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Loading...Pinecone Research Survey Panel - Make Money Taking Online SurveysJoin Pinecone Research via our exclusive Pinecone Research Sign Up Banner or Sign Up Links Below!  Please make sure only ONE household member to sign up with Pinecone Research, since multiple registrations of the same house hold will VOID all registrations. Age requirement is 18 and older.

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – UK Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – Canada Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – Germany Sign Up – OPEN

Important: After you submit the sign up form, you will receive an email contains a link to your “profile” survey, you must complete the profile survey in order to be accepted into the panel. You will receive a “Welcome” email shortly after (usually one day later) you fill out the “profile” survey if you are accepted into the panel.

Is Pinecone Research Legit or Scam?

Pinecone Research is absolutely legitimate. In fact, it is one of the most reputable market research panels. I have been a member with them for almost 10 years and I have always been paid.

Pinecone Research Rewards

Currently members earn points for completing online surveys. Each survey usually worth 300 points, and you can redeem points for:

  • Cash – can be paid by check or Paypal. Minimum cash out 300 points ($3)
  • Gift cards – including amazon gift cards and popular store gift cards such as walmart, target gift cards. This is new reward option!
  • Various merchandises/prizes
  • Charity donations

Who Can Join Pinecone Research?

  • Minimage Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to join
  • Open to Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Germany (they have separate panel for each country)

How to Join/Sign up with Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research doesn’t accept members at their website, instead they recruit new members through advertising or member referrals. You need to find a Pinecone sign up banner or link in order to join Pinecone Research Survey Panel.

Usually you can find sign up links or banners right here at this page.

To join Pinecone Research, just click following sign up links which take you to the sign up form. Fill out the form and submit. Please make sure only ONE member per household to sign up.

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – UK  Sign Up – OPEN 
Pinecone Research – Canada  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Germany  Sign Up – OPEN

After you submit the sign up form, you will receive a confirmation email from Pinecone Research. The Email contains a link to your “profile survey”.

Important – You must complete the profile survey in order to be accepted into the panel.

Note about sign up:

Filling out the sign up form and profile survey does not guarantee your acceptance into Pinecone panel.

  • If your profile doesn’t match the demographic they are looking for at the time you might not get accepted.
  • Pinecone runs comprehensive quality checks to screen out fake registrations, and for security purpose the first survey payment will always be in the form of check to further eliminate fraud.

You will receive a “Welcome” email shortly after (usually one day later) you fill out the “profile” survey if you are accepted into the panel.

The “Welcome” email confirms that you are accepted into Pinecone Research panel.

Please Note: If Pinecone Research Banner or sign up link is not available, please subscribe my Newsletter and I will send out email alert to my Newsletter subscribers when Pinecone registration is open again.

Pinecone Research US panel sign up form looks like this:

Pinecone Research Sign Up Form USA - Earn Money Taking Online Surveys

Pinecone Research Sign Up Form – United States

My Review of Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the best market research paid survey companies out there. They have a great reputation of being a reliable paying paid survey company, and have consistent survey opportunities for panel members. Most members including me usually receive 2-3 surveys from Pinecone every month, Pinecone used to pays $3 for each survey. Pinecone Research surveys usually are easy and short (most surveys took me 5 – 10 minutes to finish). I also have done quite some product testings for them.

Right now Pinecone Research are paying panel members $3 (300 points) for each paying survey and a sweepstakes entry for each “household” survey (household surveys are “screener” surveys used by Pinecone Research to determine potential paying surveys for panel members.) Pinecone Research ofter members two options to accept the payment – check or Paypal. I choose Paypal and usually receive Paypal payment the next business day (before Pinecone offers Paypal they even sent me check payment BEFORE I took a survey once!).

Following are screen shots of the Paypal/check payments I received from Pinecone Research:


Pinecone Research Survey Check Payment


Pinecone Research Survey Cash Payment (Paypal)


Pinecone Research Survey Paypal Cash Payment

Other Notes & Tips

#1: First, I want to remind everyone is it is AGAINST Pinecone’s policy/Term of use to talk about your survey and product testing experience with Pinecone publicly. When you sign up with Pinecone, you agree to keep everything confidential. And this is actually what you should do for ALL paid survey/market research companies.

#2: You can choose how frequent you want to receive surveys under your profile page (Frequency). such as one study per week, three study per week, one study per day etc…

#3: If you will be out of town for vacations etc and won’t be able to take surveys,  you can also let Pinecone know by updating your profile under “vacation”.

#4: Sometime at end of a survey, Pinecone might ask you if you are interested in testing a certain product for a manufacture, if you answer yes, it doesn’t mean you will receive the product to test. I have been asked numerous times of the same question, but I have only got a few chances to test products for Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research Scam Warning Notice

Pinecone Research publishes a “Important Security Notice:” on their website warning the public about scammers using Pinecone’s name scam people. Here is the part of the notice:

We have been made aware that third parties may be attempting to use the names and logos of Pinecone Research for different “scams.” One example of such a scam is a “mystery shopping” assignment. Essentially, the victim is provided a fake check and advised to cash it, and then use some of the proceeds to test a service (for example, testing a Western Union wire transfer). The victim is advised that he or she may retain the balance from the cashed check as payment, however, the check later bounces. Other examples include recruiting for “business evaluation surveys” or “hiring” employees.

Personally I have received those so-called “business evaluation surveys” – be careful of those, at first you might get tricked by the fake sender emails address if you don’t pay attention and clicked the link inside the emails.

Pinecone Research FAQs

In this last section, I will try my best to answer your questions about Pinecone Research that have not been addressed in this review. Some questions are from the comments, and some are from emails I received from my readers. Feel free to let me know if you have questions that are unanswered!

First 300 points automatically redeemed for a check?

After you complete your first survey, the first 300 points you earn will automatically be redeemed as check and sent to your home address. This is done for security purpose, and to establish your profile and account. Once this initial transaction is complete, your point balance will accumulate as normal and you can redeem for a wide selection of rewards including cash, gift cards and brand-named merchandise.

How Do I Request Cash Payment?

Many of you know Pinecone switched to a point reward system a while ago, and some members are having trouble finding the cash payment option. To request cash reward, either by check or Paypal, do the following:

Step one: Login into your Pinecone Research account;

Step two: In your account page, at the bottom, click the “Redeem My Points” button link, which takes you to reward catalog site/page.

Step three: at the reward catalog page, as shown below, click “Featured Award” link on the left, there you can see the “Cash Option” at the bottom. From there you reach the $3 (300 points) cash reward page.


Pinecone Research Rewards – Cash Option

Enter the Quantity based on your point balance. For example, if you have 900 points, you should enter “3” in the “Quantity” field. Then click “Add to Cart” button.

Update 12/2015: now they have $5, $10, and $15 cashout amount.

Can you take Pinecone surveys on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets?

So far it looks the anwer is NO – you can only take their surveys on desktop or laptop computers. Every survey invite email I received from Pinecone Research states following:

“We use every technology available to create interesting and engaging surveys for our panelists. This survey uses technology that may not be compatible with some smartphones and tablets. If you use these devices to complete your Pinecone surveys and experience any difficulty, please log in using a desktop or laptop.”

Pinecone Research News & Updates (updated August 2018)

In this session, I will post any news and/or updates I receive from Pinecone Reseach.

UPDATE August 2018:  Pinecone has already switched back to the previous survey formats sometime ago – 1001 surveys are paying surveys and 3001 surveys are household question surveys.

5/5/2017: So far I have received two “new format” surveys, unfortunately I didn’t qualify! However, I am still getting the 1001 surveys which pay you always!
2/1/2017: Received an email from Pinecone title: “Big News – Changes to Your Survey Experience” Here is the email details:

Dear Mei,We’ve listened to your feedback and are updating PineCone’s survey experience to maximize your time!

From time to time we have asked you to answer questions about your household that help us best match you to a survey opportunity. Afterwards, based on your responses we sent you invitations for surveys. In the upcoming weeks we are eliminating the wait and introducing a way for you to answer some basic household questions to be immediately sent into a survey opportunity best matched for you! Throughout February and March you will start to experience this new process.

What does this mean for you? Get tailored surveys more quickly and enjoy all the rewards that come with sharing your opinion and being a PineCone Research member!

We value your membership and thank you for your continued participation!

Karen Scott

So does it means there will be no “household questions surveys”? I will report on my new survey experience.

Final Thoughts

pinecone-research-review-sign-upI really think anyone who are interested in online surveys and product testing should join Pinecone Research. Yes I make more money with a number of other paid survey sites, but Pinecone is still my favorite. They have interesting surveys and product testing opportunities, surveys generally are easy and short. Pinecone Research is fair and very reliable, and they are the fastest paying survey company! I highly recommend Pinecone Research!

To get started with Pinecone Research, please click following sign up links to join their panels, make sure to fill out your profile survey to be accepted!

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – UK  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Canada  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Germany  Sign Up  – OPEN

Please note: there is NO GUARANTEE that you will be accepted into the Pinecone Research panel even if you sign up – the good news is there are MANY other GOOD paid survey panels. Please check out and sign up with other legitimate paid survey panels just like (or better than) Pinecone!

Are you a member of Pinecone Research Panel? Or do you have any questions about them? Feel free to share your experience and ask if you have any questions!