PointClub Review – Earn Cash Taking Online Paid Surveys

PointClub Review - Get Paid To Take Online SurveysPointClub is an online paid survey panel where members earn cash or gift cards by providing opinions on a wide topic of market research surveys. It’s one of the best online paid survey sites! Keep reading my PointClub review!

Click Here to Join PointClub Surveys Panel! (Earn $5/500 points after you filling out the profile surveys.)

Is PointClub Legit or Scam?

PointClub is run by Innovate MR, LLC, whose founder is the talent behind the highly successful survey sites GoZing, Greenfield Online and uSamp (I have been paid by all of them). Currently I don’t have enough points to cash out, but I have heard many people been paid. I have no doubt that PointClub is legitimate.

Who Can Join PointClub (Registration Eligibility)

  • Minimum Age requirement: 13 years old
  • Open to Countries: Worldwide (Mainly USA surveys, but they also have surveys for other countries)

PointClub – How to Earn Rewards Points?

PointClub provides members a few different ways of earning:

#1. Profile surveys – after initially registration, and complete profile surveys (those are called “training missions” under the “Mission” tab of the member dashboard), you’ll have your first 5,000 points added to your PointBank. I actually earned 5100 points because the last two profile surveys offer 10% bonus points.

#2. Surveys – Obviously, your primary means of earning points is through the successful completion of surveys. For surveys you may not be able to complete due to disqualification, over quota, etc, you will also be granted 12 points, up to 5 times a day.

#3. Offers: earn point by completing various offers on their “Offer Board”.

#4. Referrals:  you can earn points by referring your friends and family after joining the “refer-a-friend” program.

#5. Media/Ads: earn points for reviewing/watching featured content/ads in their “Media Lab”.

PointClub has more fun ways to earn points, such as polls, quizzes and other type of engagement activities. So far I have earned points by doing #1 & #2 (completing surveys), I might give the rest a try later!

PointClub Survey Rewards – how to get paid?

PointClub uses a point system, the points you earned are deposited into your “PointBank”. Once you have reached the minimum of 25,000 approved points ($25) you can choose from following different ways to be paid.

#1. Cash through Paypal :  you can request payment via Paypal, and once you’ve confirmed your address you’d receive the payments within 10 business days.

#2. Gift Cards: you can choose one of dozens of electronic gift cards. Make the selection prior to completing your redemption, and the electronic gift card will be emailed to you within 7-10 business days.

Points can only be redeemed in increments of 25,000 (25,000, 50,000, etc).

PointClub – How to take surveys & earn points?

PointClub sends survey invitations to your email box, however the better way to find surveys, in my opinion, is to log into your PointClub account, and take surveys under the “Missions” tab on your dashboard. And you should log into your account every day – to be able to earn more bonus points.

PointClub introduced this “Daily Streak” feature to encourage member participation. For every consecutive day you log into your account, you increase your Daily Streak. The more days you log in, the greater your potential point reward, up to 100% more points per survey!

For level one (after 1st login), you will have 10% bonus points, after the 5th days, your level raises to two with 20% bonus points! So far I am at level two, I am going to try to login every day, and report my level progress!

PointClub – Member Support

PointClub Surveys Review - Earn Cash taking surveysPointClub has a “Member Guidebook” (on the bottom left of the member page)  which provides membership guideline, rules and tips.

You can also open the ‘Help Center” (located at the bottom right) which provides answers to many of questions asked by members. If you can’t find the answers to your questions, just fill out the contact form (on the right of any help center pages) and submit your question, or simple email to help@pointclub.com.

Personally I find the Member Guidebook and Help Center are very informative and helpful, therefore I don’t need to email them for help yet.

Final Thought – Should you join PointClub Surveys?

Powered by a leading market research company, PointClub has been introducing new features and improving constantly to offer members a better and rewarding survey taking experience. I think you you definitely join in PointClub survey panel to get your opinion heard and have fun doing so!  And Stay tuned for my updated PointClub review!

Thank you for reading my PointClub review! Are you a member of PointClub Surveys? Please share your review and experience, and feel free to leave comments for ask questions!

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