OneOpinion Review – Get Paid Cash for Taking Online Surveys

This post is my OneOpinion Review – I have been a member of OneOpinion Survey Panel for a while and have been paid!

OneOpinion Surveys

OneOpinion is a leading online paid survey community, where panel members sign up and enjoy the benefits of taking online surveys and earning points to trade in for amazing cash and gift cards rewards.

Is OneOpinion Legitimate or SCAM?

OneOpinion definitely is a legitimate online survey panel, it is owned and operated by the global market research company Dynata. Not only legit, it’s one of the top paid survey sites! Personally I have been a member for over two years and have been paid cash through Paypal!

Who Can Sign Up/Join OneOpinion?

  • Minimum Age Requirement: you must be at least thirteen (13) years of age to join the OneOpinion panel.
  • Open to Countries/regions: Currently, only people living in the United States are able to join the OneOpinion panel.
  • Each household member must have their individual OneOpinion account.

How to Join OneOpinion Survey Panel?

The join OneOpinion, click here to start the application process – the customer support robot “Emily” will guide you through filling out the form and providing your information. Shortly after you will receive a “Congrats and Welcome to OneOpinion! “email if your application for membership has been approved.

OneOpinion Survey Rewards

Each time you complete a survey, you earn points assigned to that survey. Once you have earned 25,000 Points ($25) in your account, you can redeem them for rewards. The rewards you can redeem are:

  • Cash payment via Paypal or Prepaid Visa Card
  • E-Gift Cards – Amazon Gift Cards
  • Physical Gift Cards – Amazon, Target, Walmart, HomeDepot & Starbucks

OneOpinion Review

OneOpinion Survey Frequency, points etc

OneOpinion has new surveys daily, and they send survey invite emails, but you don’t have to wait for emails, you can just log into your OneOpinion account and there are many survey chances at your account dashboard.

Usually they will ask a couple of/few questions first, then based on your answer, they will select a survey for you – most of the time, they will indicate the survey number, how much time needed for taking the surveys and the points value for the survey. If you qualify and successfully complete the survey, the points will instantly added to your account. If for some reason you can’t complete the survey such as disqualification, you will still be awarded 50 points, but remember only the first five surveys you try but disqualify during the day, you will get the 50 points.

OneOpinion surveys generally are interesting and relative easy to qualify and complete, and I have never had any technical problems taking their surveys. There are a couple of the times after the surveys ended, there were not any confirmation messages that I completed the survey, but the points were always promptly credited.

The reward points for their surveys are not great but reasonable, average from 500 points ($0.5) to 2000 points ($2) for surveys last from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. The fact they give members 50 points for just trying makes them a better survey sites, since obviously they value members’ time.

OneOpinion Survey payment

Since OneOpinion has many survey opportunities, points do rack up quickly if you login and take surveys on a regular basis. I have requested cash payment once and they sent my rewards through Paypal quickly. Following is a screen shot of the Paypal payment from OneOpinion.

OneOpinion surveys cash payment Paypal
OneOpinion Survey $25 Cash Payment via Paypal

OneOpinion Member Support

OneOpinion provides excellent member support. The “Member Care” window is always open at your dashboard. “Emily”, the virtual assistant gives members the fastest support by helping with simple and specific questions. You just type your questions and Emily does her best to help you. If Emily couldn’t answer your questions, or if you request to talk to a human, she will send your request to OneOpinion support team, she will give you a ticket number, next time when you follow up with your request, you just give Emily the ticket number. I have contacted their support a couple of time and their support team always got back to me the next 1-2 business days!

Members can also reach OneOpinion at a 866 number anytime. Personally I have called the number once during the after business hours, the answer service took my call and I received an email from their support team the next business day.

OneOpinion Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of surveys, frequent surveys
  • Surveys are generally easy and enjoyable
  • Have good paying surveys, product tests and focus groups
  • Instantly survey points crediting upon completion
  • Points are given for survey taking attempt
  • Survey rewards include cash via Paypal & Amazon gift cards
  • Fast survey payment
  • Mobile friendly (can take surveys on mobile devices)
  • Excellent member care and support


  • None!

Final Thoughts

OneOpinion is a reliable and reputable online paid survey panel. It’s one of the best US paid survey sites! Their outstanding member care and support makes them stand out among other survey sites today. I highly recommend OneOpionon to anyone who wants have their opinion heard and rewarded! Join OneOpinion Panel Today!

OneOpinion Review - Earn Cash Taking Online Surveys

Thank you for reading my OneOpinion review! Are you a member of OneOpinion survey panel? Please feel free to share your review and comments!

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