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PollBuzzer survey panel is a “new” survey panel I just discovered. Based on the feedback I found online, it is a legitimate survey site, so I just signed up with them.  Here is how panel members get paid (from their website):

Each time you answer a question, your PollBuzzer account is credited with $1 in earnings after the question expires. You have two choices as to what you can do with those earnings. If you choose to keep the cash, you will be paid using PayPal. Each user may only register with one verified PayPal account. Every business day, we “cash out” all of the PollBuzzer accounts that are owed any earnings. Alternatively, you can choose to direct your earnings to a non-profit or charity. A list of non-profits that are eligible for contributions appears on the Payments page, and is subject to change. PollBuzzer will make monthly contributions to these non-profits in the full amounts that our panelists have directed us to donate.

So basically you get paid cash via Paypal. I have heard people getting paid so I look forward to getting my first survey!

I believe they accept members from US and Canada, and are at l13 years old (according to the Terms & Conditions) and older.

Join PollBuzzer Survey Panel (US and Canada, 13+ years old)


6 thoughts on “PollBuzzer Survey Panel

  1. Alert! New survey! One question! If you respond by Thursday, December 5, 2013 11:46:49 PM (Eastern Time Zone), we’ll pay you $1 for your answer.

  2. Received my $1 payment on March 25… Just got THREE – ONE question surveys, AWESOME!! Sign up this survey panel, this is SUPER easy!

    • Okay, Yesterday I received total 5 PollBuzzer survey invite emails, all for just one question. I did four, one missed deadline.

    • I just received $4 (Four $1 payment) via Paypal from PollBuzzer for the four questions I answered last week. :D!

  3. Wow I just received my first survey – ONE question!! They say it pays $1. I will update when I receive the $1. This is nuts! lol.

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