SheSpeaks is a company that offer women opportunties to test products. I have heard about this panel for a while and today spent sometime on their website. I think it is legimiate and I joined the panel today. Even you won’t get paid cash or gift cards etc, it’s still pretty good if you got to keep the products. I will update if I get any surveys/product testing invites. Here is more on SheSpeaks website on member benefits:

SheSpeaks Website

Member Benefits

 Get free products
—you’ll receive relevant products, services or content to test—and keep—absolutely free.

A platform to sound off—give us your honest feedback, doubts and suggestions about each item you test and have your input go straight to the decision makers at the companies. Then you’ll get the inside scoop on how you’ve impacted the product.

Connect with other women—through the discussion boards, you will be able to talk, share you thoughts and meet like-minded members.

Special offers—periodically you will be given the opportunity to pass along special offers to a few of your chosen friends—and of course enjoy them yourself.

We promise —you will never be asked to pay a fee or buy anything for being a member of SheSpeaks. And we will never sell or share your personal information.”

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  1. I received an invite for testing a product! Did the enrollment survey, and should receive the product in 15-20 days!

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