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Survey Junkie Review

This post is my Survey Junkie review – Survey Junkie is a great survey site that pay cash and in this review, you will learn more details about this survey panel.

Survey Junkie surveys

Survey Junkie is an online community with over 10 million members dedicated to making their voice heard. Panel members are rewarded with cash and gift cards for expressing their opinion by participating in online surveys!

Is Survey Junkie Legit or Scam?

Survey Junkie definitely is a legitimate online survey site. It is operated by Disqo, a consumer-first insights platform that delivers data and analytics to the market research industry. It is located in Glendale, California. I haven’t been actively taking their surveys long enough to cash out, but I have heard many members been paid without any problems! I will update this review and post payment proof once I get paid.

What are the Rewards?

Survey Junkie members earn points for completing surveys, profile questionnaires or other rewardable tasks/actions. 500 points are equivalent to $5. You must reach minimum 500 points to request cash out. You can redeem points for the following:

  • Cash payment through Paypal (instantly)
  • Cash payment via Direct Bank Transfer
  • E-Gift Cards such as Amazon gift cards, Target gift cards & iTune gift cards etc

Note: cash payment via Paypal option is available in all countries, Direct bank transfer and e-gift cards are available only in US.

Who can join Survey Junkie and how?

  • You must be 13 years old or older
  • You must reside in United States, Canada or Australia

Click Here To Join Survey Junkie panel – You will be required to enter an valid email address and confirm you are 13 or older. After singing up, you will be asked to complete a brief profile about yourself. You will earn 100 points just for signing up and completing the very simple general profile!

My Survey Junkie Review

I joined Survey Junkie a couple of years ago, but only recently started to actively take their online surveys. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Survey Junkie really is one of the great survey sites! And here is my experience with Survey Junkies so far and what I like about them:

  • Sign up process is super quick and easy, and you get points for signup bonus, completing general profile and answering other basic profile questions.
  • Plenty survey opportunities – they send several survey invite emails daily (some of those fill fast), or you can log into your account, and there are always multiple surveys under the “Survey” section.
  • Many of their surveys are very short and easy – I particularly like those kind of short surveys since I don’t get bored easily. Points for surveys are reasonable fair to good.
  • They have good survey opportunities such as surveys for teenagers and product testing surveys. They also ask you if you want to participate in phone surveys and in-person focus groups when you answer some basic account questions.
  • You will earn points for trying but disqualifying for a survey, usually 2 – 3 points. And most of the time points for surveys completed or disqualified are added to your account instantly.
  • Low cash out threshold – only need 1000 points to be able to redeem. Currently I already have 276 points in my account, and I hope to be able to redeem very soon, maybe within one or two months. I will update this review with my cashout experience.
  • Survey Junkie website is mobile friendly, so you can take surveys from desktop/laptop computers, tablets or smart phones. They also have mobile apps for iOS and Android if you prefer, but keep in mind with the mobile apps you will have less survey opportunities.

UPDATE May 2020: Currently my account has 734 points ($7.34), Hopefully I will reach payout requirment of 1000 points soon. Will update when cash out.

Survey Junkie Review Update

Update August 2020: Currently I have earned 821 points. Recently I noticed that Survey Junkie lowered minimum required cash out points to 500 points! So I immediately cashed out for $5 Amazon gift card! I received the reward almost instantly! Below is the part of the screen shot of the reward email:

Survey Junkie Survey Reward Payment - Amazon Gift card received almost instantly!
Survey Junkie Surveys Reward Payment – Amazon Gift Card

At first I tried to redeem my points for cash through Paypal. when I did, the system took me to the Paypal login page, then informed me that Survey Junkie would have access to personal information stored in my Paypal account. I prefer not to share my private information with them, especially possible SSN number, although I don’t mind other information such as name and address etc. This is entirely my personal preference.

In Conclusion

Based on my survey taking experience so far, I think Survey Junkie is a decent cash paying survey site worth your time. I especially like they offer cash (paypal) payment, low cash out requirement, fast survey crediting, credits for disqualification, short surveys, and mobile friendly. With commitment and regular participation, you will have the opportunity to earn extra cash each month at Survey Junkie!

Join Survey Junkie now and start taking surveys and earn extra cash and rewards!

Survey Junkie Review - Earn cash for taking surveys online

Are you a member of Survey Junkie survey panel? Please feel free to share your review and experience, and any questions and comments are welcome!

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