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OpinionsUSA – Earn Gift Card Rewards!

This post is my preliminary OpinionsUSA survey panel review. UPDATE: OpinionUSA recently has been merged with OpinionWorld panel.

OpinionsUSA panel

OpinionsUSA is an exclusive online survey research community of adults from all walks of life who take part in marketing and public opinions surveys on a variety of topics. Members get a chance to express opinions and ideas, and earn points that they can redeem for great gift cards!

Who can join OpinionsUSA panel?

  • OpinionsUSA is for United States residents only.
  • Generally accepts anyone who is 35 years and up

How to join OpinionsUSA?

OpinionsUSA is an exclusive survey site that is by invitation only. They don’t openly recruit panel members on their website. I will publish the invitation link on this post if I have one, sign up as soon as possible when the registration is open because they will close registration when the quota is full.

Currently the registration is open, and they are looking for new members with following demographics:

  • Male and Female 35 years and up, and belong to either of these ethnic group: Hispanics; African-Americans or Asians
  • Male 50 years and up with all ethnic groups
  • Must live in United States

If your profile fits above requirements, I suggest you to Click Here and Join OpinionsUSA!

Is OpinionsUSA legit or scam?

OpinionsUSA is an online survey community built by toluna goup, who is one of the global market research companies. Personally I just signed up and haven’t earned enough points to cash out, but I have heard other members been paid, therefore I am confident that OpinionsUSA is a legitimate online survey site.

OpinionsUSA rewards

OpinionsUSA members earn points by participating in surveys and other activities (such as polls, product testing and focus groups). Points can be redeemed for electronic gift cards that you receive immediately after you request them on the reward page of the member account dashboard.

Every time you participate in a survey or other activity, you will earn points. 100 points = $1.00 toward the gift card of your choice. When you reach 2000 points you can redeem for a $20 gift card – choices include Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Amex and Reward Link. Reward Link allows you to choose from a wide variety of additional gift card options. 

How to earn points at OpinionsUSA

Members can points by doing following activities:

  • Taking online survey 5- 25 minutes: earn 125 to 625 points
  • Taking Surveys but do not qualify: earn 25 points
  • Quick Poll: 10 points
  • Special activities, such as online focus groups, live chats, etc, start at 500 points and can go much higher depending on the project

My OpinionsUSA Review

I just joined the OpinionsUSA survey panel less than a week ago (November 27th), and today I already received an email from OpinionsUSA informing me about this month (December)’s new polls. I logged into my account, and took the one question poll, and earned 10 points.

Under the “My Surveys” page, there are three surveys for new members, I took the first two surveys, and earn 125 points for each survey. The points showed up under the “Rewards” page almost immediately. The two surveys are short and easy profile surveys only took less than 5 minutes to complete! So right now, my account balance is 260 points already!

Besides new member surveys, there are a couple of “regular” surveys also available for me. I will take these two surveys later and the other new member survey later, and of course I will update my survey experience at OpinionsUSA along the way!

Conclusion – Should I join OpinionsUSA?

Yes, you should definitely join OpinionsUSA survey panel! Even as a brand new panel member, I can tell with my limited experience so far that OpinionsUSA is a legitimate and good online survey site where you can earn great gift card rewards while expressing your opinion!

Click Here to Join OpinionsUSA (if you live in US, male who are 50 and older, or you are 35+ and are either Hispanic, African-American or Asian)

OpinionsUSA Merging with OpinionWorld

Email received on March 3rd 2020:

About a week ago we let you know that some exciting changes would be coming to the OpinionsUSA Panel.  We are now very excited to inform you that the OpinionsUSA Panel is merging with OpinionWorld, in March 2020.

What does this mean to you?  OpinionWorld is a research panel just like OpinionsUSA.  Being a part of the OpinionWorld community means sharing your opinions in paid online surveys and earning rewards for doing so. Your opinions in a survey could influence things like product cost, design, and packaging, and advertising. OpinionWorld helps increase the power of your opinion while paying you at the same time. And also, like OpinionsUSA, the points you earn can be can redeemed for gift cards and other rewards. 

What you need to do? Between Monday, March 16th and Wednesday, March 18th, you will receive an email from OpinionsUSA inviting you to join OpinionWorld. Use the link provided to join OpinionWorld and complete a brief enrollment survey.  As confirmation of your successful move to OpinionWorld, you will receive an email noting your successful enrollment! 

What about your existing points? Your existing OpinionsUSA points will be transferred to OpinionWorld, so you won’t lose anything as a result of the merge.   After you enroll in OpinionWorld, your points will be added to your OpinionWorld account in approximately 2-4 weeks. 

What will be different with OpinionWorld? The main difference is that after you have joined OpinionWorld, your survey invitations will come from OpinionWorld instead of OpinionsUSA. You will go to the OpinionWorld Member Portal or contact OpinionWorld customer support when you need help or have questions. You will also notice other improvements and upgrades to your membership experience that we will detail on the OpinionWorld Member Portal.

Thank you for reading my OpinionsUSA review so far. Are you a member of OpinionsUSA survey panel? If not, I suggest you sign up with OpinionsUSA as soon as possible! If you already belong to the OpinionsUSA panel, please feel free to share your experience!

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