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Update: 8/20/2015: Know it all panel has closed registration.

Update 7/13/2015: Smarty Pants Know it All Panel is open for registration ! Currently they are looking for parents with kids 6-12 years of age to join the Know It All Panel.


From Smarty Pants Know-It-All panel previous website:

Welcome to the Smarty Pants Know-It-All panel. We are delighted that you are eager to share your thoughts and feedback with us. We regularly conduct on-line surveys with smart folks like you so that we can help our corporate and non-profit clients make smarter products for kids and families. We appreciate your honest, thoughtful responses.

While we often have surveys available for your children to complete, please note that YOU MUST BE AN ADULT OF 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO JOIN OUR PANEL.  When we have surveys for your children, we will first notify you that the survey is available and then ask you to invite your child to participate. At that point, you may watch your child complete the survey or allow them to complete it unmonitored (depending on your child’s age and/or maturity level).

Now, let’s get you signed-up!

I just joined Know-it-all panel, and here is more information about the panel I acquired during the sign up process:

  • We’d love for you to become a member of the Smarty Pants Know-It-All panel! Throughout the year, we send our participants online surveys on a variety of topics, from toys and games, to education, to travel, to restaurants. And sometimes there are opportunities to participate in focus groups, webcam surveys, one-on-one interviews or other types of research.
  • In exchange for your time and opinions, you will earn points for each survey. You’ll receive up to 500 points for finishing surveys you qualify for. These points are accumulated and then automatically converted to digital gift codes that can be used like cash.
  • Every time you accumulate 500 points, we will send you a $5 Tango Card gift code. Your gift code will be emailed to you automatically, so you never have to worry about requesting your rewards. And, yes, you can save the gift codes we send you and use them together for a bigger purchase.

So after I filled out/take the registration form/survey, I received an email asking me to click the link to confirm my email. After doing that I received another email stating “Your membership has been confirmed! Welcome to the Know-It-All Panel!”

Join Smarty Pants Know-It-All Panel! (USA Only, Parent of kids ages 6-12)

20 thoughts on “Smarty Pants Know-It-All panel

    • Hi Natasha, you are correct! I just removed the “closed” alert. For some reason my link wasn’t working for a few hours but now they are “back”! Congrats for becoming a member! – I also just joined and hope get some great surveys and product test! Thanks for stopping by! cheers!

  1. Hello everyone, it looks like the know it all panel is not closed. I got words they are looking for new members (parents with kids 6-12 years old). I just signed up with the panel. On the other hand, like you guys I don’t know where to check/login to my account. Maybe they don’t have that site function working yet? Will keep you updated.

    • They dont have a place to login to check ur points etc. They tell you ur point balance in an email with every new survey invite. Ive been a member for a few months now and just accumulated 550 points. Its been 2 and a half weeks and noone will respond to my emails. Just a little frustrated. Still haven’t received my egift card.

      • HI Donna,

        Thank you so much for your comment! I have received a few surveys from them but I am hesitate to spend time on those surveys mainly because this no where to find their site/login issue. I did notice that at the bottom of their survey invite emails they indicate your current point. So how do you cash out after you accumulate enough points? Like in your case how do you know you will be receiving gift card?

        Any information and insight is great appreciated!

      • Hi Mei Lynn. They tell you that automatically they will send you out an egift card as soon as you reach 500 points. I had to stay on them for about 2months to get someone to respond back to me for a measly 5 dollar egift card. I was so upset. They finally did send the egift card after messaging there know it all smarty pants twitter account and Facebook page. But i had to stay on them .

      • Hi Donna, thank you so much for your update! I am glad that you finally received the gift cards. On the other hand your experience does has me a little concerned. Even though do feel a little better now but still not 100% sure what to do with them and their future surveys….Thanks again!

      • Hi DEBORAH, It looks like there is no way to login. They automatically send you payment once you accumulate enough points. Hope it helps! 🙂

  2. Hi there. I was just reading the comments about the Smarty Pants Know It Alls. They have made some changes, I am trying to find out a website for log in, but I just completed a survey by them….several in the last week, actually…..they have a points system now you can build up points for gift cards, and they do have some surveys that are for drawing entries as well.

    • Hi Chantelle – thank you very much for your feedback! Very glad to hear your experience! Unfortunately I still couldn’t find where to sign up with this panel….Since you have done surveys for them, would it possible for you to contact them regarding login and sign up info? Please keep me updated if you find out anything, really appreciated!

  3. Where do I go to get to their website? I need to see my account but dont know the web address for it.Thanks

    • i never hear from them, either. this really upsets me as i signed up in good faith. my grandson did one survey and I never heard from them again. so not right. they ask for panelists then ignore you.

  4. My 6 yr old son and I are participating in a Nerf blaster study with this company. We received the Nerf blaster (raider) today, and it’s valued at $34.99. My son is required to play with this toy for at least 2 days (30 minutes each day) totalling 60 minutes. We will then complete the final survey about the toy. After completion, we will receive a $20 gift card to the store that sent the toy, and my son is allowed to keep the Nerf blaster. This toy looks amazing and my son is excited that he has it. I might even play with it…LOL

  5. I joined via a referral from SurveySpot in 2008, and received maybe 2 or 3 invites. My purchasing habits don’t fit their demographic.

    This month I was pleasantly surprised, however, to find out that I won a GC in their monthly sweepstakes. Within a week of notification I received a Target GC, tucked into a greeting card adorned with handwritten signatures of Know-it-All staffers. Written on the inside of the envelope was a handwritten note reminding me to refer my friends to the Know-it-All panel. What a nice touch! It makes me wish I bought more “stuff” so I could qualify for more of their panels.

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