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Join Smart App Community (Smart Panel) and Earn Rewards

Join Smart App (previously Smart Panel), the new and exciting online community for survey takers where you can share your experiences about how you use the internet. Get Smart Rewards for sharing your thoughts and Opinions!

What is Smart App Community (Smart Panel)?

The Smart App Community is a group of consumers who help advertisers, app developers, and mobile phone manufacturers find out how members interact with their favorite websites, apps, and devices.

Smart App is a research app that installs on your devices. It measures things like which apps you use, how long you use them for, and what you search on the internet.

Smart App does NOT collect photos, passwords, banking information, or text messages and does not share any personally identifiable information with any third parties.

How to sign up with Smart App (Smart Panel) Community?

Joining the Smart App Research community is by invitation only.

To sign up with Smart App Community (Smart panel), please take this short Sign Up Survey to see if you qualify for the Smart App community.

If you qualify, you will be invited to install Smart App on your registered devices (such as PCs, iOS or Android devices).

How to earn smart rewards?

After installing, the Smart App will run in the background. Please note member’s data is anonymous and used solely for research purposes. The data collected by the Smart App is encrypted and collected via a secure VPN network.

For keeping your devices connected and contributing important insights, you will earn following smart rewards:

– Monthly passive income and extra quarterly loyalty bonuses
– $10 just for completing your first month
– Up to $10 per completed survey plus entry into extra survey giveaways
– Entries to regular monthly giveaways

Once the Smart App has been installed and active on at least one device per device category you own (PCs, tablets, smartphones) for 30 days, you can redeem your rewards for the first time.

For example, if you say you own PC, tablet and smartphone, you need to make sure to install Smart App on all three devices and keep it active for 30 days!

You will earn $10 for first month, $5 every month after, quarterly loyalty bonuses: $5 after three months, $10 after six months, and $15 every three months after that.

Members can redeem rewards either as Paypal payments or Amazon.com gift cards.

Join Smart App (Smart Panel) Community (open to USA and 18+ years old only)

Smart App Review

Smart App Installation

Today (September 8th) I installed Smart App on my Samsung Tablet.  When registered I informed them that this is my only most used device, so I only need to install Smart App on this one tablet. The installation process took about 10 minutes. Following is the email I received after installing the Smart App.

Hi Mei,Welcome to the Smart Panel community!

Now that you’ve installed the Smart App on your devices, you are earning monthly rewards!

What’s next? Watch the rewards roll in!

Keep all your devices connected for at least 30 days, and you can redeem your $5 sign-up bonus and first monthly reward via PayPal or Amazon. Start earning extra loyalty bonuses once your devices have stayed connected for at least 90 days.

Starting today, you’re on track to earn $110 in just 12 months and $230 in 24 months. Each month, we’ll send you a rewards balance statement, so you can see exactly how much you’ve earned. Be sure to add support@vertosmart.com to your address book or contact list so you don’t miss them!

You can check your rewards, devices, and your account status at any time by visiting your Smart Panel account.

I will update the review in a month to report first month reward outcome.

Smart App Review Update

First Month Smart App Status

October 7th, 2020: I have been checking Smart App on my tablet about once a week, and everything looks good! My device (tablet) is active and I am earning reward which is $5. I will check the status in a few days, and hopefully will be able to redeem rewards.  Will update!

First Month Reward & Payment

October 9th, 2020: I checked my account, the reward is there, $5!

October 10th, 2020 (next day), reward turned to $10.

October 12th, 2020, I cashed out the $10 through Paypal – you can also choose Amazon gift card. I received the cash payment in Papal instantly! After I redeemed, my account balance turns back to 0. Following is the screen shot my Smart App reward page:

Smart App Rewards

And following is the screen shot of my Paypal payment from Smart App community!

Smart App Cash Papal Payment

So far my experience with Smart App has been great! I will update this review for 2nd payment!

Smart App Community (Smart Panel) - Sign up & Earn Rewards

Are you a member of Smart App community (smart panel)? If yes, PLEASE share your review and experience, thank you!

15 thoughts on “Join Smart App Community (Smart Panel) and Earn Rewards”

    • Hi Don, I am having the same problem when I tried to redeem $5 Paypal or Amazon gift card last month, also they won’t accept the code. 🙁

      • any luck redeeming yet? been trying since email notice 5/28/2021 saying panel shutting down, got error when trying PP cash out, sent cust sup email no response yet >:( 🙁 anyone having better results?? 😮

    • any luck yet? know smart app is shutting down got notice 5/28 went to cash out no luck 🙁 cust sup no respond as yet 🙁 🙁

    • Hi Elsa, sorry Smart App currently is closed for new registrations. Not sure when they will be back, hopefully soon. I will update the link once it’s back. Thanks for your comment.

    • smart app/ panel is shutting down, got notice 5/28 now customer support isn’t responding – being left hanging and losing money earned very disappointing was a good panel until now

  1. ive been tying to contact smart panel support for a few months now about redeeming my rewards and no one has contacted me.

  2. I do not wish to join at this time. I also would like you to stop popping up on my screan. you pop up in the middle of a swagbuck survey.

  3. The hyperlink of “Join Smart Panel (currently open to USA and 18+ years old only)” is not work. Please check. It is linked to another site.


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