Saw a lady on another board asking about this site ( Never heard of them, but after visiting the site, I believe they are one of those scam and/or spam sites!

Even though I immediately recognized that they are junk, I went to read their Privacy Policy (funny they have one) anyway, here is the part that tells all:

“Advertisements and Data Sharing

Legal Disclaimer


Online Survey Company depends on advertisements to offer its free services. We make every effort to get you the best offers and user experience on our site. We may always use and share with others your personal information for managing your account and to enable us to generally respond to you. Online Survey Company may also use personal information for any marketing and survey purpose on behalf of itself and its trusted affiliates and subsidiaries. Online Survey Company may disclose personal information to third party agents and independent contractors that help us conduct our marketing and survey efforts. Further, Online Survey Company may disclose personal information to other companies in connection with marketing efforts including but not limited to direct marketing, which may have no relationship to Online Survey Company. We may partner with other parties to provide specific services. It may be necessary to share names, or other contact information with a third party(s) to provide these services. These parties are not…

What does this mean? – it means you will received tons of spam emails and maybe even telemarketing calls!

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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this. I now have to check to see if I signed up for this company. I better start reading those privacy policies.

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