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Product Report Card Review

In this Product Report Card review. I will go through the details of this paid survey panel and my personal experience and suggestion.

Product Report Card Surveys

Product Report Card is a market research company that rewards members for participating in online paid surveys, product testing and focus groups discussions.

Is Product Report Card Scam or Legit?

Product Report Card survey panel is operated by Product Report Card, LLC, a market research company located in Denver, Colorado, United States. Based on my research and feedback I found around the web, I think that ProductReportCard is legitimate and not a scam. Personally I have not been paid yet.

How Does it work?

When I first looked at the website, I was a little confused and thought it was a paid to review site, however, after looking it further, I realized that it is market research panel, and works a lot like other survey sites as follow, and regarding product reviews, I will provide more information in my later review.

  • Sign up – it’s free and only take 5 minutes to complete the registration by providing your basic profile information;
  • Take surveys – as a panelist, you get paid for each online survey you complete. The more online surveys you take, the more money you will make.
  • Get Rewarded – earn Amazon gift codes or free products for each online survey you complete.

My Product Report Card Review

Registration and profile surveys

The sign up process at Product Report Card is pretty easy, just click here to create an account and you will be able to continue and finish the registration fairly quick by providing basic information such as gender, birthday, address etc. Shortly after completion of the sign up, I received a welcome/confirmation email, and part of the email reads like this:

Thanks for joining our research panel.  ProductReportCard connects consumers and subject-matter experts, like you, with our clients to share their insights into current marketplace trends.

As a panelist, you will be contacted regularly to participate in research projects. These projects are typically short online surveys, product tests, online bulletin boards, clinical trials, or phone consultations, but may also include longer term research opportunities.

After becoming a member, you can log into your account dashboard. Even though the sign up is really simple, there are more profile surveys you need to fill out in order to receive more online surveys. Those profile surveys are in these areas: household, employment, mobile phone, auto, food, kitchen appliance, health & wellness, beauty, fitness & sports and travel & leisure. And yes there are 11 profile surveys!

Completing 11 profile surveys is time consuming, so far I only finished five of them. You may also wonder what’s the deal of product review? A few month after joining, I received an email from ProductReviewCard titled: You Have Now Product Review Permissions. And here is part of the email:

You now have full access to register your products! ProductReportCard would like to give you the opportunity to qualify for a number of future paid online research discussions. The steps below are designed to find people who use specific brands or products. If you complete each of the steps, you will qualify to participate in a number of different paid research studies over the course of the year where you’ll be asked to share your experiences and observations about these brands or. It should take you about 60 to 120 minutes to complete the steps below for all products.

Basically I need to provide lot of information on the products I register, including manufacturer, model number, serial number, the date (month & year) of purchase, and the retail store in which you purchased each product and two photos of each product. All this work seems too much for me so I just skipped these. But if you have time you might consider doing this, because in their email they said that “In addition to earning your product registration badges for your time, you will have an opportunity to participate in paid market research studies throughout this year with the manufacturers of the products you currently own and use regularly.

Product Report Card Surveys

I have been a member of Product Report Card for 3 years, and I haven’t been able to earn enough to cash out. Just be fair I didn’t put much effort taking their surveys or other opportunities. Here is what I like and dislike about them:

  • I receive survey invitations regularly, not very often. Most of surveys are low paying consider the length of the surveys and hard to qualify. You do earn $0.10 if you try but disqualify a survey.
  • I also receive opportunities to join other online communities that seem interesting and rewarding.
  • From time to time, they have good paid product testing and online focus group discussions that pay very well, but those are even harder to qualify and get in.
  • I did get $5 sign up credit but since their payout threshold is $25 and they don’t have enough surveys, it is very difficult to reach the minimum cash-out.

Despite the fact that I haven’t earned/been paid yet, I am going to stick with them because they are legitimate and do have some good market research opportunities for panel members.

Should you join Product Report Card?

Yes I think you should join product report card, especially if you enjoy participating in paid product testing and focus groups. Even though so far I haven’t been paid but I do receive many good opportunities and I believe sooner or later I will be able to qualify and complete one good survey or product test/focus group and make my time worth it!

I hope you find my Product Report Card review helpful, and please feel free to share your experience and comments!

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