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MySurvey123.com is recommended in AARP Magazine Article

MySurvey123.com is recommended in March/April 2009 Issue of AARP Magazine Personal Finance Article: Earn Extra Money, By Sally Abrahms, Ten fun ways to boost your bank account—fast!

I haven’t seen the article myself yet, but here are the messages/comments left on my site recently:

Hi There,
Just wanted to let you know I found your info in the aarp magazine and you come recommeened so I’m goint to give thia atry..Thanks, Patty

— Patty

Reference to your site is found in the March/April 2009 “The AARP” magazine in an article titled, “Earn Extra Money-Fast” written by Sally Abrahms. It is on page 32 but you can find it online through the magazine link on the AARP website.— gk

I read about mysurvey123.com in my March/April 2009 magazine titled “Earn Extra
Money-Fast!”. I am out of work and need any income I can find. Thank you for being so helpful! Maria W.

— Maria W.

The article was in the AARP magazine. It brought me here as well. Kudow to you for providing such an awesome site!
— Joni

Your site is just what I’m looking for! It was listed in the March/April AARP mag! I’ve been thing of doing this for some years now. thanks for the info.
— Ecj

Based on gk’s comment, it’s in the March/April 2009 issue article title “Earn Extra Money” Aruthor Sally Abrahms, Page 32.  I checked AARP’s website, here is the link to the table of content of the March/April issue, the article is on the list, is not linked to the article : http://www.aarpmagazine.org/inprint.html

I am so proud that my website is recommended by AARP magazine, and mostly importantly I am very very happy to know that my site is helpful for anyone who just want to make little extra money, and not get scammed! I can’t wait to read the article myself. I am going to the local library to see if they have the copy.

Thank you Patty, gk, Maria, Joni, Ecj… and many of you who emailed me or left encouraging comments and messages on this site, I am truly grateful for all your support and I will continue to work hard and do my best to make this site a great resource for everybody who wants to make extra money with paid surveys, focus groups or product testing. Thank you again.

Update: AARP Magazine just published the article on their website!! Following is the link to the article (Great Article!):

Earn Extra Money—Fast!

By Sally Abrahms



23 thoughts on “MySurvey123.com is recommended in AARP Magazine Article”

  1. I found this site when looking for legit site and have read and sign up on the site you list. There is a limited amount of site for where i live even though they say international my little island is not included. Can u send me some more site that want info from us islander. thank you.

  2. found you while searching for lagit side money through a christian radio website most safe interesting ive ever come across as far as i can see so far you guys rock keep up the good work because character counts.

  3. [quote name=Betty]Hi Mei,
    I have offers from A mystery shop known as About Face. Are you familiar with That one?
    If so, are they legit?
    I appreciate your opinion.
    About Face (http://www.aboutfacecorp.com/) is legit. I’ve received assignments from them but haven’t done any mainly because I don’t like mystery shopping.

  4. Hi Betty, no I am not familiar with them. Did you apply with them? If not it’s probably a scammer using their name. Remember never ever cash any checks (if they send you one) BEFORE you do/complete any shopping jobs.

  5. Hi Mei,
    I have offrers from A mystery shop known as About Face. Are you familiar with That one?
    If so, are they legit?
    I appreciate your opinion.

  6. Hi Simeon Welcome! – Just want to clarify AGAIN that MySurvey123.com is NOT a paid survey site – we don’t pay people taking online surveys. MySurvey123.com is a informational site that "teaches" you how to get paid taking surveys. 🙂

    Please take a little bit time to read articles on this site (in the Paid Survey Guide (http://mysurvey123.com/index.php/Paid-Surveys-Advice-Tips/) section), and then sign up with all the legitimate paid survey sites on our FREE Paid Survey List (http://mysurvey123.com/index.php/Free-Paid-Surveys-List/). Good luck!

  7. It is very delightful to become a member of this survey site,because you give me the oportunity to make some money online for the survey completed; But my quetion is how do I become a member?.I want you to send me the registration form and details to become a member.

  8. 😯 Hi All! I guess I’m the new kid on the block cause I just joined MySurvey123. It looks great. I’ve been very disappointed with the survey community cause after a month wandering around surveyland,I’ve accumulated a treasure of $4. and after only 20 minutes on MySurvey, I’ve made $5.40.Not a lot but it’s a start!
    It’s great to be aboard.

  9. What are your thoughts on the survey companies who offer only chances in lotteries for those who take their surveys?
    Sounds like a scam to me.

    • Hello,
      Has anybody there heard of Paylution? Springboard America has changed from Pay Pal to Paylution. I’m concerned becayse I have never heard of Paylution. Do you know if they are legit?

  10. It is a wonderful experience to present an opinion on products and services.

    It is also an opportunity to earn extra income.

    Thank you for this experience.

  11. Hi Walter, paid surveys companies look for people with different demograpics for different projects, some may target low income, some may for middle income or high income, some may just for men, some may just for women…also there are times new products/services have very broad markets, so it’s hard to say a $150K income consumer has a better chance then a $60K income….. 🙂

  12. I wonder if there are certain criteria that surveys use to select people to take surveys.
    For example,Is a 78 year old less likely to be chosen than a 31 year old? Is an employed man with a college education making 150K a year a more desirable candidate?

  13. Hi Ilene,

    As long as you only sign up with legit survey sites, you will be just fine. Since legit survey/market research companies all have strict privacy polices, and will NOT share/sell your information to anyone. For every survey site on my survey lists, I have done my research and read their privacy policy very carefully..all of them are legitimate and safe to join.

    I havn’t have any problems except that when I started doing surveys 4 years ago, I signed up with a few junk sites and therefore I got lot of spams emails and even telemarketing calls, then I went back unsubscribed from those sites, and the calls stopped.

    Hope it helps. And Welcome! :cheer:

  14. I also found your website in my AARP magazine. I was very interested to give this a try, but I noticed that most of the websites required giving a birthdate. Have you or any of your readers come across any problem with any of these sites misusing your personal information, ie: identity theft?


  15. I know I can speek for many. This has been very helpful for all of us. We are all thank full for the effort that you have put into this site………

  16. I can speak for all of us and say congratulations on the magazine add. You deserve it because of all the help that you have given me and all the rest.
    Thank You

  17. Wow, that’s great Mei! It is great that you are getting published recognition for all the hard work you put into this site to make it so useful, not to mention helpful for all of us…YEAH!


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