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SurveySpot Review

This post is my SurveySpot Review. Please note: SurveySpot survey panel is closed.

survey-spot-logo.gifSurveySpot was acquired by Dynata LLC (former Survey Sampling International SSI), a major leading market research company.  SurveySpot offers panel members the opportunities to take part in a wide variety of interesting online surveys to earn cash reward and/or win prizes.

Join SurveySpot – USA Only


  • Cash (Paypal) rewards for taking certain online surveys.
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Play Instant Win Game after every survey
  • Sweepstakes entry for quarterly $25000 prize

Age Requirement

  • 18 Years old or
  • 13 with parental permission

Open to Countries
United States

Please Note: Surveyspot no longer accept members from Canada and UK.  Check out Opinion World UK, which are also created by Survey Sampling International (SSI).

My SurveySpot Review Experience
Surveyspot is a one of my favorite paid online survey sites. They send me LOT of surveys, although many surveys are sweepstakes surveys and have a chance to play instant game, there ARE cash surveys. Surveyspot also has high paying online interactive surveys/online focus groups, and once I even got a local offline (on-site) focus group opportunity through SurveySpot!

SurveySpot has a well-organized website, where members can check available surveys, payment history, request payment etc. I have been paid many times, and never had problem with payment. Surveyspot pay members in a timely manner.

Other Notes/Tips

  • You might need to be patient with Surveyspot at the beginning – I received LOT sweepstakes surveys when I first started with Surveyspot, and I also didn’t qualify for many, but cash surveys will come if you stick with them and you will notice you get to qualify for more surveys.
  • Log into your account and check available surveys frequently, you might get good paying surveys and focus groups.

SurveySpot is a great paid survey site, and I highly recommend them!

Join SurveySpot USA

78 thoughts on “SurveySpot Review”

  1. The problem is many survey sites out there pay too little or do not surveys available frequently enough. The survey websites that have paid offers and referral systems tend to be unsuccessful and generally do not pay fairly. People tend to have success with the survey related site surveyhomebeginnings.org but the payouts vary from person to person based mainly on time spent. I hope people don’t expect to make hundreds a day but enough to at least be considered supplemental income.

  2. OK so I finally had enough points to redeem 10$ and of course i try setting up pay pal and then survey spot said my account is frozen due to data concerns? I complained but was nice about it and now theyre not sending me surveys and wont let me login.. bullshit! I know its just 10$ but still such a scam just to get your info and opinions but not pay you in return! Never again!

    • Nicole, did they tell you more info about the “data concerns”? I wonder maybe they are referring to Paypal being verified account. I have requested payout via Payal before and had no problem ( I will upload the payment proof) later. I believe they have a phone number you can call. Sorry to hear your problem and hope the issue can be resolved. Regards.

      • I kind of remember they listed the phone number on their website – but I am having problems accessing it cause my anti-virus fires alert on them.

  3. Surveyspot will not let me sign into my account. I had them send me my password and I re-entered it and all it does is keep sending me to the log in page. They’re still sending me surveys online and I complete them and it says its crediting me but when I click on go to account it takes me to the login page.

  4. I tried to take a survey just now but was told I couldn’t because me or someone else signed in. I assure I was the one to sign in before. Sorry about the misunderstanding, please rein state me. Thank you. Ted Baker 34957

  5. This place is a total ripoff. After answering questions for 45 minutes, I was disqualified. This was after trying to get through multiple other surveys and after completing over 50%-75% of the questions being “Disqualified”. I have sent multiple E-mails to these ripoffs with no answers. Also they will send an invitation to a survey claiming a large payout and then send you to a survey that pays hardly anything. I wish I could give them a negative rating. Not a good site. Don’t waste your time with these people, they will rip you off

  6. I wouldn’t waste my time on Survey Spot. I took several surveys through them. I noticed sometimes when I was about 10 minutes into a survey it would tell me that they had enough responses and end the survey. I felt like I was wasting my time. I took a survey today and the same thing happened again. I was probably over half way through with the survey and it ended, saying that they reached their desired responses. Frustrated, I emailed the help desk to voice my complaint. They sent me an email back saying they unsubscribed my account, and if I ever wanted to rejoin their panel I would have to be approved through their panel review! No explanations or answer to my question or complaint. I have tried emailing them to send me the points that were in my account, and they haven’t answered me. Don’t waste your time with this Survey panel. They sound like they aren’t ethical.

    • Wow Mkaye! So sorry to hear your experience with them! I can hardly believe they deleted your account after you complained – that’s not a good way to handle member concerns, actually I never heard of any panels do such thing!

      Surveyspot used to be really good, they are okay for now based on my experience, I actually cashed out earlier this year through Paypal and the payment was very fast (haven’t had time update this review yet), but still I can’t believe they are so rude to panel members – very unprofessional!!! Do you have points in your account and if yes you have every right to demand payment and good luck!

      • Thank you for responding Mei Lynn. I didn’t have much in my account, but I’m sure I’ll never hear back from them. I’ve emailed them several times and they haven’t responded yet. My reason for emailing here is to warn others to beware, and don’t invest a lot of time on Survey Spot. Thank you for allowing me to do that.

      • No problem Mkaye and thank you for sharing your experience! I was going to suggest you go to BBB if you have large amount of points. I am very disappointed at Surveyspot right now – they used to be a very good and friendly survey panel before SSI bought them. (sigh).

  7. Hello I’d like some help Getting out of this Bogus site..everytime I try to unsurscribe,,I am sent to what appears to be a sigh up page..this is something I surely do what to do..the surveys I have taken or rather tried to take all end up with sorry this or sorry that–all so that they don’t have to give you the points..and there is no way for me to email them. the emails won’t go through..

    • Hi Eman, did you try to contact them by submitting the contact form at their FAQ page here https://www.surveyspot.com/general/faqs? There is a telephone number at the bottom of that page 1.866.360.9575 you can try to give them a call. Sorry to hear your experience I totally understand – I remember when I first join surveyspot I disqualified for surveys almost every single time, actually I still disqualify very often now. Unfortunate that’s just part of “nature” of market research surveys.

  8. I am cashing out via Paypal today. Make sure you have a verified Paypal account. Following is the cash out message:

    How it works:
    Redeem 1000 points for $10 in cash via PayPal. In order to redeem for this reward option you will need to make sure that you have a verified PayPal account.

    I entered my points to redeem (1125 points), and it redirect me to my Paypal account. I just checked the money $11.25 is already in my Paypal account!

    I am going to post the screenshot of it later. update my review!

  9. Just completed two easy and interesting surveys for survepot, one of them leads to a product test, can’t wait!

    Surveyspot is really a great survey panel, stick to it! I will update my review soon when I cash out!

  10. Surveyspot Refer a friend…

    Received an email from Surveyspot about referring a friend. You will earn $1 in points every time a friend joins and completes a survey through the link above. You can earn a maximum of $5.

    IMPORTANT: We are able to track your referrals through this link. If you do not use this link then we will be unable to monitor your success and rewards.

    Here is my Link:


  11. Surveyspot re-designed their website, it’s mobile friendly now. Here is the email I received from them:

    The All-New SurveySpot.com!

    In case you haven’t noticed, we COMPLETELY redesigned SurveySpot.com. Get ready to use certain features like never before with our new mobile friendly design.

    Now you can access your account, point balance, and redeem points on-the-spot with your mobile phone and tablet.

  12. Okay, I did a surveyspot survey yesterday – I am pretty sure it was for a product test (cookie dough), unfortunately I didn’t qualify. It was so close!

  13. Surveyspot website new look coming!

    Received an email from Surveyspot this week, “New and coming soon!”

    Brand new look, same great site, even more accesible.
    We’re always working to improve how you connect with us. Beginning soon, you’ll be able to use an all-new, redesigned SurveySpot.com in ways never possible before.
    Now you can access your account, point balance, and redeem points on-the-spot with your mobile phone and tablet. Keep checking in with us, you never know when you will spot the brand new and completely redesigned SurveySpot.com!

  14. SurveySpot New Terms & Condictions etc.. must accept or account will be terminated.

    I was taking a survey and got this message…Accept their new terms if you haven’t done so. Do it before Nov.30, 2013…..

    SSI Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Notice Update

    SSI is constantly reviewing our practices to ensure our panelists have the best experience. As part of that review, we have made some changes to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, and we developed a new notice regarding our use of cookies and similar technologies. In order to continue to participate in our surveys and earn rewards, you must accept these new terms by November 30, 2013. If we don’t hear from you affirmatively by November 30, we will assume you want us to terminate your account. If you choose not to accept the terms, we will be sad to see you go, but you will have until December 31, 2013 to redeem the points you have earned to date.

    To continue to your next available survey and opportunity to earn rewards, please check the box below and click the “Accept” button.

  15. Received an email last week from Surveyspot:

    Subject: Short Surveys Now Offer Points

    More Rewards are on the way!

    We are now offering points for our shorter surveys. You will now receive points for survey’s under 30 minutes, rather than just for surveys over 30 minutes. You will be able to accumulate points faster than ever!

    Here is more on their website/blog:

    What does this mean for you exactly? In addition to your standard prize draw entry, you will now see points attached to surveys no matter what the length is! Previously, only surveys over 30 minutes long offered points while any survey under 30 minutes offered just a prize draw entry. Now, it will be easier for you to accumulate points faster. You will be able to redeem your points for gift vouchers of your choice through our WebShop much quicker.


    • The closed my account too. I was registered to Surveyspot and to Opinión Outpost (from before merging). Before the merge Opinión Outpost was a very good site. Now its not worth the time having an account with any of the SSI accounts. Really por payments. There are better sites out there.

  16. As of right now (SSI)Survey Sampling International (Runs Survey Spot) also runs multiple other sites including the following:

    Opinion Outpost
    PCH Online Surveys

    Apparently having an account with more then one of these sites even if you were registered with them since BEFORE they merged under SSI will eventually get all your accounts locked.

    And on top of that SSI support is a joke, upon telling me that was why my accounts at Survey Spot, PCH Online Surveys, and Opinion Outpost, had been locked they said to reply with any questions, my reply’s come back as undeliverable.

  17. total crap they canceled my account without reson and took all my money i have spent time on/ i am not only angree this is a worst company I have ever met

  18. I have had a problem to cashing out. Now I try to login and it will not let me. What is going on? I have enough points to redeem for around 40 bucks.

  19. Up until recently I have never had a problem with Survey Spot. Now after dozens of attempts and meeting their list of requirements to redeem points I am unable to do so. They do not reply to my emails and I even tried calling them directly on the phone only to find out the number was not a working number.

  20. Kim, you are not alone. Nearly everyone has the same problem. I tried for five days, send three e-mails, and never go a response. I read on Survey Police to try going through Google Chrome or Firefox. I tried Firefox. It took two tries, but it finally when through. Good luck!

  21. I like Survey Spot and currently have enough points to make a claim via paypal. However, everytime I try to make my claim I get an error code. It says something like, this transaction has been flagged in our system. Please contact our customer service department with the following error code. (and it gives me a code). How do I contact them? I tried e-mailing and haven’t gotten a response. Any help is appreciated.

  22. hi i am a new panelist, is great to hear all opinions here from u volks, i found it very helpfull indeed. As was mentioned, i start receiving sweeps surveys from surveyspot n did not earn any penny, but u give me some hope to proseed with them…

  23. [quote name=anna]Survey Spot is not as good as it once was. …..And their Rewards Claim has been undergoing maintenance for almost 3 weeks, so a panelist is not able to cash out yet. I hope that Survey Spot improves soon. This used to be my top earning panel. Oh how I miss those days.[/quote] I agree that the number of paid surveys is very low but I’ve made about $50 in March-April due to some higher paying projects. The claims maintainence is fixed and I get my money within a day or two via Paypal now.


  25. Survey Spot is not as good as it once was. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years. Back then I made lots of money with them. But now I hardly earn anything at all. I made only 200 points which equals to 2 dollars so far for the month of March! Most survey invites that I get now are for worthless sweeps entries. Whenever they do send out surveys for points, I usually don’t qualify for them.
    And their Rewards Claim has been undergoing maintenance for almost 3 weeks, so a panelist is not able to cash out yet. I hope that Survey Spot improves soon. This used to be my top earning panel. Oh how I miss those days.

  26. SurveySpot is a great site. Last month, I earned 54.50. I make at least $10 a week for doing surveys. There are alot of surveys that I can’t qualify for, but I usually am able to qualify for enough to make at least $10 a week. I use paypal so as soon as I claim my money, it automatically shows up in my paypal. I love it.

  27. I used to do quite well with Surveyspot but recently I am having problems since they have changed to the points system. Two weeks ago I sent them this complaint. I have followed up several times on this through their website and have yet to hear even though they promise to respond in 72 hours.

  28. I posted a comment here on Survey Spot a couple of weeks ago, but it was not posted for some reason????
    Don’t know why? Was it because I said
    Survey Spot does not deserve a 5 star rating?

    I will say this again. Survey Spot does not deserve 5 stars. I give it a 1 star if that.
    I’ve been with them since June 09, and I earned a whole $1.00. They send lots of surveys but they are only for sweepstakes.
    Big woo. I have to wonder if anyone even really wins their sweeps.
    And now with SS changing their payment system to points, I think it would take a person until they are 90 yrs old to get enough points to cash out. I am going to cancel my account with Survey Spot. I am sick of wasting my time with them.
    The only plus I can say about them is that
    I did get to do 1 product test in the 6 months that I have been a panel member w/
    Survey Spot. But 6 months, that’s a long time and a lot of work to only get one bottle of body wash and $1.00. My time is more valuable than that.

    I hope the administrator of this site will post my comments this time.
    People need to know the truth, they
    deserve the truth, so they can make
    the right decisions when deciding which
    survey companies to sign up with.

  29. i tried to make account here, but i never got a password, and i was never asked to make one, so now i cant long into my account

  30. I receive 20-25 surveys a week. Most are for sweepstakes. I have’nt done any online focus groups. There ok survey site for me. I just cashed out and it only took about 7 days to get the check. Last time it took over 4 weeks. I have’nt had any problems with them.

  31. Hi Cheryl, you might want to do some of the sweepstakes surveys – lot of people (including me) feel that doing those surveys helps them get more cash surveys.. also you can login your account and check available from your member page. Hope it help! Hang in there, surveyspot is a great survey site! 🙂

  32. I am trying to be patient with Survey Spot. I have’nt really have’t participated in surveys regulary, because i am more interested in cash then points or sweepstake chances, so I’m trying to hang in there.

  33. 👿 I just canceled my account with them. After answering 25 minutes of their 20 survey. I was told I do not qualify. This happened numerous times during their survey. I have other people I know the told me the same thing. I did not believe them, now I do. I don’t know if it’s a technical glitch or something else. The funny thing is I always get to spin or scratch off for their sweepstakes. I’ve been a member for a little more that a year. I have not receive one survey yet that I was able to complete. I hope it was just a fluke. Nevertheless, I canceled my membership.

  34. 🙁 🙁 Oh wow this is a good one. Survey spot tells me now the panel is only opened to United States now. What a coincidence they just changed to paypal. They say I can come back and now they say I can’t ? They tell me to sign up with Opinion World, their partner. Well, no thanks I just opted out from Opinion World. Smells fishy to me. They are not professional. They have been playing with me all along.

  35. Hello,

    I tried to register to Survey spot and the registration form for Canada is wrong. I cannot enter my province because canadian provinces is not listed only States.
    Are you sure this is opened to Canadians ? 😮 I have been a member before and closed my account because of the problems I have been having with the paid surveys. It ressembles what midnight316 is going through. They never fix their technical problems even if they do answer my e-mails and say they are fixing it. I got fed up after over 2 months of this and could earn anything anymore so I left. I waited until they updated their website to Paypal.

  36. I just checked my surveyspot account, no problem. How do you check your sweepstakes entries? I don’t know there is a way to do so…

  37. When I first started doing surveys a few weeks ago I really liked Survey Spots’s site it was easy to use and even if I did not qualify for alot of the surveys I still had fun with the instant win slots.I hit a few for 25,one for 100 chances for the sweeps entry,I did not keep track of exactly how many But I know it was about or over 200 chances.When I went on the site last night to try to check for surveys,and my total number of chances in the sweeps,I kept getting pages that would not display.Are they experiencing technical difficulties,or is some thing wrong with my account.Do you have any input.

  38. I have to say Survey Spot is the best Online Survey Panel out thier. I have recieved numerous product test’s, online survey’s and different online study’s. My last product test was for 6 cans of soup and I recieved $50.00 dollar’s for that, also I had just finished a survey/review threw them for a manufacturer of medication’s, and I also recieved $50.00 dollars for that. All together with the survey’s and the product test’s I have made around $400.00 dollars from them in a year.

  39. I know I have completed at least 15 surveys, but have received nothing more that the sweepstakes entries; should I just keep at it?????????

  40. I haven’t had any luck yet with Survey Spot. I keep getting the surveys that offer entries to sweepstakes. The few paying surveys I have gotten I haven’t qualified for. But it sounds like maybe if I stick with it they will send me more. I’m going to give it a bit longer.

  41. I’ve been a member of SurveySpot for well over 1 year. They have lots of surveys daily and only once did I have an interactive one that paid $20. They do pay out fast. I’d like more interactive ones from them.

  42. Hello! I just received a check of $45 this month, $40 was from two 60-minute research which i did last november and it takes 6 weeks to credit. I wrote them an email about it and what i learned is that you keep those invitations that you go through, and i even print out the conclusion that says congratulations and etc. just to keep track of the survey that i did successfully. Because after 6 weeks, i might do a follow up of my little earnings and i need the topic, date, title and refference number for my claim. They really are great and very supportive to thier members. I haven’t won any sweeps yet hopefully soon. And it is really important to log-in and take a survey on the site, i get most 3 dollar-15-20 minutes survey from there. I like them…

  43. Good morning! Today I requested my first ever check from surveyspot, it was for 10 dollars. What’s the turnaround time on those, please, if someone can tell me. I usually clear surveyspot out as one of my first things I do every morning with my cup of coffee lol. Like most, I get frustrated with all the sweeps entries ones too. Then I got the 10 dollar survey invite and that renewed my hope. Doesn’t hurt much, either, that the site immediately showed that I took that survey and credited me for it in decent time. I want to thank those who advised to check their site daily for paid ones, thats something I’ve never done. Question- has anyone EVER heard of or know a winner of anything? I seriously must have 10’s of sweeps entries….also, the instant games, is it possible to instant win something other than entries? I ask that because on the site you’re able to view named people who’ve won like electronic things etc. Well, thats it for me, thanks for this site! This site has now become my third stop each morning….first check email, do surveyspot to get out of the way….then pop into here. Eventually my plan is to get onboard with every recommended survey then come here too, in order to post all my experiences/tip/questions, etc. Have a wonderful day!!

  44. Surveyspot is my favorite survey site! I earn more money by going through the surveys on their website. Its best to even do the free ones because sometimes its not free, it could be a screener for focus groups, or the company you taking the survey for actually pays you directly. Since August I have been letting my rewards build up, I’m almost up to $300! I haven’t done that many online focus groups, but all those $1 to $5 surveys add up!! I recommend that everyone should give them a try!

  45. All of my SuverySpot experiences have been great. The most I have gotten for a survey is $10, but most are $3 to $5. However, they do not credit your account right away. Still, every single check I have received in about a week and it adds up very quickly. I usually do not wait for an invite, & am constantly checking to see if there are more surveys open to take. I have never won anything for the drawing. They do have a lot of sweepstakes. But some are really good surveys with high rewards, you just have to keep an eye out for them.

  46. I have stuck with them and have cashed out twice although I haven’t been invited to do focus groups yet. You say to stick with the unpaid little ones? If I do these, they are will use them to screen myself for focus groups?

  47. I make loads of cash with Survey Spot loads im talking loads focus groups 1-15 dollar surveys here is the thing YOU HAVE TO DO SOME OF THE FREE SURVEYS THEY SEND YOU AT FIRST!!!!! Plus its mostly the free surveys they screen you for focus groups ive cashed out $71 $48 this month $51 and they slow down on me also sometimes. LOG IN AND TAKE THE SURVEYS IF THEY DONT SEND YOU PAID ONES YET. Most of the PAID surveys are availible you just have to screen out all the ones you are not interested. Dont delete them go ito them and if you truly dont like the survey just screen out. Its my highest paying one to date (and no i dont work for them I got a full household so I guess that might help too. Dont give on em do at least the short free ones and then they will start sending frequent paid ones…… Have fun!

  48. Thank you for your feedback Leaf!

    I no longer do their sweepstakes surveys, just the cash surveys which I get from time to time. 😀

  49. At first I received paying surveys, now sweep after sweep which I completed hoping for more paid surveys. Have stopped doing sweeps but still no paid surveys. I have cashed out & that will be that.

  50. Hi Jeff,

    Sorry to hear it doesn’t work out for you, I totally understand that you want to give up..

    Like I said I had the same experience at the beginning, and I am glad I sticked to them. Who knows maybe you will get cash surveys soon.

  51. eh, i gave up on Survey Spot….i know of other people who like them and get paying surveys, i never did though, all they did was clog up my email acct….i got about 100 or more of their sweepstakes kind….filled out about 30 of those and said enough…..ah well…i give them a thumbs down…

  52. Hi jus,

    I had a similar experience at the beginning, I almost gave up on them.. Almost 3 or 4 months later, I started receiving cash surveys and making money.

    I recently just did two interactive surveys/focus groups for them that pay $25 and $30.

    They have lot of surveys, hope it will work for you soon!

    Best regards,


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