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New Survey Site – Surveyhead

Surveyhead is a new paid survey panel founded by the founders of GoZing.
They pay each survey completed cash via Paypal. Minimum payout is $25.00. You also get $5.00 sign up bonus, Surveyhead accepts members worldwide, must be at least 18 years old to join.

I joined Surveyhead today, everything went smoothly, I received my $5.00 sign up credit, completed one survey. The member area of the site is well organized, you can check if there are surveys available for you to take, it indicates how much each survey pays, it even tells you how likely you are going to qualify for the survey.

I personally did LOT of surveys for GoZing. GoZing was a good survey site, it also paid members cash for each survey via Paypal. (GoZing was later acquired by Greenfield online). Hope Surveyhead is as good as GoZing!

By the way, thanks to one of our great members Sue (Desierra) discovered this new great survey site Surveyhead!

Surveyhead is global survey panel, they accept members from almost all countries and they do have survey opportunities for many of them, must be at least 18 years old to join.

Join Surveyhead Survey Panel USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and any other European countries

Join SurveyHead Asiafor people live in Asia-Pacific countries, such as China, Singapore and HongKong etc.


Surveyhead is a great online paid survey panel, they have TONS OF surveys. I have been paid. Please see My latest and detailed Surveyhead review and the cash payment via Paypal I recently from Surveyhead.

85 thoughts on “New Survey Site – Surveyhead”

  1. i was with surveyhead for the last few years. All was good for awhile, they paid out but it
    usually took quite awhile. Most surveys i didnt qualify for, but i accumulated about $150 from surveys. Recently my dashboard got shut off and i could not receive any surveys. I emailed them and they sent me an email back saying i did not pass a quality check. I tried several times trying to get a straight answer from them and they would not give one. I now am with my survey and they are very good and i
    qualify for almost all surveys.

  2. [quote name=Adhie]Guys, is there any recently payment proof from Surveyhead.com ? I think it will be useful for us if you can share here.[/quote]I recently was paid by Surveyhead $25 cash via Paypal, you can find my proof at my surveyhead review page.

  3. [quote name=mimi]I just signed up for surveyhead today, so i dont know if its legit or not… i guess ill just have to wait and see.[/quote]Hi Mimi, Survyehead definitely is legitimate. I recently just got paid by them (cash via Paypal). You can find my review. If you are not receiving their emails, you have to login into your account and take surveys from your account dashboard. That’s what I did. They have plenty surveys!

  4. Ok let me start out by sauing no I do not work for any survey companies. Surveyhead is not all that bad, but it is by no means the best. First off they take forever to approve your serveys. I still have some from a year ago I have never got credit for. Also it takes forever to get paid once you request a payment. It takes on average 4 weeks to get approved, and 4 weeks after approval to get paid. There are much better and faster survey sites. My top 3 are Opinion Outpost, Toluna, and My Survey. They pay out fast and have tons of daily surveys. I usually take surveys all year then cash out in October and use the money for Christmas. SurveySpot is the quickest to pay out, but has really low paying surveys. When you cash out with them the money is in your paypal account in seconds. Mysurvey.com usually takes about 10 days, and offers a lot of surveys. Opinion Outpost, and Toluna offer payment by check, and take about a week or two. Also Dollar surveys is pretty good. I have time to do these because I run my own business, and am behind the computer all day

  5. Thank you for the feedback everybody!! I agree Surveyhead not only is legitimate, they have LOT of surveys. I log into my account almost daily and there are ALWAYS surveys waiting at the dashboard. Of course they are not perfect but they sure is one of the top survey sites in terms of number of survey opportunities just like the old goZing! :cheer:

  6. :silly: In case anyone is thinking of signing up with Surveyhead and wondering if they are, in fact, legit, I say go ahead..they are legit. I’ve been taking surveys with them for about three months now and have “cashed out” twice; the first time I chose an Amazon certificate and several days ago I chose to receive $$ in my Paypal. That having been said I’d like to voice one complaint; I believe the chances of being selected for any given survey are based largely on one’s age. And I believe most companies are looking for the 25 to 35 year old demographic, and especially people of that age range who have children. One takes a mini “pre survey” to see if one qualifies and when I state that this ole’ granny is 65 with no young kids at home, poof..I’m disqualified! In fact, for every survey I’ve been approved for, I’ve been disquaified for at least ten! So there you have it, taking surveys is just something fun to do and can earn you a few bucks, but it ain’t gonna make anybody rich..especially if you’re “of a certain age”!

  7. this is one of the best survey sites online. All those complaining about payments, have no patients. I’m sure they have THOUSANDS of PANELIST to pay everyday and you know what COMPLAINERS, PEOPLE sort thru, verify,and send payments. NOT A COMPUTER! No i don’t work for surveyhead, I am a LARDASS panelist on SSI just like most of you, but atleast I am greatful to earn extra non-taxable income and put in a paypal acct so none of my meager little benefits are affected. I have been with them for a yr now and have made over $500. I try to keep it at $45 a month in surveys so as to not have to claim it on taxes. Sometimes payments are longer than they should be, but I ALWAYS GET PAID. I completely trust them and they have always paid, no matter how late. Tell me of any other sites that pay you an average of $3-$8 an hour for surveys. They have spoiled me, I refuse any survey from any panel that doesn’t pay me at least $3 an average, and most of the time I will skip those and only take $4 an and up. So those of you who want to complain about payments, go ahead and quit surveyhead and keep to you petty little .50 cents per survey panel. That just leaves more high paying surveys for me.


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