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SurveyNetwork is a UK based paid survey panel. It is the UK “branch”/representative of QuickRewards Network. QuickRewards Network is the same company founded , which is a great fast and cash/Paypal paying all-in-one site where members get paid to take surveys, complete offers, read/click email and shop etc. So I am pretty confident that Survey Network is legitimate.

According to Survey Network’s TOS, they only accept UK members. However, I was able to sign up, not only that, I even completed a survey (movie related) and earned 1 GBP (I was credited immediately after finishing the survey). So one week after registration, I have 2 GBP in my account, 1 GBP for filling out my profile, and 1 GBP for taking a survey. So I guess they do open and have surveys for USA residents as well.

Here are more information about the Survey Network panel:

  • You will receive a reward for every survey you complete successfully
  • Get Paid cash via Paypal
  • Minimum amount to withdraw money is 5 GBP
  • Earn as much as 10 GBP per survey

Survey Network seems to be a pretty good paid survey panel and I suggest you give it a try!

Join SurveyNetwork Survey Panel! (UK & USA Only)


I cashed out 8.4 GBP on June 7th,2010, and got my payment in Paypal on June 17th! I have Paypal converted the 8.4 BGP to 11.20 USD!  So took 10 days to get paid, I am happy! 🙂

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