Paid ViewPoint Review – Earn Cash for Taking Online Surveys

This post is my long overdue Paid Viewpoint Review. I recommend you join Paid Viewpoint survey site if you are not a member yet, because PaidViewPoint is a great survey panel!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Review

Paid ViewPoint is one of the best survey sites that pay members cash for taking market research surveys online. It is also one of my favorite survey sites!

Is Paid ViewPoint Legitimate or scam?

Paid ViewPoint is a legitimate paid survey site, operated by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market), a company that is revolutionizing the market research industry by making quality market research easily accessible and affordable to businesses of any sizes. I have been a PaidViewPoint member for over 2 years and they have paid me a few times!

Paid ViewPoint Survey Panel – Who Can Sign Up

According to PaidViewPoint’s TOU (Term of Use), following individuals can join Paid ViewPoint survey panel:

  • Panel Membership in Europe is open to individuals who are sixteen (16) years of age or older.
  • Panel Membership in the United States or elsewhere in the world is open to individuals who are thirteen (13) years of age or older.

Please note: Paid ViewPoint has a strict rule of one account per person.  Anyone breaking the rules will have their account canceled.  Every member will need to validate his/her account with their phone.

When you sign up with Paid ViewPoint, you provide your demographic information such as name, birthday, address, education, employment and household information.

Survey Rewards – how to get paid?

PaidViewPoint pay members cash or gift cards (amazon & walmart) for taking online surveys. They do not use a point system! And they make the cash payment through Paypal only. So if you live in a country that Paypal isn’t available, you can still join PaidViewPoint, but you may need help from a friend or relative who lives in a Paypal-acceptable country to receive your earnings.

The minimum threshold for cash out is $15. Once you reach that level, the cash-out button in your account becomes functional. You can click the “cash-out” button to request your reward. You should see the funds in your PayPal account within 72 hours. 

When you make your first cash out, again you will need to validate with your phone to prevent the possibility of someone stealing your earnings.

My Paid ViewPoint Review

PaidViewPoint Surveys (Survey Frequency, experience.. etc)

PaidViewPoint sends me emails to notify me new survey opportunities. I receive their notifications every few days. So after I log into my account dashboard, there is this “1(x) survey(x) waiting” link. I just click the link to take their surveys.

Paid ViewPoint survey panel is different from any other survey sites, it’s better.

PaidViewPoint surveys are easy and short, and never boring. I have never had a survey that took longer than 10 minutes to complete. Their survey format/process is interesting and smooth, I have never had any kind of technical issues.

I have earned between $0.10 to $2 for surveys, and yes they always pay me at least $0.10 for answering a survey, because they never screen out members once you are invited for a survey.

Every time you answer a survey, it increases your TraitScore. TraitScore is a unique element that PaidViewPoints uses to analyze respondent’s candor, honesty and consistency. Just remember always be honest and give your candid opinion.

PaidViewPoint does not have a mobile app, however, the website is mobile friendly, and you can take surveys on your mobile devices, just like taking surveys on a desktop/laptop computers.

Survey Payment

PaidViewPoint credits members as soon as you complete a survey! When you reach $15 in your account balance, you can redeem your earnings by Paypal, Amazon or Walmart gift cards. After you request the payment, you will receive an email from PaidViewPoint confirming that they received your request. I have always cashed out through Paypal, and received the payment the next day!

Paid ViewPoint Surveys Review Update

September 2020: This is a just a quick update on my recent cash out of cash reward via Paypal. As usual, PaidViewPoint sents the payment super fast! Below is a screen shot proof of the Paypal Payment!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Cash via Payapl payment proof Survey Cash Payment via Paypal

PaidViewPoint Pros & Cons


  • Surveys are short, easy and fun
  • Instantly survey crediting
  • Cash & Amazon gift cards survey rewards
  • Fast survey reward payments
  • User friendly member dashboard
  • Never screen out a survey
  • Mobile friendly (can take surveys on mobile devices)
  • Member referral program
  • Accept members worldwide


  • None!


PaidViewPoint is one of the best cash paid survey sites, it offers panel members unique and fun survey taking experience. I don’t make a lot at Paid ViewPoint, probably cash-out a few times a year, but I really enjoy taking their surveys, and appreciate that fact that PaidViewPoint treats members with fairness and respect. I highly recommend PaidViewPoint to anyone who takes surveys for extra money!

PaidViewPoint Surveys Review - Earn Cash for taking surveys!

Are you a member of PaidViewPoint survey panel? Please share your PaidViewPoint review with us, and feel free to leave your comments or ask questions!

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