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Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Sign up link + review - Join & Earn Money for SurveysJoin Pinecone Research via our exclusive Pinecone Research Sign Up Banner or Sign Up Links Below!  Please make sure only ONE household member to sign up with Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – UK Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – Canada Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – Germany Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – France  Sign Up – OPEN

After you submit the registration form, enter the verification code sent by Pinecone via text or call, then Pinecone will send an email asking you to complete the registration survey. Once you complete the survey, you will receive a Welcome email that confirms you are accepted into the Pinecone Research panel!

Is Pinecone Research Free & Legit or a Scam?

Pinecone Research is absolutely free and legitimate. In fact, it is one of the most reputable market research panels. I have been a member with them for almost 10 years and I have always been paid.

Pinecone Research Rewards

Currently members earn points for completing online surveys. Each survey usually worth 300 points, and you can redeem points for:

  • Cash – can be direct electronic bank transfers or prepaid Mastercard Minimum cash out 300 points ($3)
  • Gift cards – including amazon gift cards and popular store gift cards such as Walmart, Target gift cards. This is new reward option!
  • Various merchandises/prizes
  • Charity donations

Please note that Pinecone has transitioned away from Paypal and now offers direct electronic bank transfers. In addition, they also offer virtual Mastercards and Amazon gift cards.

How to Join Pinecone Research?

To Join Pinecone Research, just click our exclusive Pinecone sign up link which takes you to the sign up form.  (Pinecone Research doesn’t accept members at their website, instead they recruit new members through advertising or member referrals, and you need to find a Pinecone sign up link or banner in order to join Pinecone Research Survey Panel)

Here is how to sign up for Pinecone Research in 2022 (detailed instruction)

To sign up with Pinecone Research, please follow these easy steps:

Step #1: Click one of sign up links below, fill out and submit the registration form.

Pinecone Research – USA  sign Up
Pinecone Research – UK  Sign Up
Pinecone Research –  Canada   Sign Up 
Pinecone Research – Germany  Sign Up
Pinecone Research – France  Sign Up

Step #2: Enter the verification code sent by Pinecone via text message or call. Pinecone texted me the code on my smart phone.

Step #3. Answer the registration survey.  Shortly after you enter the verification code, you will received an email subject “Pinecone Research Registration” that asks you complete a registration survey.

Step #4: Wait for the welcome email. I received welcome email the next day – subject of the email  was “welcome to the Pinecone Research Panel”. This welcome email provides your UserID, briefly explains your membership perks, as well as the link to your first survey!

The “Welcome” email confirms that you are accepted into Pinecone Research panel – you have become a member of Pinecone Research!

Above was my sign up process with Pinecone at the end of last year (December 2020). Your experience might be different due to demographic reasons. The verification process via mobile phone is new, convenient and fast! I was immediately accepted into the panel after being verified.

Pinecone Research Review

Pinecone Research is one of the best market research survey companies out there. They have a great reputation of being a reliable paying survey company, and have consistent survey opportunities for panel members.

Pinecone Surveys (how many surveys, product testing surveys etc.)

I generally receive 2-4 surveys from Pinecone every month, and I qualify about 90% of them.

In the past, members are rewarded a sweepstakes entry (no points) for each “household” survey. Household surveys are “screener” surveys used by Pinecone Research to determine potential paying surveys for panel members. And members are guaranteed to qualify for a paying surveys if they receive the survey invite.

Now Pinecone combines the “screener” questions into the paying surveys which means after the first few questions you might get screened out (disqualified) of the surveys. But if you qualify and complete the survey you will earn 300 points.

Pinecone survey’s screening process is very fast, usually only a few questions questions later (for me sometimes just two questions is enough), you will know if you are screened out or not.

Pinecone surveys often are related to grocery/food/household products. I have always looked forward to taking their surveys because I enjoy taking surveys about new products.  Their surveys generally take me about 10-15 minutes to finish, and sometimes you might get selected to do product tests. I have done quite some product testing surveys for them – you take the follow up survey about the product you tried and get paid for it!

Besides product testing surveys, sometimes Pinecone have surveys for kids or teens in the household to answer. Both of my kids have answered their surveys and they both loved it!

Survey Crediting and Payment

Currently Pinecone Research are paying panel members $3 (300 points) for each survey completed. After you successfully completed a survey, you will get an email the next business day subject “Pinecone Research: Credit Notification”. In the email, they will tell you the project/survey number you completed and credited for.

Pinecone Research offers members various popular gift cards and cash rewards. You can get paid cash by direct electronic bank transfers or Prepaid master card. 

They used to offer PayPal payment which is really fast – pretty much the next business day. Before they offer PayPal option, checks arrived very quickly as well (I once received a check even before invited for the survey!).

I have not redeemed any cash rewards recently, since I shop at amazon a lot so I just cashed out amazon gift cards now. The redeem process has always been really smooth – I usually receive the payment the next day and sometimes the same day!

So after I cash out amazon gift card, I would receive an order confirmation email like this:

Pinecone Research Surveys Reward Amazon
Pinecone Research Survey Rewards Payment – Amazon Gift Cards

Then later that day or next day, I received the email contains the amazon gift card code!

Member Support

I don’t have any recent experience regarding member support, because I haven’t encountered any issues since last joined Pinecone. In the past I have contacted Pinecone Research for support a couple of times – one time I received prompt response, the other time the reply really took a lot longer to arrive.

Pinecone Research Review Update – August 2022

I continue to receive 3-4 survey invitations every month. In June this year due to personal reason I took a break, only took one surveys. Last month July I completed 3 surveys. See screen shot below:

Pinecone Research Survey Credits Points
Pinecone Research Survey Credit 300 Points

Pinecone Research Surveys – Tips & Notes

#1: First, I want to remind everyone is it is AGAINST Pinecone’s policy/Term of use to talk about your survey and product testing experience with Pinecone publicly. When you sign up with Pinecone, you agree to keep everything confidential. And this is actually what you should do for ALL paid survey/market research companies.

#2: If you will be out of town for vacations etc and won’t be able to take surveys,  you can also let Pinecone know by updating your profile under “Availability” section.

#3: Sometimes at end of a survey, Pinecone might ask you if you are interested in testing a certain product for a manufacture. If you answer yes, it doesn’t mean you will receive the product to test. I have been asked numerous times of the same question, but I have only got a few chances to test products for Pinecone Research.

#4. Make sure to answer all survey invites – Pinecone monitors member participation and they might remove or lock those members who are unable to maintain acceptable participation levels.

#5. Be aware and avoid scams – there are scammers using Pinecone’s name and logo to scam people. They are #1: typically mystery shopping fraud check scam (don’t cash the check),  #2: E-mail phishing scam (don’t click the link in the fake survey emails) #3: Fake Facebook page that may ask for your login information. Pinecone claims that it does not have a Facebook presence, and will not ask you for your login credentials.

Pinecone Research FAQs & Updates

In this section, I will try my best to answer your questions about Pinecone Research that have not been addressed in this review, as well as recent Pinecone news or updates. Some questions are from the comments, and some are from emails I received from my readers. Feel free to let me know if you have questions that are unanswered!

How do I make my first redemption?

If you have joined the Pinecone panel in the last 30 days, your first redemption must be via bank transfer to verify your rewards account. After your first bank transfer redemption or 30 days of being an active Pinecone member (whichever occurs first) you will have the ability to redeem your points for any reward option in the reward catalog.

Does Pinecone Kick Out existing members?

Yes, Pinecone sometimes remove members from their database for no reason. I have heard many members complain about this. Personally my account had been deleted once but I re-joined Pinecone a couple of years later.

Does Pinecone Research have mobile apps?

I couldn’t find a Pinecone mobile app, neither Android nor iOS. However, Pinecone website is mobile friendly,  so I assume that you can take Pinecone surveys from your mobile devices.

Final Thoughts & Get Started

I really think anyone who are interested in online surveys and product testing should join Pinecone Research. Yes I make more money with a number of other good paid survey sites, but Pinecone is still one of my favorite. They have interesting surveys and product testing opportunities, surveys generally are easy and short. Pinecone Research is fair and very reliable, and they are the fastest paying survey company! I highly recommend Pinecone Research!

Pinecone Research Sign Up Registration Link & Review

To get started with Pinecone Research, please click following sign up links to join their panels, and make sure to fill out your profile survey to be accepted!

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – UK Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Canada  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Germany  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – France  Sign Up – OPEN

Are you a member of Pinecone Research Panel? If not, I suggest you sign up with Pinecone Research and give them a try! If you are a member, please feel free to share your Pinecone review and survey experience!  Let me know if you have any questions!

427 thoughts on “Pinecone Research”

  1. For me, Pinecone should close its doors, so that the influencers don’t waste their time there, it is the one that pays the worst and demands more than anyone else.

  2. Let me tell you that there are many polling sites much better than Pinecone, and of course they pay much more, Pinecone wants to know the complete life of each one, it will be that they are not ashamed to ask for a phone number and a private bank account, for $3 per month hahahaha too bad to fallen

  3. Pinecone fell apart, because of so many verifications that they ask for, it is unheard of that a pollster that sends you 1 or 2 surveys a month, asks you for bank details, telephone number, etc.

    • Hi Samuel, unfortunately you won’t be able to join Pinecone, since they don’t have a panel for your country. I suggest you check out fiverr for making money online. Good luck!

    • Hi Olufemi, unfortunately Pinecone currently does not have a panel for Nigeria, therefore you won’t be able to register. 🙁 I suggest you look into freelance site like fiverr to earn extra money online, good luck!

    • Hi Samuel, unfortunately you won’t be able to join Pinecone, since they don’t have a panel for your country. I suggest you check out fiverr for making money online. Good luck!

  4. I have rewards but I can not get to the page to transfer the money to the bank also I can get to your page to ask question it starts to come up and then it is gone so can you pleasr help.

    • Hi Isabel, when you at the reward/redeem section, search the reward catalogue, under the the search category, select the “Bank Transfer”, you will see the band transfer options. Regarding contact them for help, just click the “Contact Us” link at the top. Hope it helps!

  5. It’s a 50/50 ripoff of your time. I recently quit because for 3 months I haven’t “qualified” for but 1 survey out of about 30. They will not update your profile and they also add people to your household that you do not put in. There are 4 people in my household but I was constantly being told I have 5 and I’m sorry but I know how lives in my house. The $3 fee is a bit ridiculous since some of these “surveys” take 20-30 minutes and a LLP pre qualification survey that can take 3-5 minutes.

    • Hi Eric, thanks for sharing your experience. I have been getting 2-3 survey invites every month and I qualify for majority of them. I think I only disqualified 2-3 surveys since rejoined Pinecone last December. Also you can edit your profile and add or delete household members. I never done this before so not sure about the problem you mentioned. I would suggest you contact their support to see if they can help. Good luck!.

    • Hi, you can find the gift cards rewards once you have been a member for 30 days! I waited after 30 days to cashed out and received amazon gift card the next day! Hope it helps!

    • Hi, when you browse the reward category, you should see Gift Card – Digital, and Gift Card – Physical. There are many gift card options under them. Hope it helps.

    • Hi Tony, Have you heard anything from Pinecone? I contacted them a few days ago and informed that I would like to update my profile, and quickly received a reply, here is message from them:

      Thank you for your email. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have made some changes to our website and are currently working on the profile issue.

      For security reasons, please confirm the information that should currently be in your profile. If there is any information you would like us to update, please let us know and we can go ahead and update your profile. Please reply with the following information:

      – Full Name
      – Date of Birth
      – Mailing Address (old and new)
      – Household Size
      – User ID

      Best regards,
      Karen Scott

    • This is an update from Tony through email I received, thanks Tony!
      “Several things have developed recently. I was able to access Pineconeresearch.com from another pc with no problem, and cash in my balance. I found that there were replies to my inquiries in my spam folder, and I apologize to pineconeresearch for having claimed that they ignored my questions. I think I had a Captcha issue previously, don’t know how or why, but I was able to get done what I needed to do.”

    • Did you receive any error messages when trying to login? Like wrong password etc? If it says the password is wrong, you can try to reset the password. Also I know their support is very slow.

      • No message at all regarding password, though I did change it, just in case, after my second to last attempt. No luck in trying to log in with the new password, either.

    • Filing a complaint with the BBB may help. I did so a few years ago when the website offered no means for me to update my profile. They eventually fixed the website so that I could update my profile.

  6. Hi, I’m in the UK and trying to sign up with Pinecone but when I click on the link I just get a message ‘sorry, you did not complete the survey’. I didn’t get a chance to complete anything? I was looking for a registration form! Any ideas anyone?

  7. Hi there
    I was trying a couple of times to fill the registration form using both mobile and a laptop, also I tried with my details and my husband’s but every time I get the same answer and I don’t know what does it mean.
    Please help.
    So it says:

    Unfortunately there are no available openings for members with a household make-up that aligns with yours at this time.


    • Hi Maria, I guess it means they are not looking for new members with your demographics. It happened to other people (and me too once before), BIG DEAL! There are so many other good survey panels!

  8. from pinecone after registering

    We’re sorry. This survey is not available in your area.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

    any help please?

    • Hello Luis, I am not sure. when I started with them, the only reward option they had was check. I think for new members they will pay by check for first payment, after that members can choose other options.

    • Hi Michael, are you referring to Paypal? I don’t know if Pinecone ever suspended Paypal? I just checked last time Pinecone sent me a Paypal payment was Dec.20, 2018.

  9. Hi Mei, I just tried to register in the USA link and I could not, I still throwing error, before the registration survey, which could be happening?

    • Hi Luis, that’s strange, the link works for me. Sorry I don’t know what’s going on, and there is nothing else I can do. Just to remind you that even you sign up you might not get accepted in the the survey panel – they don’t accept everyone who signs up.

  10. Hi Mei,
    I have been a member of Pinecone since it first started. Last spring, I tried logging in and it said I had to reset my password. I did and never received the confirmation email so I could use it. I have written, written, & written, only to be told to reset my password. I only need the email that confirms it! NO ONE is listening or reading my email. I used to be able to write Karen and she would respond quickly. Now, my emails are returned. I even did a study a while back and completed it. So, how do I get back into the site? Thank you

    • Hi Shirless,

      I think emailing them (Karen) directly no longer works…I contacted them through the “contact” page and heard back few weeks later (I know it took that long). There is a “contact us” link at the bottom of the Pinecone Research home page, which takes you to a contact form. Give it a try, and you might have to wait a while for their reply, they probably receive lot of emails… Good luck!

  11. Hello Mei, is the registration of new PINECONE USA users closed? I have tried to register since November 2018 and do not upload the registration form.
    I already probe with link 2019 and the problem persists, what can I do?
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Mei,

    Is registration closed for USA Pinecone Research? The link you have posted only goes to verification that I’m not a robot and then to Pinecones website. There’s no registration form. I’d like to sign up.

    Thank you

    • Hi Chika, I updated the link with the sign up link directly. Please try again, if still not working, let me know, I will email you the link. thanks for the heads up.

  13. I have not received any survey from them since January 2017. Based on what I have seen on the internet complaints numerous people are also receiving very little any surveys. They may be risking being sued for manipulating data that their clients pay for.

      • Ye but the problem is that surveys are not available and have not been available since January 2017

      • Hi borg I am not sure if this will work for you – but the same thing happened to me. I hadn’t received any surveys for a few months, and I couldn’t update my profile. So I contacted them and told them I would like to update my profile and receive more surveys. I received two replies (since I used the contact form twice) a few weeks later. One email told me they re-activated my account so I can update my profile again. The other email said that I will be receiving more surveys which is true. Hope this info helps, and good luck!

      • I have been contacting Pinecone since last fall. I have reset my password and cannot logon until they send the email link I need to use from them. When I get a response, which is rare, it’s a form letter telling me to reset my password. I have even put in all caps that I need the link to get to the site and logon, but to no avail. I know I have money in the account as I always took the surveys they sent and let the balance ride. This is so frustrating! It used to be that when I wrote Karen, she would respond. Now it says I have to go through the site.

      • Hi Shirless, if you have money in your account, Pinecone shouldn’t have deleted your account (they might de-active your account, but they shouldn’t remove your account totally). I used to have $3 in my account and later on they re-activated it.

        I see your problem is you can’t login your account, cause you didn’t receive the password reset email. Can you double check your junk folder, or list pinecone’s email in your contact? My password email is from: “Karen Scott” . Then try the password reset process again?

        If everything fails again, I think you should contact Pinecone directly through their help/contact form, and just wait for the reply – it might take a while, they probably receive lot of emails.

      • I managed to get it fixed by complaining to the BBB but I was not able to reply to the email sent as requested since their email does not accept replies. I was forced to copy the entire email including my replies and paste it into the contact us box of their website. Thankfully they fixed the website so that I could update the profile. Also based on my experience the Safari browser is the only browser that works best for these surveys. I have an iPhone and I plan to eventually get a Mac since all the other browsers tend to break these surveys.

  14. Hi there, I think these links might be broken – when I click I get redirected to a
    freelotto.com ‘Certified Winner Claim Form’? This doesn’t look legit and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the page that references Pinecone Research or would redirect me there. Can you help? I’m based in the UK. Thanks!

  15. i just tried to join and they said the did not have room for me as a member what is that. I thought anyone could join. I only answered a couple of questions in the application and they don’t have room for me??

    • Hi Melissa,
      Sorry to hear the trouble joining. A few years ago it happened to me too – they said they didn’t need me at the time, I tried again and was able to get in later. I have a little “tip” buried in this article which is: To have a better chance of getting accepted into the Pinecone panel, have the male head of the household to sign up and fill out the registration form. Hope it helps.

    • I have been in Pinecone probably since it started. They used to pay $5. Now the past year, my password isn’t working and no matter how many times I have reset, I never receive the email for the link to get in. I have written at least 10 times to Karen and when she responds is a form letter on how to reset password. She used to answer emails right away. I think this site must be going under and I don’t think I would try to join.

      • Hi Shirlee,

        I had failed login a few times, because I forgot my password. I was able to reset my password, the process was actually not complicated – you do need to enter your Member/User ID, your birthday and answer to security question in order to get the password reset confirmation email. Hope it helps, good luck!

      • Thanks Mei. That’s what I did but to get back on the site, you need them to send an email with a link. Otherwise even though you have a new password you can’t sign in.

      • That’s right Shirlee, did you receive the email with the link? I received the email says this:

        “Hi Mei,
        We recently received a password change request for your PineCone Research account. To complete the password reset process please click below
        Confirm Password”

        That’s how I reset my password. If you get everything right (ID, BDay, Security question), you should receive the email. If not, I am not sure what’s going to happen.

      • Hi Mei, That’s the problem, they never send the email with the link to logon with the new password.
        Thanks for your help!!!

  16. I have been with Pinecone Research since 2014. I haven’t had any 1003 surveys show up in my email inbox since May 23rd. My last 1001 survey came in on May 25th. All i have been getting are these new 2017 surveys that are not guaranteed to be paid. I usually don’t do these surveys. Also these new surveys only work with IE and Chrome. Is the lack of getting the 1003 and 1001 surveys a sign that I am about to get kicked out of Pinecone Research?

    • Hi Eric,
      I just noticed that since May 24, all surveys I received from Pinecone are those “A New Study Opportunity May be Available” surveys. So no I don’t think you (and me and others) will be kicked out.

    • Hi Eric, I just qualified and completed a “new format” survey (the ones not end with 1001 or 3001). It was actually pretty easy to qualify, and after qualify, the survey just like the old 1001 survey. Hope it helps!

    • Hi Eric,

      I just received an email from Pinecone saying they are returning to the original survey process meaning they will be sending the 1003 household surveys like before. They also send me a link to confirm if I am still interested in the panel. Have you received the similar email from them?

  17. I used the link and am in the UK and haven’t had a response for almost a week… does anybody have any idea if that mean an automatic ‘no’? Thanks.

  18. I was a member of Pinecone research once, but i can’t remember my login details, so i tried to contact them, but i don’t have a household id or anything that would allow me to in fact contact them. Is there anyone that can advise me please?

  19. Curiously I just tried to sign up with the link it says ” sorry I didn’t qualify what they are looking for but will save my info for a few weeks in case if something comes up. Does this mean I could never join? Did I click on the right thing? What does that mean specifically? Any help appreciated

    • Hi Lelly,

      That happened to me a few years ago after they kicked me out the panel and I tried to rejoin. Luckily about two years ago they accepted me again. Sometimes they have enough panel members with certain demographic and that’s why registration will not guarantee acceptance.

      I would suggest that you try again after a few months and at the mean time sign up with other legit survey panels on my list here: http://mysurvey123.com/united-states-paid-surveys-list/

      Hope it helps!

  20. Hi am living in glasgow and when i went to register there is no option of glasgow or scotland in the country field

  21. I remember on the rewards section that you use to be able to choose “Laptops” —did that get t taken away from our choices? I dont see anymore laptops??????What happened to them? thank you

    • Hi Eliza, I never noticed the “laptops” in the reward section, cause I have always been cashed out cash via check and now Paypal. I just logged into my account and the reward section, and couldn’t find the “Laptops”. They do have an “Electronics” category but still no Laptops. Hope it helps! 🙂

      • Hmmm,I wonder what happened to Pine Cone surveys site?I was an active panelist for about 3 years,taking all the available surveys whenever possible and then around this past summer all ceased;no more survey invitations.Now,I read that on Jan 1 they will reopen their site to females (USA) for ages over 24.I hope this is the case and I will be able to join again,I really like this company.

      • Hi Krystyna – Pinecone kicked me out a few years ago. So it does happen and I have heard it have happened to many people. About 2-3 years ago I tried rejoining Pinecone a couple of times, the second time they accepted me. So hopefully you will be able to get into the panel again sooner or later. Good luck!

    • HI and thank you for your reply, I did see them one time only and then they disappeared, I am not lying, but OH well—anyhow I dont see Paypal on here where is that>

      • No problem Eliza, The cash option is under the “Featured Awards” category. You can cash out at $3, $5, $10 and $15. I currently has 1200 points ($12) and will receive another 300 points tomorrow! cheers 🙂

  22. Is it necessary to redeem points via check for the first time in pinecone research.Is there any option to redeem points via PayPal for first time.

    • Hi Adrash, I am not aware of the requirement that the first time cash out has to be check. Can you log in your account profile and fill out the Paypal email address field. If you do that they should pay you through Paypal. Also after you do that, email their support and let them know you want to cash out via Paypal. Good luck!

      • I had selected for PayPal option to redeeming my points and I had also gotten the confirmation of selection of paypal by email but when I go to redeem my points there is only check option available to redeem.so,how you redeemed your points via PayPal for first time.

      • Hi Adrash, I was paid by check the first time cause back then they didn’t have Paypal option. Just to be safe I think you should contact Pinecone support and confirm you will get paid through Paypal.

      • Hi Adrash, the first time you can only cash out via check. It’s for security purpose (in case someone steal your login and cash out) and also screen out fake members (members with fake information). Hope it helps!

  23. Pinecone is adding gift cards to the reward catalog! Following is the email I received recently:

    We are excited to announce we will be rolling out a new rewards site and catalog in November. In addition to our traditional reward offerings, we will now offer a wider selection of physical and digital gift cards, including virtual visa cards, and even more brand-named merchandise for you to choose from. The point based system and value of your points will not change, only the variety of options! We value your opinion and membership and hope you enjoy our new catalog.

    Please note, due to this switch some specific items may no longer be available. However, you may still redeem for a check or PayPal. Your current point balance will transfer

  24. Your site says that the sign up for females (USA) would start again August 1st, it is now the 10th. Will it happen soon?
    Thank you

    • Hi Susan, how did you contact Karen? Did you email her at scott@pineconeresearch.com or their contact form on their website? I have written Karen a few times and every time I got a response from her. So make sure you used correct email address. Sorry I couldn’t find a phone#. Good luck!

  25. Hello, is there any way that the US link can be updated? I tried joining and it takes me to front page of the website. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Is anyone able to refer me into pinecone research Canada? I just found out about pinecone however they do not seem to be accepting members at the moment, and the link above doesn’t work for me, I live in Canada.

    • HI Yu Min Cheng,
      Thank you for letting me know about the outdated link! I have just updated the link and it should be working (I tested myself). Please try again (you might need to clear broswer cache/cookies, or just use a different browser.) Good luck!

  27. Be Aware of FAKE Pinecone Surveys!

    While was checking my junk folder yesterday, I found a survey from Pinecone. At first I almost thought my email host made a mistake, since the email subject looks like from Pinecone, but until I opened the email and checked the sender details (the emails is sent from France) I realized that it IS a junk mail. Also if you compare the real Pinecone survey invite email with one, you will see this one is fake.

    Here is the email details:

    Subject: Project #87026 – New study‏
    Dear PineCone panelist,

    A new product concept study is ready for your participation! Project #87026 is currently available and you can follow the link below to go directly to the survey.

    This survey has a slightly different format. You will not need to log in with your ID and password as the link will automatically direct you to the study.

    [Link Removed]

    The deadline to complete this project is Saturday, November 22.

    If this link does not work, please copy and paste it in to the address line of your browser window. If you experience problems accessing a survey, the best time to complete is between 8am and 4pm EST.

    A few days after completing your interview, you should receive your incentive. If you do not receive your incentive within a few days after completing, please send me an e-mail so we can troubleshoot the problem.

    Thanks in advance for your participation in this product concept evaluation.

    Have a great day!

    Thanks again,

    Karen Scott

  28. Is anyone able to refer me into pinecone research Canada? I just found out about pinecone and I am extremely excited to get in however they do not seem to be accepting members at the moment.

    • Hi James,

      There is a Pinecone Research Canada Panel sign up link at the beginning of this article/review, fill out the sign up form, also make sure answer the “profile” survey then you will be accepted. Hope it helps, Pinecone is a great panel, good luck!

  29. Hi Afifi, you can still try signing up, they might just accept you. 18-24 years old is their target group, however it doesn’t mean they will not accept others.good luck! Oh, make sure fill out the “Profile surveys” if you receive it – it will pretty much “guaranteed” you are accepted.

  30. Thanks for the UK invitation link, it works fine as of today. I have spent quite some time looking for an active invitation to join PineCone, I hope it really gonna be lots of fun with their surveys!

    • Hi Kasia, glad you found the sign up link here and able to join Pinecone! I think you will like Pinecone’s surveys – they are pretty easy and many are product testing surveys!

  31. Hi Theresa,

    That sign up request actually expires today 6/18/2014 after 9PM Pacific time. After that it’s open to all US demographic (18 and older).

    So wait until tonight after 9pm if you need to. 🙂

    Hope it helps and good luck!

  32. Hi People, can anyone anywhere join pinecone? the links I see is uk, usa and Canada links can I join any of these or are they just country specific?

    • Hi Chrizelle, if you are resident of any of the three countries (US, UK or Canada), you can use the links to join and yes I believe they are country specific. Hope it helps!

  33. FAKE Email from Pinecone! – SCAM, DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    A while back I received an email “from” Pinecone, subject title:

    PROJECT -Business Study Concept For Your Participation

    PineCone Research™
    You are invited to participate in our new and exiting research study conducted for Western Union !
    You will earn $200.00 Per Survey

    Click Here To Join Now

    We value your privacy and assure that all responses are kept confidential and for informational purposes only.

    PineCone Research®
    250 East 5th St. 9th Floor
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Survey Department.

    It is so obvious I have to laugh at those losers! Western Union, right!!

    • Received another FAKE Pinecone Survey invite email, this time the pay is $250.

      PROJECT -New Business Study Analysis For Your Participation!

      PineCone Research

      You are invited to participate in our new and exiting Business Study Analysis on Western Union !!
      For each study that you complete, you will earn “$250.00” Per Study

      >>Click Here To Join Now<< We value your privacy and assure that all responses are kept confidential and for informational purposes only. Sincerely, PineCone Research® 250 East 5th St. 9th Floor Cincinnati, OH 45202 Attn: Karen Scott PineCone Research Foundation.

    • I hope Mary didn’t cash the check. I got mine today too but once I did the research, I found out on Pinecone’s website that it’s a scam. I used to be a member & knew that Pinecone is located in Ohio. The check came with a Texas return address & post marked in Louisville KY. I knew something was wrong. That’s when I went to Pinecone’s site & found their notice about the scams.

      Mary, DON’T cash the check… it will bounce & be taken out of your personal money.

  34. I just received an e-mail from you about being a mystery shopper. Is this right. If so I except. Sincerely, Joyce Benjamin Phone number has changed. It is 570-462=2564.

  35. I notice the state of Hawaii is not on the pulldown list when I tried to sign up for membership. You know that the state of Hawaii is part of the United States, right? You do know that?


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