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Loading...Founded by QuickReward Network (who is also the founder of ), Survey Network is a UK based paid survey panel, They accept members from UK and USA, and have online surveys for both countries. 

Join SurveyNetwork Survey Panel!  (UK and USA Only)


  • Cash via Paypal.
  • Members will receive a reward for every survey complete successfully.
  • Minimum amount fo withdraw money is 5 GBP

Age requirement:
You must be 18 or older to join regardless of where you live. Participants who are younger than 18 years old, you must obtain permission from parents / guardians to join. Parents need to write e-mail to customer service to request permission form that need to be signed and faxed back.

Open to countries/regions:

United Kingdom and United States

Please note: according to Survey Network’s TOS, they only accept UK members, but they indeed accept USA members, since I was able to join their survey panels, take surveys and get paid.

My Experience:
I have completed a few surveys for them. My first survey was a short movie related survey and I earned 1 GBP – I was credited immediately after finishing the survey. So one week after registration, I have 2 GBP in my account, 1 GBP for filling out my profile, and 1 GBP for taking the first survey.

Besides the regular paying surveys, SurveyNetwork also has four daily surveys, Three of the daily surveys pay 0.75 GBP per survey, and one pay 1 GBP per survey. I receive survey invites everyday from SurveyNetwork, mostly are the daily surveys alert, but once in a while (about 1 – 2 per month) I recieve “regular” surveys.

I requested the payment first time on June 7th, 2010 for 8.4GBP, and received the payment to my Paypal account on June 17th, 2010. So it took 10 days, which is not bad.

Overall, I think SurveyNetwork is a pretty good survey panel – they are legit and pretty reliable, and I do recommend it.

Join SurveyNetwork Survey Panel!  (UK and USA Only

5 thoughts on “Survey Network

  1. Hi, I too like you Kate get surveys almost everyday and I am screened out in about 90% of’s really annoying especially if you have done more than half a survey only to be told this survey has reached its maximum number of participants.

  2. Hi Kate – I am sorry to hear this site doesn’t work out very well for you. I think it might because of demographic profile. It’s normal that not all survey sites work well for everybody. Don’t get too discouraged – skip those long surveys if you like and only do the ones that is relatively “easier”. 🙂 Hope it helps.

  3. I have been registered with for a month now and have only earned around £9 which is not exactly a workable monthly income! I do about 3 surveys per day but get half way through each survey only to find that I do not fit the required criteria and therefore they are not interested in my results. Not only is this irritating and time wasting but it actually makes me feel a little dejected 🙁

  4. Thank you for your feedback JoJo. I just updated my review. Yes I have also been paid and I am also happy with them. 🙂

  5. I am happy with this website customer service because i wrote them a letter and I gave the answer hour after.They also honestly pay money.I got 22 pound it took about 13 days to get it in my paypal account but I got no problem with them.Than I signed up I got about 3 surveys per day now I am getting about 5-6 so minimal 20 pounds winthdrawal comes fast.

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