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UPDATE: 7/30/2015:  Currently registration is closed.

Do you love cooking? If yes, why not join the Let’s Talk About Simple Cooking with Heart Community and share your experiences and opinions on meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing/cooking meals for you and your family!



Let’s Talk about Simple Cooking with Heart, a “members only” community, provides individuals who cook meals for themselves and for their families with a forum to share their thoughts and ideas about cooking, meal preparation, recipes and more. As a member, you can help shape information on this subject by taking part in polls, discussion boards, surveys and many more exciting activities. Your ongoing participation earns you points for each activity you complete. You can redeem your points for Tango gift cards.


Each and every one of you for your time will be rewarded. You earn points to redeem for gift cards.

Every activity has a point value – the longer and more in-depth the activity, the more points you earn. Once enough points are accumulated you can cash in for Tango gift cards.

Join Simple Cooking with Heart Community (Open US Residents, 21 – 59 years old only)

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