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Loading...Socratic Forum is a pretty good paid survey site. They send out about 2 -3 surveys a month, and they pay cash for every survey, usually from $2 – $10.  Once you have $5 in your account you can request payout which can be cash (check), amazon gift certificate or charity.

Their surveys are generally interesting and easy and fun to do, and I qualify about half of them. I usually request cash payment, and receive the check 2 – 3 months after request.

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4 thoughts on “Socratic Forum

  1. I had good luck with them for about a month, but lately it just seems like a huge scam. I spend 20 minutes on a survey and get 40% of the way through and then it tells me I don’t qualify! I’m very disappointed. It seems like they used to be good. 🙁

  2. just wanted to say that this is a good site sometimes you qualify and sometimes you don’t but the cash out is nice and timely, most sites tell you 4-6 weeks this was sooner

  3. They send me about 1 survey a month. 🙁
    I qualify about every other month.
    I havent had any problems with them.

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