North American Consumer Opinion Scam

Found this warning on American Consumer Opinion’s website:

“North American Consumer Opinion” Scam

Do not send money to North American Consumer Opinion. It’s an illegal and fraudulent scam. It’s a criminal attempt to exploit the good reputation of American Consumer Opinion® to steal your money. We hope that you will join the American Consumer Opinion® online panel; it is always free and we pay you money to complete surveys. You never pay us.


Anne Parks,
Vice President of American Consumer Opinion®”

American Consumer Opinion is a legitimate paid survey/market research company. (You can read American Consumer Opinion Review here). This is a alert they post on their website warning people that scammers are using their name to scam people.

6 thoughts on “North American Consumer Opinion Scam

  1. I recieved a letter last week and it wanted me to be a secret shopper. There was a check inclosed for 3780.00. I was suppose to pay myself 200.00 and send the rest back. I wanted to make sure it was legit so I tryed to call the bank Wallis State Bank. They don’t answer the phone and it keeps ringing. No one answered. The name on the assignment for the company was America Research Co. SCAM!!!

  2. Same thing happened to me….two years later! Texas letterhead, no return address, Canada postmark…quick google search confirmed a scam. I really wanted the free trip to Macy’s!

  3. I received a check in the mail today along with a letter describing how this ‘company’ would like me to be a secret shopper. I was to spend $200 at Wal-Mart, and then to use the moneygram service inside Wal-Mart to wire $2900 to a person of my choice. Please DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

    I knew it was fishy when I saw the only contact number here is for Quebec, Canada, and all the other ‘company’ information is for the united states.

    Please don’t be fooled!!! I called the Wachovia Bank which is on the check, and they determined the check was fraudulent. 🙁

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am just so glad you didn’t fall for it! It’s such as shame that scammers using legit company name like ACOP to scam people!

  5. I received a check from this Am. Consumer Opinion CO. for 2998.50. They wanted me to be a mystery shopper. I was to pay myself 75.00 per hr for 2hrs, take 200. spend at one of my assigned retail locations to spend on what I want, and wire them 2,508.50 back . I figured it wasn’t right when the money did not add up. There was still 140. that I was not told to do anything with. I realized it was a scam. I hope other people realize this before they’re had.

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