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Loading...RPILogo.gifResearch Participants Institute has some very interesting surveys. I have done one survey for them – reviewing a court case. It’s very interesting and quite easy to do and I really enjoyed the survey.

I also received second survey invitation, but I didn’t get the chance to do the survey because the quota was filled when I tried to take the survey!

The reward was very good – they paid me $17 for the survey and they paid (via check) very quickly!

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9 thoughts on “Research Participants Institute

  1. 3/24/15 Did a Mock Jury Trial with RPI from 7am-4:30pm. They paid us a $175 check (no 1099 filed). If you were screened & not picked you were paid $75. They fed us breakfast, snacks & lunch. It’s cheaper/easier to have a mock jury trial, to see how people respond, than to have a real-life jury trial. Sometimes the two parties will compromise, depending on the result, rather than going to a regular trial.
    They were professional in the way that they handled things. Have called about doing another trial; but nothing was available.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Gopherdinero! Sounds like a very cool and interesting experience! Wish I could do a “real” Mock Jury Trial – I only did a online mock jury survey once! Hope to hear from them again!! Again thanks for the comment and hope to see you around! Best wishes!

  2. Who would pay that much for a survey? Lawyers who are litigating high-dollar cases, that’s who. $200 a person is not that much when you consider what’s at stake, and they can probably write it off as research. Also, lots of businesses list with P. O. boxes – people who work at home… and plenty of good businesses are not registered with the BBB – you don’t have to be registered to be rated.

  3. Research Participants Institute MAY be a SCAM.I checked out BBB.ORG Dallas,TX office.GOOGLE the Better Business Bureau-Dallas,TX:listed location on Research Participants Institute website-PO Box business listing in Dallas,TX and no actual street address-HMMM?Bogus to me. Why would you not list your physical address if you are indeed a legit business,instead of hiding behind a PO Box.That method is for small time home-based scammers! BBB report states the business is not registered with them and could not be contacted by mail/call.
    What does that tell ya-SCAM likely! If you have been paid by them for market surveys,I would like to know the date/actual location where that survey was held.They advertise online and in-person/onsite surveys.I want to verify the date/hotel where they held this paid survey.Advertising here in NY $220 and paid lunch for 12Hrs(18.33/hr)Who would pay that much for filling out survey and pay for your lunch-probably McD Happy Meal?NOT!!!

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