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Pinecone Research Sign up link + review - Join & Earn Money for SurveysJoin Pinecone Research via our exclusive Pinecone Research Sign Up Banner or Sign Up Links Below!  Please make sure only ONE household member to sign up with Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – UK Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – Canada Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – Germany Sign Up – OPEN

Pinecone Research – France  Sign Up – OPEN

After you submit the registration form, enter the verification code sent by Pinecone via text or call, then Pinecone will send an email asking you to complete the registration survey. Once you complete the survey, you will receive a Welcome email that confirms you are accepted into the Pinecone Research panel!

Is Pinecone Research Legit or Scam?

Pinecone Research is absolutely legitimate. In fact, it is one of the most reputable market research panels. I have been a member with them for almost 10 years and I have always been paid.

Pinecone Research Rewards

Currently members earn points for completing online surveys. Each survey usually worth 300 points, and you can redeem points for:

  • Cash – can be direct electronic bank transfers or prepaid Mastercard Minimum cash out 300 points ($3)
  • Gift cards – including amazon gift cards and popular store gift cards such as Walmart, Target gift cards. This is new reward option!
  • Various merchandises/prizes
  • Charity donations

Please note that Pinecone has transitioned away from Paypal and now offers direct electronic bank transfers. In addition, they also offer virtual Mastercards and Amazon gift cards.

How to Join Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research doesn’t accept members at their website, instead they recruit new members through advertising or member referrals. You need to find a Pinecone sign up banner or link in order to join Pinecone Research Survey Panel.

Usually you can find sign up links or banners right here at this page.

Here is how to sign up for Pinecone Research in 2021 (detailed instruction)

To join Pinecone Research, please follow these easy steps:

Step #1: Click one of sign up links below, fill out and submit the registration form.

Pinecone Research – USA  sign Up
Pinecone Research – UK  Sign Up
Pinecone Research –  Canada   Sign Up 
Pinecone Research – Germany  Sign Up
Pinecone Research – France  Sign Up

Step #2: Enter the verification code sent by Pinecone via text message or call. Pinecone texted me the code on my smart phone.

Step #3. Answer the registration survey.  Shortly after you enter the verification code, you will received an email subject “Pinecone Research Registration” that asks you complete a registration survey.

Step #4: Wait for the welcome email. I received welcome email the next day – subject of the email  was “welcome to the Pinecone Research Panel”. This welcome email provides your UserID, briefly explains your membership perks, as well as the link to your first survey!

The “Welcome” email confirms that you are accepted into Pinecone Research panel – you have become a member of Pinecone Research!

Above was my sign up process with Pinecone at the end of last year (December 2020). Your experience might be different due to demographic reasons. The verification process via mobile phone is new, convenient and fast! I was immediately accepted into the panel after being verified.

Pinecone Research Review (Updated November 2021)

Pinecone Research is one of the best market research survey companies out there. They have a great reputation of being a reliable paying survey company, and have consistent survey opportunities for panel members.

Pinecone Surveys (how many surveys, product testing surveys etc.)

I generally receive 2-4 surveys from Pinecone every month, and I qualify about 90% of them.

In the past, members are rewarded a sweepstakes entry (no points) for each “household” survey. Household surveys are “screener” surveys used by Pinecone Research to determine potential paying surveys for panel members. And members are guaranteed to qualify for a paying surveys if they receive the survey invite.

Now Pinecone combines the “screener” questions into the paying surveys which means after the first few questions you might get screened out (disqualified) of the surveys. But if you qualify and complete the survey you will earn 300 points.

Pinecone survey’s screening process is very fast, usually only a few questions questions later (for me sometimes just two questions is enough), you will know if you are screened out or not.

Pinecone surveys often are related to grocery/food/household products. I have always looked forward to taking their surveys because I enjoy taking surveys about new products.  Their surveys generally take me about 10-15 minutes to finish, and sometimes you might get selected to do product tests. I have done quite some product testing surveys for them – you take the follow up survey about the product you tried and get paid for it!

Besides product testing surveys, sometimes Pinecone have surveys for kids or teens in the household to answer. Both of my kids have answered their surveys and they both loved it!

Survey Crediting and Payment

Currently Pinecone Research are paying panel members $3 (300 points) for each survey completed. After you successfully completed a survey, you will get an email the next business day subject “Pinecone Research: Credit Notification”. In the email, they will tell you the project/survey number you completed and credited for.

Pinecone Research offers members various popular gift cards and cash rewards. You can get paid cash by direct electronic bank transfers or Prepaid master card. 

They used to offer PayPal payment which is really fast – pretty much the next business day. Before they offer PayPal option, checks arrived very quickly as well (I once received a check even before invited for the survey!).

I have not redeemed any cash rewards recently, since I shop at amazon a lot so I just cashed out amazon gift cards now. The redeem process has always been really smooth – I usually receive the payment the next day and sometimes the same day!

So after I cash out amazon gift card, I would receive an order confirmation email like this:

Pinecone Research Reward Amazon

Then later that day or next day, I received the email contains the amazon gift card code!

Member Support

I don’t have any recent experience regarding member support, because I haven’t encountered any issues since last joined Pinecone. In the past I have contacted Pinecone Research for support a couple of times – one time I received prompt response, the other time the reply really took a lot longer to arrive.

Pinecone Research Surveys – Tips & Notes

#1: First, I want to remind everyone is it is AGAINST Pinecone’s policy/Term of use to talk about your survey and product testing experience with Pinecone publicly. When you sign up with Pinecone, you agree to keep everything confidential. And this is actually what you should do for ALL paid survey/market research companies.

#2: If you will be out of town for vacations etc and won’t be able to take surveys,  you can also let Pinecone know by updating your profile under “Availability” section.

#3: Sometimes at end of a survey, Pinecone might ask you if you are interested in testing a certain product for a manufacture. If you answer yes, it doesn’t mean you will receive the product to test. I have been asked numerous times of the same question, but I have only got a few chances to test products for Pinecone Research.

#4. Make sure to answer all survey invites – Pinecone monitors member participation and they might remove or lock those members who are unable to maintain acceptable participation levels.

#5. Be aware and avoid scams – there are scammers using Pinecone’s name and logo to scam people. They are #1: typically mystery shopping fraud check scam (don’t cash the check),  #2: E-mail phishing scam (don’t click the link in the fake survey emails) #3: Fake Facebook page that may ask for your login information. Pinecone claims that it does not have a Facebook presence, and will not ask you for your login credentials.

Pinecone Research FAQs & Updates

In this last section, I will try my best to answer your questions about Pinecone Research that have not been addressed in this review, as well as recent Pinecone news or updates. Some questions are from the comments, and some are from emails I received from my readers. Feel free to let me know if you have questions that are unanswered!

How do I make my first redemption?

If you have joined the Pinecone panel in the last 30 days, your first redemption must be via bank transfer to verify your rewards account. After your first bank transfer redemption or 30 days of being an active Pinecone member (whichever occurs first) you will have the ability to redeem your points for any reward option in the reward catalog.

Does Pinecone Kick Out existing members?

Yes, Pinecone sometimes remove members from their database for no reason. I have heard many members complain about this. Personally my account had been deleted once but I re-joined Pinecone a couple of years later.

Does Pinecone Research have mobile apps?

I couldn’t find a Pinecone mobile app, neither Android nor iOS. However, Pinecone website is mobile friendly,  so I assume that you can take Pinecone surveys from your mobile devices.

Final Thoughts & Get Started

I really think anyone who are interested in online surveys and product testing should join Pinecone Research. Yes I make more money with a number of  other paid survey sites, but Pinecone is still one of my favorite. They have interesting surveys and product testing opportunities, surveys generally are easy and short. Pinecone Research is fair and very reliable, and they are the fastest paying survey company! I highly recommend Pinecone Research!

Pinecone Research Sign Up Registration Link & Review

To get started with Pinecone Research, please click following sign up links to join their panels, and make sure to fill out your profile survey to be accepted!

Pinecone Research – USA sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – UK Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Canada  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – Germany  Sign Up – OPEN
Pinecone Research – France  Sign Up – OPEN

Are you a member of Pinecone Research Panel? If not, I suggest you sign up with Pinecone Research and give them a try! If you are a member, please feel free to share your Pinecone review and survey experience!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. My name is RoseMarie and I would like to join your panel after being reffered by my friend Nicole Elliott. I would apprecite you sending me the link to join.

    • Hi RoseMarie – just click the pinecone sign up link which takes you to the registration form, fill out the form and make sure answer the following up profile survey, and you should be able to join. good luck!

  2. No longer giving out checks!!! Now you are given 300 points per survey, and it takes tens of thousands of points to get any items from the store. Not worth the time!!!

    • Hi Lindsay, they still have the Cash Option. Just click the “Featured Awards” link on the left side of the Category page, then you will see the “Cash Option” at the bottom under the “Featured Awards”. After you click that you will see the “$3 Cash Option” page and it says:

      300 Reward Points

      Free Standard Shipping

      Turn your points into cash with this reward option! Upon receipt of your order a payment will be issued for the value of your order. Please note that if you request multiple cash payments it will be combined and issued as one payment for your convenience (i.e. 3 x payment will be one payment of $9). Your payment will be sent to you via your previous preferred payment method (check, Everywhere Reward Debit MasterCard, or PayPal). If your previous payments were loaded to your Debit MasterCard, you can expect the funds to be loaded onto your card. If your previous payments went to PayPal, this will be sent to your PayPal account. If you wish to set up PayPal payments, please email to do so before redeeming. For further information please contact the rewards team who will be happy to assist you.

      I just re-joined Pinecone (used the sign up link on this page) recently after they dumped me a couple of years ago. I just received and completed a survey today. Points have not been credit yet but once it does I will cash out and update on the payment.

      Hope it helps!

  3. Hi I am from India does the site pinecone accepts the sign up request from other countries.

    • Vamsee, unfortunately I don’t think they accept anyone from India. Check out the Asia=Pacific Survey list, there are a few good survey panels open to India.

  4. This was an excellent read; I’m stunned! Not by you obviously, just that it took me 25 minutes to uncover your site in the big g. That is way too long for a high-quality site like this

  5. 🙄
    i’m interested in joining pinecone,but the link brings me to the homepage, not the sign up page..can you help? thanks much!

  6. I would love to join pine cone, but I cant find a banner even through your site that works. How do I join in US??????

  7. I really would like to sign up for the US, but te link didnt work… someone please invite me.. it would be greatly appreciated

  8. Hello, would someone tell me if Pinecone accepts sign up’s now? If so where can I find the link used to sign? Thank you very much Also if I need to sign up for your newsletter, I will be happy to.

  9. 🙁 I’ve been looking to come back and I finally found you. I want to come back. this is my user ID:341702

  10. Hello everyone. I missed the window to sign up in the US but noticed that existing members can refer new participants. I’ve been trying to get on the panel for over a year. If anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it. My email is:

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  11. [quote name=Evelyn Schlader]I did your surveys for years/ Then I got an illness where I could not type. Now I can. Can I come back? My number is 55776.[/quote]Hi Evelyn, please contact Pinecone directly for any issues/problems you might have! Good luck!

  12. I did your surveys for years/ Then I got an illness where I could not type. Now I can. Can I come back? My number is 55776.

  13. Hi Dave, I am aware that the UK link has expired. Definitely will post update once new link is available to my knowledge. 🙂

  14. Hiya, has anyone got a spare invitation to send me, the UK link just goes to the home user log in page… cheers

  15. I was wondering if anyone would send me a invitation

    jakehowe2004 @

    Thanks so much in those who read my request.

  16. The US registration link just takes me to a sign in page, with no noticeable link to registration.

  17. [quote name=maria]hei the uk link sends you to the home screen :cry:[/quote]Hi Maria, Pinecone UK Link just been updated. Please try again. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  18. [quote name=George]Hi Folks, your Canada sign-up link is broken[/quote]Hi George, the Canada sign up link has been “fixed”/updated. Please try again. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  19. Hello,
    I want to Sign up for Pine Cone Reserch UK but i dont know its not working or what can u please guide me with it thank u.

  20. Update – I receive and qualify for 2 surveys a month and sometimes I get product tests. I haven’t had any problems with them. They are in my personal top 12 best survey companies!

  21. :sigh:
    i was wondering if you guys would consider filipinos, because there’s no link for philippines i really wanna join.thanks

  22. For me, after registering it said that nothing was available in my area for the information I submitted. Has any of you tried out Cashle/Points2shop yet? Just curious. Not spamming at all. I did not see it on the list on this site. Here you go:

    At least if you’re like me and can’t get into Pine Cone right now, you can make a few easy bucks with them too. There’s only $1 minimum needed to pay out, and I have been with them for years.

    Anyway, If anybody else knows another REAL site that actually pays, let me know. Thanks. I need the extra cash.

    All of those other sites (that I find) want you to build up money for 10 years b4 they pay…lol Not happening.

  23. Hi Cathy & Erin, PInecone Research US link has been updated, it’s working now, please try again. Thanks for the heads up!

  24. Hello, i tryed to sign up on the UK link, but it says Unfortunately, there are no available openings for members with a household make-up that aligns with yours at this time. 🙁

    what does that mean?

  25. Hi Hailey & Rosemary,

    I just updated the Pinecone US sign up link, It is working now.

    Thank you very much for the heads up!

  26. I just tried the US link and it just takes me to the member log-in page. Any tips would be great! Thanks! 🙂

  27. The link you provide only took me to the home page. Could not find the sign up page anywhere. Please help!

  28. [quote name=mlynn]Hi MiraLor, Pinecone US link has been updated/fixed, it is working now.. Thanks for the heads up![/quote] I tried the USA one and it said it is not taking people with my hosehold stats. ughh

  29. Hi MiraLor, Pinecone US link has been updated/fixed, it is working now.. Thanks for the heads up!

  30. The US link is just taking you to the member login page as well. Any idea when they are going to fix it?

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