, services, current social developments, news and TV programs and advertisements. They also have many high paying survey/focus group and product testing opportunities.

They seem to have lot of surveys and product testings for babies and new moms. 🙂  After Lightspeed bought MySurvey, they have movie trailers and new advertising surveys which are easy to qualify and quite interesting.

MySurvey/Lightspeed hosts their surveys themselves (within their own platform/system which works well) and I have never experienced any technical problems while taking their surveys.

Survey Crediting and Payment (with Payment Proof)

Survey compensation is not the highest compare to other survey panels but fair in my opinion. They credit your account immediately after you complete a survey which mean you don’t have to wait to get credits.

They pay members pretty fast, usually within a month of cash-out. If you redeem Amazon gift certificate, you will receive the payment almost instantly. They send your amazon e-certificate to your email address pretty much a few minutes after you redeem. Below is an Amazon gift certificate/code (image) MySurvey paid me a little while ago (click the image to enlarge).

Panel Support

MySurvey offers good and responsive member support – I have contacted them several times regarding survey credits and login problems, they always replied and helped me resolved the issues quickly. (MySurvey’s support is much better than Lightspeed Research in my opinion.)

They have a good member account “central” interface where members can check their available surveys (members can take their surveys from there), survey history and points, and redeem for rewards. The member “central” is clear and user friendly.

Pros & Cons

Here is a recap of pros & cons of MySurvey panel:

1. Frequent survey invites;
2. Offer product testing, high paying surveys projects and focus group opportunities
3. Survey crediting very fast (immediately after completing surveys)
4. Fast payment if redeem amazon gift cards
5. Low cash out threshold
6. Cash rewards (via check and Paypal) and amazon

1. Survey rewards are average or relatively low for “regular” surveys

Some Notes & Tips

As a current active MySurvey member, here are some tips and notes I think might be helpful:

1. I suggest you log into mysurvey website – there are available surveys listed and you can select the surveys you would like to take. To help tracking your survey taking records, always write down the survey number before you start taking surveys – this is because once you start a survey, the survey information disappear from your account dashboard. If there is a problem with the survey and you need to contact their support, you need to provide them with the survey numbers.

2. You can also check your email invitations. Currently within MySurvey’s survey invite emails, there are: survey number, survey length and points (if complete), and link to MySurvey.com, but not directly to the surveys, so you must log into mysurvey and find the match surveys and take the surveys from there.

3. while taking surveys, don’t use forward and backward button of your browser, and many of the surveys require you finish in one session meaning once you start the surveys, you can’t pause and come back later.

4. Make sure log into your MySurvey account at least once every three month – because one of their “terms” is they can terminate your membership if you have not accessed the website for a period of three months or more.

How do I Get Started with MySurvey Panel?

To get started with MySurvey panel, first click the following sign up links to join the panels in various countries.

Join MySurvey – USA Panel
Join MySurvey – Canada Panel
Join MySurvey – UK Panel
Join MySurvey – Australia Survey Panel

After signing up and confirming your membership, log into your account and fill out the profile surveys to increase more targeted survey invites.

Then you are ready to take surveys and make some extra cash! You can check your email for survey invitations for log into your account for available surveys. Make sure to record your survey taking activities, especially write down the survey number first if you take surveys within your account dashboard.

As soon as you reach the minimum required points, cash out for either cash or amazon gift cards,  and enjoy your reward!

MySurvey Panel News & Updates

In this session I will post any news and updates of mysurvey panel.

March/April, 2016:
MySurvey panel upgraded their “help center” around the end of last year, and some members have found themselves no longer be able to log into their MySurvey account.  I think the problem was caused by their system glitch that “locked” some members out of the system. If you are a member of MySurvey and have the similar problem, I  suggest you contact MySurvey support and be patient, and I think the issue will be resolved.

Final Thoughts

MySurvey.com is one of the oldest and most reliable survey panels out there. They are a decent survey site and I think it should be part of your survey panel collection. I do recommend you join MySurvey.com panel.

Are you a member of MySurvey.com survey panel? Please feel free to share your MySurvey review and experience. Any comments/reviews and questions about MySurvey panel are welcome!

66 thoughts on “MySurvey Review”

  1. I quit this ..when they transferred to Life points..they cheated me out of points..Took me a while to discover this..but I keep records..and then upon doing the new surveys..always waited til I was done..and then an error. message…reported the problem..they do nothing..and you get nothing..Do they honestly think this works..???do not have this time or energy to waste..rip off..

    • Sorry to hear that Ann, Did you try to contact LifePoints about this? For some reason I couldn’t log into my MySurvey account, I don’t remember how many points I had in there…but they did transferred all my points at GlobalTestMarket to Lifepoints. Regarding the error, my advice is whenever you encounter any problem, stop taking surveys until you are sure the problems are solved. I feel that LifePoints is better cause at least you get some points if you disqualify for a survey and it is mobile friendly now. Hope it helps!

  2. I have been very frustrated with this site. Yesterday, I took 2 surveys and completed them only to have both of them go to technical error when I entered the last page. I asked for technical help and also emailed mysurvey. They said I needed the survey numbers and wouldn’t give credit without it. I gave them 3 numbers from emails I received for surveys from them and they said they didn’t know what the surveys were about. I had told them one was about shampoo & conditioner, the other about Pepsi & Coke. They said I should write down each number each time I do a study and no credit would be given. I feel that this is a scam. How easy for me to spend 20-25 minutes on their surveys, even get asked to tryout the shampoo & conditioner, and then they get all the info, and I get no pay! Very frustrating!

    • Sorry to hear your trouble with them Shirlee. I totally agree It is frustrating cause you cant’ find the survey number once you click the survey link to take the survey! So you have to write down the survey# before get started!!!

    • I’ve also spent more than half an hour doing their surveys and then not being credited. One day I completed multiple surveys and was screened out of several others. My survey has NO RECORD of my doing any of this that day. Which was 7/26/2016.

      • Ray, sorry to hear the problems. Did you write down the survey numbers before you clicking the survey links? If yes you can contact their support (through the help center). It does sound strange because if you complete a survey you should have received points right away.

  3. MySurvey is now offering some cool reward for sport fans! Received an email:

    Dear Mei,

    Good news!

    Starting today, you can use your MySurvey points to get products from Major League Baseball! As usual, go online to MySurvey.com and convert your points for a $10 MLB e-certificate. It’s that easy!

    • How do I get in touch with someone there? I received my first reward, an e-certificate for Starbucks which is not usable. I cannot get in touch with anyone. There is no operator at their phone number and no one replies to the emails. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them? Is this company a scam?

    • Hi Lin,
      Here is what you have to do to get help:
      1. log into your account;
      2. click the “Rewards” tab on the top of, this takes you to the “My Rewards” page;
      3. cliick the “My Rewards” orange button – this takes you to the “perksplus” page;
      4. click “FAQs/Custom Service” green tab at the top;
      5. under the “Contact Us” tab, click the “can’t find the answer to your questions…” link,
      6. fill out the “New Inquiry” form and submit.

      I have contacted them before, they usually get back to me within 1-2 days, since it’s holiday, it might be a little late. Hope it helps and good luck!

  4. I have been unable to login that last day or so to this site. It keeps saying “the account used is currently not active”. They will not respond to attempts to contact them and I have 11,000 points accumulated with them! So, at this point, unless something happens, I cannot recommend this site!

    • Hi Mark, sorry to hear the trouble. When did you contact them? If it’s just yesterday or today, I would suggest you give them little more time (2-3 more days). I have been a member of mysurvey for years and they have always responded to my email and I recall one time it was login issue also. The most recent one was about reward redemption. Good luck!

  5. MySurvey has a new “Terms & Conditions”. Here are couple of new things I noticed:

    1. Membership of the panel is open only to residents of the USA (all States) who are 16 years of age or over.

    2. Lightspeed may terminate your membership immediately if one of the following events occurs. you have not accessed the website for a period of three months or more.

    Please make sure to access the MySurvey.com website at least one every three months.

  6. Something is going on with MySurvey.com as of yesterday. One of the continuing surveys I complete about 4 times a year disappeared from my home screen. When the survey was there yesterday I clicked on it and got a response that said I was not eligible for the survey, yet I have been working on it for 2 weeks! It is a month long survey.
    Low and behold, customer service cannot be contacted to report this issue. I believe that I am due 500 points for completing this survey for 2 weeks. This is almost $5.00. The least I expect is to be able to email the business or call with my problem. The FAQs page cannot even be pulled up. I will not waste my time filling out the current available surveys until I know what is going on. I have been a panelist for years now.

    • Sorry to hear the problems Katie. Did you contact their customer service about the problem? Keep your invite emails etc. Their member support is pretty good.

      I think it’s a smart move that you stop taking their surveys until they sort everything out – that’s what I do with any survey panels that encounter problems. No need to waste time.

      Hope you can keep me updated. good luck!

  7. Took a survey today and have enough to cash out (1121 points). However when I cash out the $10 amazon gift e-certificate, I got message saying “Sorry, your cart total exceeds your point balance”. WTH. Submit a support/inquire email. Will update when I get a reply.

    • Received an email update Today. Problem solved! Here is the email:

      Thank you for contacting us. I sincerely apologize for any frustrations caused. Please know you should now be able to redeem your points. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble.

      I just redeemed $10 amazon e-certificate. And received an order confirmation immediately after. It says will received my e-certificate in 7-10 days.

    • I received the amazon gift certificate on Dec.26, 2013. exactly a week after the order confirmation. Next time I will cash out cash via Paypal which might takes longer.

  8. Just completed an interesting survey about cell phone, earned 150 points. I am getting close to cash out – perfect for holiday season!

  9. I want to update on MySurvey Connect.

    I installed MySurvey Connect on our home desktop computer in late March, I just checked my MySurvey account, I received 100 points for MySurvey Connect installation in April.

  10. Has anyone else had any problems logging into the mysurvey canada website? I try to log on and it says my email and log in are no longer valid. I’ve been with them for almost 2 years and now I’m blocked. I emailed them 3 times in the past two weeks and nothing back. I’m owed money and apparently they’ve decided not to pay. Nice birthday present!

    • Kim, they have a phone number you can call. I am not sure if this works for Canada: Toll Free: 866-785-4773. I found it on mysurvey.ca website. Hope it helps!!!

    • Hi,
      After 4 email attempts to get answers and contacting the US company, I eventually ended up going through BBB. A week later I received an email from mysurvey saying everything was fine with my login and account and I can now get into it. I have to say customer service is usually pretty good, so I was disappointed and frustrated with them. It would have been nice to give me a courtesy email explaining the problem. No reason was given for blocking my account. I am now waiting for an incentive that is taking two and half months to be put on my account and may just close it after. Too bad really but that’s not how you treat people who do good and honest work for you. Sorry long winded!

    • Thanks for the update Kim.

      I am happy for you Kim but also very disappointed that a good honest panelist has to go through BBB to get her issue resolved.

  11. Invitation to Join MySurvey Connect

    Just received an Invitation email from MySurvey to join MySurvey Connect:

    This is your personal invitation to join MySurvey Connect – just answer one short question and install a small application on your computer FOR FREE. It will only take you a few minutes!

    As a MySurvey Connect member, you can earn up to 1,300 points within the first year. Additionally, it pre-qualifies you for special surveys which will help you earn even more points.

    Let your computer work for you!

    Your Membership Advantages:

    100 Points for Installation
    400 Points after 30 days
    50 Points for each following month
    100 Points every six months
    Pr-Qualification for future Surveys

    Sounds Pretty good. I think I am going to join and install the app. on my desktop PC 🙂

  12. Update – I receive several surveys a week and qualify for a few of them. About the same as it was in 2011. They are still one of my best surveys companies. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  13. [quote name=Yary]
    Thank youuuu…I signed up using your referral link….you deserve the reward points 8)[/quote]Thanks Yary!! 🙂

  14. [quote name=mlynn]Hi Yary, have you contacted their support? Mysurvey has pretty good support, I have contacted them few times before always got a reply in 2-3 days. If you never get a reply from them, you can always sign up with them again using the sign up link in my review above – If you live in US, using this MySurvey US sign up link. Good luck![/quote]
    Thank youuuu…I signed up using your referral link….you deserve the reward points 8)

  15. Hi Yary, have you contacted their support? Mysurvey has pretty good support, I have contacted them few times before always got a reply in 2-3 days. If you never get a reply from them, you can always sign up with them again using the sign up link in my review above – If you live in US, using this MySurvey US sign up link. Good luck!

  16. I was a member of mysurvey several years ago but they discontinued my membership due to inactivity. I’ve been trying to signup for a few days now but they are not taking new members 🙁 Would they take me by referral? if so? May someone provide me with one? Thanks!

  17. [quote name=mlynn][quote name=Kim]I belong to mysurvey.ca the canadian panel and have noticed I can’t log in. I’m wondering if anyone else is having that problem. I’m hoping it’s part of their new revamped site. :sad:[/quote]Hi Kim – Have you contacted their support? I also suspect that MySurvey Canada finally will belong to Lightspeed Research??[/quote]Hi, I’m able to login now. You may be right about lightspeed. The Canadian site will be down January 9 to 12th for maintenance and revamping. Maybe they will have paypal as an option when it is back up.

  18. [quote name=Kim]I belong to mysurvey.ca the canadian panel and have noticed I can’t log in. I’m wondering if anyone else is having that problem. I’m hoping it’s part of their new revamped site. :sad:[/quote]Hi Kim – Have you contacted their support? I also suspect that MySurvey Canada finally will belong to Lightspeed Research??

  19. I belong to mysurvey.ca the canadian panel and have noticed I can’t log in. I’m wondering if anyone else is having that problem. I’m hoping it’s part of their new revamped site. 🙁

  20. I have yet to get paid for submitting info to Lightspeed. in December. I called My Survey they mentioned a check would be processed in Feb. but over a month later still no $25, and no response to email or phone calls. I hope this merger did not destroy a good company. I also have had problems with the surveys and receiving many long 5 pointers:unsure:

  21. Recently I received notification that Lightspeed has merged under the name of Mysurvey. They are owned by the same company and all points transferred.

  22. Previously 10 point prelims leading to better paying surveys. Now FULL surveys (prelims in disguise) for zero-5,perhaps 25 points, underestimation of time needed to complete, cashout raised to 1100 points. Do the math. From one of the best to one of the worst.

  23. Update – I receive 7-13 surveys a month and qualify for most of them. The points are low for the time you put in. They pay through paypal and it takes only 3-5 business days. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  24. Yeah I have noticed that recently.. 🙁 Now I only take the surveys they send to my email box that tell me the points for the survey (usually 10 points but lead to more like 500 points if I qualify).

  25. They said they don’t tell the points amount or length of surveys now because members were picking the high paying surveys. Shouldn’t members have the right to choose which surveys they want to attempt? If they don’t like members not doing low paying surveys, then they should pay more

  26. Hi Lilly, did you know that NFO MySurvey and Lightspeed Research merged sometime ago? Now NFO adopted Lightspeed’s redeem system and that’s why now you need 1100 points to get a $10 cash via Paypal. I know it sucks. 🙁 I will update my review.

  27. I’ve been a member of MySurvey for almost ten years. They used to pay $10 for 1000 points, but not any more. After several years, I had something like 8000 points saved up and one day out of the blue, with no notice or anything, I saw they changed things so that now you had to have 1100 points to get $10. I e-mailed them and explained that I had my points for many years and would they honor the points value according to when I earned them. They wrote back and insisted that they had always charged 100 points to get a cash or Paypal payout, but the previous time I cashed out I got $10 for exactly every 1000 points. The person who responded probably hasn’t been around as long as I have, but that’s still no reason to lie. I wrote several more times but they continued to insist they had never paid $10 for exactly 1000 points. Other than that, have had no problems with them.

  28. Hi Anna, yes it’s true there are many surveys are low paying (less than $1.00), but there are also lot of surveys that pay more. You can always skip those low paying ones, since it’s always your choice to do any certain surveys.

  29. Hi! I’ve been zappin through the list and some reviews and it seems to me that the amount paid per survey is usually as low as 1 dollar or less and that they take @20 minutes to complete. How much money does the electricity cost for running the computer for 20 minutes? Still worth it? What are you? A volunteer for big rich companies? They’re rich enough. I say quit the penniwork and dont pick up the surveytaking again until the millionaire companies pay.

  30. Hello All,
    Thank you for this site, I think today I have read nearly every page and now confident to work my way through the Australian list. I intend to register with ALL of them!
    I want to let you know that the MySurveyAsia site directed me to Emailcash, then when I went there it said they had a name change to RewardsCentral. So in Australia at least I am not dealing directly with MySurveyAsia. For a first time user the site was very easy to use and I read the Terms and Privacy Policy carefully which I felt were quite okay. I can’t see RewardsCentral on the Australian list so it may deserve a separate mention.

  31. Can I join NFO MYSurvey from Philippines? We will moving to Indonesia, can I join from there even if I am not an Indonesian? What other sites can you recommend for Filipinos?

  32. what’s up with all of these $.30 cents surveys they’ve been sending lately? They are 15 minutes long. I haven’t been doing them. When they ask “do you want to continue with the survey”, I click NO.

  33. I receive 4-6 surveys a month. I qualify for 1-3 surveys a month. Sometimes they ask for the person who does the grocery shopping, to do the survey and that would be my wife. I cashed out and received the check within 2 weeks. I havent had any problems with them.

  34. 🙂 They are still ok but it does take a while to receive surveys but they do pay you with a ck with 2 wks after you get 1000 pts.

  35. Cashed out and recieved the check within 2 weeks. They do send me like 1 survey every week or two. And your right about the points, they are low for the time you put into the survey.

  36. Yes, I joined MySurvey on 9/18/08. I wasn’t taking care to do every survey because I was distracted and unorganized. As a result I know I may have deleted invites without even trying (rookie mistake because I didn’t realize that very short 10 point surveys usually meant you were being prescreened for much higher compensation surveys). Since paying attention properly, I’ve been able to achieve 1300 points. I haven’t cashed out yet.

    I did 5 surveys in Sept., only 1 in October, 18 in November – one for 250 points, 7 in December the highest being for 100 points, and 4 thus far in January – the biggest by far being a 300 point beverage journal.

    I know for sure that the month I hardly did anything was because I must have been considering dropping it at that time.

    I believe I’ve done 3 testings for them- hot pockets, vanilla meal replacement drinks, and a new style of Hamburger helper.

    I definitely recommend this site and would suggest that you don’t throw out small point offers, because its usually a prescreening thing and also its possible to end up with a food product to try out!

    Hope this helps any who are considering them.

    Also, I’ve never contacted them either so I don’t know their CS’s reputation so I defer to what was written above…..
    Lisa Castle 🙂

  37. NFO is one of my favorites. Receive a few surveys a week. Cashout is 1000 points ($10.) easy to achieve. Usually short prelim (10pts) to see if acceptable & then survey average 150pts. Sometimes frustrating because a long complicated survey may pay less than a short easy survey. Also excellent customer service.


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