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OnePoll is a UK (United Kingdome) based online paid survey panel, and recently opened up to the United States. I just signed up with them and already earned $5 sign up bonus/credit!

OnePollWho is OnePoll? (from website)
The OnePoll research panel is a large online community of consumers and professionals in the UK and United States. We also have access to international panelists through a network of panel partners.

With the help of our dedicated member’s team, we have successfully grown a strong, loyal UK panel over the last decade – and a growing membership across the USA.

Contact Information:
3rd Floor Office, 31 Great Sutton Street, London, EC1V 0NA
Tel: 020 7138 3053

New York
NYC Media Center, 30 John Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Tel. +1 (646) 873-7565

Online Contact Form at

How do panel members get paid for taking online surveys?

Members earn cash for taking interesting online surveys, and cash payments are deposited directly into Paypal account!

New members also earn $5 sign up bonus!

My Experience So far:

I signed up with OnePoll a couple of weeks ago. I earned $5 just for joining.

So far I have taken 7 surveys each worth $0.50. All the surveys are really short and easy, most of the questions are multiple choice questions and the average numbers of questions is less than 20! So on average took me 2-5 minutes to complete a survey! Short and sweet!

Their cash out minimum is $65, which seems a little high but they do have quite some surveys (about two surveys a day) so I think it shouldn’t take too long to reach the threshold.

Overall I think OnePoll is a very good survey panel and worth joining!

To get started, Sign up with OnePoll – USA Survey Panel now (Open to US residents, and 13 and older)

7 thoughts on “Join OnePoll Survey Panel and Earn Cash

  1. Honestly the truth is they gets paid millions from u doing the surveys and have u wait 1 or 2 months just for $40 bucks.

  2. Why don’t you send MORE THAN 1 or 2 surveys a day ( sometimes even a day goes by without me seeing another survey from One Poll in my e-mail inbox area ) trying to reach the payout of $65 sure takes a L O N G TIME. Other than that ? I hope you reply with an answer, I do ENJOY taking your surveys, compared to some other survey sites I have joined, because I enjoy the survey topics somewhat better, & I would like to continue, but IT TAKES SOooooooo Long.

    • Hi Darcel, I am totally with you! I enjoy their surveys since they are interesting and short, but that $65 payout is discouraging! You know you can log into your account and take surveys from your “account center” too. Hope it helps!

      • Hello buddy, would you like to join this legit survey site called pure profile. Minimum cash out threadshold is $25 into your paypal account or have them deposit it into your bank account for you. Right now, they have two payment methods which you can get paid through them are Payza and Paypal. If you want to join register on my link here below,

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