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This post is my MyView review, and contains Sign Up link. MyView is one of the best cash paid survey sites! Please note: MyView has merged with OneOpinion survey panel.

myview-surveysMyView is an online market research paid survey panel, created by Critical Mix. Since 1996, the market research community has relied on Critical Mix for responsible and dependable solutions for their research needs. Members of MyView.com community are rewarded by expressing their open, honest, and valid opinions on a wide range of topics.

Is MyView Survey Panel Legit or Scam?

I want to make it clear first that MyView is a legitimate survey panel. I have been a panel members since 2006 and have always been paid by them.

MyView Rewards

Members earn MyView Points (MVP) for taking every survey. MyView Points can be redeemed for following rewards:

  • Cash (Via Visa/American Express Prepaid Card) – Minimum points required 142100 points ($100)
  • Amazon / iTunes Gift Cards – Minimum points required for Amazon gift card is 21000 points ($15)
  • Various Gift Cards from retailers and restaurants, such as  HomeDepot, BestBuy, Target, CVS, Macy, BabyRUs, OldNavy, Applebee’s, Starbucks and OfficeDepot etc.  Minimum points required to redeem is 13720 Points ($10).
  • Various prizes and Merchandize, such as iPad mini, iPaid Air etc.
  • Sweepstakes entries – you can spend your points on their current sweepstakes.

Who Can Join MyView?

  • Countries & Regions: United States
  • Minimum Age Requirement: 13 years and older to join

MyView Review

MyView is a very good survey panel. They offer panel members many good surveys opportunities and provide reasonable good rewards and panel support.

MyView Surveys – Frequency

MyView has TONS of surveys – they send me 2-3 survey invite emails every day.  You can also take surveys from your member account. Once you log into your account, you will be at “My Surveys” page. Most of the time there are surveys available for you to take right away, or sometimes there are a couple of “pre-screening” questions that help MyView to match you to survey most appropriate for you.

Survey Quality

  • I used to do lot of magazines cover surveys for them which usually pay $2.00 – $3.00, that was before they switched to the points reward system.
  • Now I have received surveys on a variety of topics. Generally speaking their surveys are easy to do, usually take about 5-15 minutes to complete. I also have done high paying focus groups and product testings for them.
  • MyView is also a GREAT survey panel for teens – since they offer so many surveys opportunities, it’s a great site for teenagers to make some extra money taking surveys online.

Survey Crediting and Rewards

  • MyView surveys worth from 400 points to 70,000 points (about $0.60 – $10). I have done many 400 – 1000 points surveys – those surveys usually are very short and easy to complete.
  • You earn points for every single survey you qualify and complete.
  • If you disqualify for a survey, you will be rewarded 100 points (about $0.15) for your time and effort, which is really nice.
  • Once you qualify and complete a survey, points are credited/added to your account immediately.

MyView Review – Member Support

Personally I have contacted panel support about my account login problems before, I received responses and issues resolved within 2-3 days. So I would say their member support is pretty good.

MyView Review – Pros & Cons


  • Frequent Survey invites – numerous surveys for members;
  • Earn 100 points even disqualify for a survey;
  • Fast/immediate survey points crediting upon completion of surveys;
  • Quality surveys offer reasonable good rewards, including product tests and focus groups;
  • Good survey panels for teens – accept member 13 years and older;
  • Promote survey payment;
  • Good member support and feedback system;


Only thing I can think of is they don’t have cash via Paypal or check payment (although you can redeem for prepaid visa card). I have seen many members suggest Paypal payment through member feedback, so hopefully cash via Paypal option might be available in the future.

Sign Up with MyView & Earn Rewards!

Getting started taking surveys for money with MyView Survey Panel is pretty easy and straightforward.

Step One  – Sign Up with MyView Panel.

Click following sign up links to join MyView panel by filling out and submitting the Sign Up form. You will receive an email from MyView shortly after and you need confirm your membership by clicking the link within the email.

UPDATE: Currently MyView is NOT accepting new panel members.

Step Two – Fill Out Profile Surveys.

Once you become a member of MyView survey panel, log into your MyView account and you will be in the “MySurveys” page.

Click the “MY INFO” link, which takes you to the the page like this:

Here at your “MY INFO” page, there are various short profiles you can complete and earn 350 points for each. Currently there are 11 such profiles and that’s total 3850 points you can earn right away!  Those profile surveys are very short and only take about 1-2 minutes of your time to complete. Filling out profile surveys enable MyView to send you more targeted surveys.

Step Three – start taking surveys and earn points.

After complete all the profile surveys, click the “MY SURVEYS” link which takes you to your “survey center” page that looks like this (this is also the page you will see once you log into your account).  Sometimes there will be available surveys waiting for you to take right away, in which case it indicates survey length and reward points, other times it might ask you to answer one or two “pre-screening” questions that help MyView check/look for a suitable survey for you.


MyView also sends survey invites to your email inbox. I usually check/log into my account at least three times a week since I like their surveys (especially the short and easy ones) and every time I try I will earn at least 100 points. Another reason is I also get sweepstakes entries for just logging into my account.

Step Four – Finally, cash out for rewards.

Once you earn enough points, you can cash out for various rewards. click the “MY REWARDS” link at the top to redeem your rewards. The “My REWARDS”  looks like this:


Other Notes & Tips

1. Make sure to log-in to your account AT LEAST once every 90 days or your account will be marked inactive, and your points will expire.

2. Sometimes your desired rewards might not be available (such as the popular amazon gift cards) – you can email support, or login and check every day cause they might “restock” various rewards.

3. I am not 100% sure, but I heard that MyView may have implemented and installed some kind of quality control software to monitor and prevent fraud.  So please make sure to take your time when you do their surveys, don’t rush through surveys, and give your honest and thoughtful opinion.Here is the warning MyView posted on their website:

“There are no right or wrong answers but any attempt to speed through surveys, take a survey more than once or provide false or misleading information will result in you not being rewarded points for the survey. It may also lead to your account being closed and all incentives forfeited.”

4. MyView has daily login sweepstakes – you will earn one entry every day you log into your account.

5. If you already are a member of MyView Panel, but have trouble logging into your account. Please do NOT register again. Instead please contact MyView Support (the HELP link at the top of their website), they will help you recovering your account information. This is what I did – I contacted MyView support after failed logins and within 3 days, MyView support helped me re-activated my account.

Hope you find my MyView review helpful. I suggest you join MyView survey panel using the sign up link here, so you can start taking surveys and make money!

65 thoughts on “MyView”

  1. The incentives are been greatly reduced. No more Walgreens, CVS, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Old Navy. Only Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks, Walmart, 1 800 Flowers, and Visa cards. It costs 14,000 points for a $10 gift card, 35,000 points for a $25 gift card, 66,500 points for a $50 Visa, and 105,000 for a $75 Visa. The amount of points required to cash out is very high, wish I had of cashed out earlier. Remember if you don’t qualify for a survey you will receive 100 points. So you will have to do a lot of surveys to cash out. Something is up with this survey site and the Facebook page is no longer available. Cash out now, don’t trust them. They used to be one of my top online survey companies, but these recent changes have me worried.

    • Thanks for your feedback and advice Anna. It does seem like there are some changes on their website. They used to have a support community where members can voice suggestions etc but now it’s gone. Also facebook disappearing isn’t a good sign. I agree with you cash out as soon as you can. Thanks again!

  2. MyView Surveys has recently disappeared from Facebook. I redeemed 133,000 points for a $100 Amazon Card – they said it would take 4-6 weeks to arrive but it has now been nearly 8 weeks and nothing. They have not responded to an on-line help ticket.

    I fear the worse.

    • Sorry to hear the trouble William. They have a telephone number you can call – (888) 511-4259 if you would like to speak to someone, maybe give it a try?

  3. Just did two surveys today, earned 5000 points! Disqualified one survey, but earned 100 points, and completed a 4900 points surveys in just 10 minutes! Have enough points to cash out a gift card!

  4. Fantastic blog you have here but I was wanting
    to know if you knew of any message boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
    I’d really love to be a part of community where I
    can get suggestions from other experienced people that share
    the same interest. If you have any recommendations,
    please let me know. Appreciate it!

    • Hi Kira,

      We have a paid survey message board/forum right here at mysurvey123.com. You can register a free account and post at our board. Let me know if you have any questions!

  5. Just completed a survey and earned 600 points! It’s pretty short and easy. Glad they credited the points immediately after I finished the surveys! MyView is great!

    • Did THREE more short & easy surveys and earned 2200 points (2 600 points surveys – those are surprisingly short, and one 1000 point survey). Can’t believe how easy they are, got to do MyView’s surveys more often!

    • Which browser you are using? I just complete a survey, encountered a problem while listing to a radio ad (can’t hear anything need to install a plugin for Firefox but couldn’t…) fortunately didn’t affect me and I was able to finish the survey (an easy, quick and interesting survey for 200 points.)

  6. They had $25 amazon gift cards in stock January 13th, for about half a day before they sold out.
    It would appear they are doing a poor job ordering amazon gift certificates/visa codes.

  7. [quote name=Rodney Day]I can’t find the Pre-paid VISA reward. Where is it? I have a lot of points to redeem.[/quote]
    They order “x” number of visa/amazon codes at a time, (supposedly every month) once they are all claimed by users you have to wait for them to “restock” so to speak.

    I say supposedly because I myself have been waiting almost 2 months to cash out for a visa code, checking the site daily.

  8. I’ve been a member for a couple of months, and have earned just over $20 in that time. I redeemed a $20 gift card which arrived a couple of weeks later via registered mail. No problems. I like the fact that you are credited points very quickly. Seems to be a good company.

  9. [quote name=liangshaoxia]It seems need invitation to register,could someone invite me? :D[/quote]
    Hi, the MyView register link in this article is for USA resident only. Hope it helps.

  10. 😥 im having problems with the log in!!! every time i do, it bounce me back. wat is the problem? i seend an e-mail back to my view team and i have no answer back. please help!!!!

  11. Hi Deborah – Please click the HELP button/ink at the top of their website, it will take you to their Contact/Support page where you can send emails to their support by filling out the form. Hope it helps, good luck! 🙂

  12. How did you contact MyView with your sighin problems. When I attempt to go to support it requires me to signin. I get the message “Username/password is not known. Or when I attempt to go to contact I get Error message. I.ve been on MyView panel for many years and know the username and password is correct. I am taking my surveys on a desktop my laptop is no longer working. Help someone if you can……

  13. Just a note to everyone who has problems with MyView (including login issues), please contact MyView Support – they are great! :cheer: I contacted them regarding my login problem, and their support (Jordan) responded in 2 days, turned out my account was inactive and he re-actived my account. Now I am able to take MyView surveys again which is great since they have so many surveys my points adds up very quickly, pretty soon I will able to cash out! 😀

  14. Agreed.

    [quote name=J. Nygren]I registered with MyView several months ago, and successfully completed a few surveys. Lately, I have taken several surveys, and after answering many questions, I’m booted out and told "… unfortunately, you did not qualify for this particular survey." (Yes, I understand that each participant needs to qualify for each survey.) Some of the ‘qualifying questions’ included: "You will now be asked about your interest in sports." "Of which of the following sports, if any, would you consider yourself a fan?" (I selected four sports.) "How relevant would you say each sport is today?" "In your opinion, are each of the following sports On the way up, On the way down, Staying the same?"

    The above questions were approximately 20 questions into the survey. This is not a case of ‘not qualifying’ for a survey. This is a case of completing surveys, and getting ripped off.[/quote]

  15. Hi GlamorizeU – I apologize my bad.. Myview registration is currently closed. Please check back later I will be posting the sign up link if they re-open. Thanks!

  16. I recently tried to sign up for this site without success. There was a technical error when I tried to follow the registration link sent to me. I contacted customer service and got no help. The first email response did not address the problem and the second email just told me to keep checking back using the link. They were supposed to be working on the problem. That was June 1st and it is still not working. I guess they don’t really want new members.

  17. I use to have the same login problems that everyone mentions and NO (customer service did not help), but I recently saw there was an option to stay logged-in and this has worked for me. SO FAR, no problems. Jordan, if you are real, I tried the Myview Customer service route and it was totally a joke. This whole survey game is a crap shoot, but I have plenty of time on my hands. Unfortunely. On another note, the emails I get about surveys are so late that they never exist once I get to the site. Just login once or twice a day and go for it. You are not going to get more than alittle and I stress little pocket change for doing surveys. But in this economic climate I do admit it’s alittle fun.

  18. [quote name=cocoabella]…
    My problem is their log in feature…
    What is happening is I get an invitation for a survey & I click on the invite link.
    Then I am prompted to log into MyView. Herein lies my problem. I log in with my user name and password, click LOG IN and this takes me right back to the log in page.
    I do not get a log in error. I can log in over and over and over and it just won’t log me in, it just keeps taking me right back to the log in page. I am not logging in with the wrong user name or password. [/quote]
    I don’t know if you’re still experiencing a problem but I had the same issue. My View sent me an email on how to fix. You need to add them to your Trusted Sites. I use IE browser so I went to Tools, Internet Options, Security, Trusted Sites, Sites. I added them to box and it fixed the problem. See their site for other browser instructions.

  19. Hello, my name is Jordan and I am a MyView customer service representative. I’d like to advise you guys to contact us about ANY issues you experienced through our online form at: http://portal.myview.com/portal/app?cmd=ContactUs This is the best way to know that your comment has been read and issue/problem will be dealt with ASAP. Before you do that, I suggest you also visit our FAQ page and Terms and conditions. Thank you.

  20. I’m having the same login problems as cocoabella. I’ve contacted customer service but so far I have only received the “canned” response email. I have found a “trick” to get logged in. If I enter a bogus username/password and get the OOPS message, I can then enter my username/password and get logged in. Big problem with this though is the survey mentioned in the email is not there. You can view your points and history. On another note, before my login problems I was able to complete a few surveys. They were for only 350pts which based on the current payout requirement of 35,000 points for $25 means I have to complete 100 surveys. I have received emails for surveys worth more points but then I cannot get logged in. Luckily I have only recently joined so I don’t have alot of time invested.

  21. I have joined my view for a couple months and only need 4 more dollars to get to 25. I have had no problem with the surveys till 2 days ago. I took a 5 dollar survey and got all the way to the end and they gave me an error code #37 . i have wrote them and got no response . S ince that i have tried 3 or 4 other surveys got all the way to the very end and keep getting this error code . does anybody know whats going on / thanks

  22. 😀 😀 😀 myview is changing for the better
    they are getting rid of pay pal and moving to prepaid debit cards and they will reward you for the ones that you try and it boots you out and they claim to have faster payments and they are getting rid of their ones that pay you with chances to the lottery only i think tis is a great improvement i get sick of the surveys that pay with only a chance to win the lottery system

  23. I have been a member of MyView since 7/5/09.
    My problem is their log in feature. I have written them several times about it but the problem still has not been resolved.
    What is happening is I get an invitation for a survey & I click on the invite link.
    Then I am prompted to log into MyView. Herein lies my problem. I log in with my user name and password, click LOG IN and this takes me right back to the log in page.
    I do not get a log in error. I can log in over and over and over and it just won’t log me in, it just keeps taking me right back to the log in page. I am not logging in with the wrong user name or password. There is simply a problem with the log in feature. Customer support tells me to be sure I’m using the correct user name & password. I am. They have sent me a link to use to reset my password. I use this reset password link and they send me a link to my email, I go back to their site, reset password and can finally log in.
    This is the ONLY way I can log into their site. So I can never use any of the survey links that they send me in email.
    This is uber-frustrating !!!!!!!!!!
    I am trying to wait till I get enough $ to cash in and then will most likely leave MyView.
    I wish they could fix the problem or tell me how I could fix the problem. I would like to remain a member there.
    Anybody else have this problem?
    I haven’t seen anyone else mention it in comments here.

  24. I registered with MyView several months ago, and successfully completed a few surveys. Lately, I have taken several surveys, and after answering many questions, I’m booted out and told “… unfortunately, you did not qualify for this particular survey.” (Yes, I understand that each participant needs to qualify for each survey.) Some of the ‘qualifying questions’ included: “You will now be asked about your interest in sports.” “Of which of the following sports, if any, would you consider yourself a fan?” (I selected four sports.) “How relevant would you say each sport is today?” “In your opinion, are each of the following sports On the way up, On the way down, Staying the same?”

    The above questions were approximately 20 questions into the survey. This is not a case of ‘not qualifying’ for a survey. This is a case of completing surveys, and getting ripped off.

  25. Thanks for letting me know ally.. the link is working fine now… :confused: Sometimes they close registration and reopen shortly after, and the link might have some problem in between…Please make sure you sign up with myview and have your membership activated.

  26. theres something wrong with link, i signed up and never got a activation letter, and i went to the website, and they said i already activated my membership ??? lol then it sent me to survey spot???what kind of link is that?

  27. Thanks for your feedback kb…I have also heard some good feedback recently about MyView. I think you are right – after MyView started using this quality control software, it caused some problem and therefore they unfairly accused members for fraud. But it looks like they might have resolved the issue and things back to normal. :cheer: I am glad to see this.

    Congrats on your cash-out and getting paid so quickly!! :cheer:

  28. You’re welcome mlynn. Anytime I have some good news or bad news in reference to any survey companies, I’ll definately post a comment.

  29. I logged into Myview on Monday (May 18, 2009) and saw that Myview had approved the majority of my surveys. My approved total went up to $28 and I was able to cash out. I cashed out on Monday (May 18) for $28, and I received the payment today (May 22) via PayPal. That’s 4 days, and it shocked me because I’ve read on many forums that panel members were complaining about not getting paid and that Myview were marking their surveys as fraud. This was a real shock to me because I’ve read so many negative reviews. I’ve heard that they have a special software for their surveys to tell how long it takes a panel member to complete a survey. Maybe if a survey seems rushed through, it’s marked as fraud. That’s my guess.

  30. Hi Sam B.,

    I keep getting the same message which makes me wonder about things. Every other survey site manages to keep track of my points. Is anyone else getting the error message?


  31. I get this message all the time. I have no idea how much they owe me but I’m sure its a lot already.

    Error Below message:


    Yes, you clicked the right button. And yes, your rewards should be here on your Member Page. But these technical things take time.

    I’m giving them up….I wasted a lot of time already.

  32. Hi Sam, what’s your account balance? If it’s more than $25, you should be able to request payment, if not, I suggest you contact their support.

  33. I have done a lot of’ surveys with this site but their link to my rewards is not working. I didn’t get any payment as of this date. Are they paying really?

    Any feedback about this site?

  34. Most of the surveys don’t pay anything. You only qualify to be entered to win some cash price as the end of each month. What are the chances that you actually win. This is a scam, where they are the only ones who make $ from your effort.

  35. If any one is thinking of filing out surveys for myview.com, don’t waste your time. The surveys are only for a chance to enter a sweepstakes, the survey offers they e-mail to you aren’t accessible nor is the so called MyView Rewards where all the money you think you have made is supposed to be listed. Just today, I have received three surveys, none could be accessed. Each had a different error code. I e-mail their customer service and haven’t gotten any response.

    Mei, I would strongly suggest you drop myview from your listings.

  36. They only respond to your questions/concerns if you file a complaint against them…then they’re more than willing to help you. Rediculous.

  37. I’m going to cancel my membership. I did a 30 minute survey for $5. The very last question it said that the survey was filled. I emailed them & their response was basically, tough luck. I finally got enough to cash out. I was doing a survey & at the end it said that my responses were invalid & there was fraud. The joke was is that it was for a magazine that I have never bought & would never buy.

    Since they owed me $25 I figured that they were using this as an excuse not to pay. I just got notification that they deposited it to my paypal account, but I’m not putting up with this again.

  38. Okay myview.com did the very same thing to me. I had $12 on
    the books an all of the sudden
    I go to the home page an I see 0 balance. After asking them what is going on? They tell me that there was some tipe of fraud with the way I ansered my questions. I am a member of no less than 80 sites
    and have never before this or to this day had that happen to me yet. They robbed me for $12
    and I still haven’t forgotten it! They look good on paper but

  39. YOU SHOULD STAY FROM THIS SURVEY COMPANT THEY ACCUSE U OF FRAUD check the search term My View Survey scam, I truley you do not consider this verbal abuse. Please chech this on the web, I know they did it to me also

  40. FINALLY!! oh geez!

    Thank you so much! I finally got registered with this site.

    You rock! I would have never known the registration was open had it not been for all the notifications I got from you in email and on the site.

    Thanks again!

  41. Hi Sandy,

    MyView finally open up for registration again, but it is invitation only. I have put up the sign up link, check out US paid survey list, and the forum. I will send a newsletter about this soon.

  42. For the life of me, I can’t seem to sign up at this site at all. I keep emailing them about it and they keep emailing me back the same link to the same page saying I can sign up at it but there is NOTHING linking to a form to fill out or anything. Does anyone have any idea where the actual sign up form is?
    Thanks! 😥

  43. Hi Ronald,

    Definitely I will let you know. I probably will send out a newsletter if I find out they accept new members.

  44. If they ever are taking new members and someone finds out could someone please give me a heads up about it?



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