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iPoll Review

iPoll was a good online survey site that pay cash, but currently only is available as mobile app. Personally I haven’t tried the app, probably will not in the near future.

iPoll125x125LogoiPoll (formerly known as Surveyhead) is one of the best legitimate online paid survey panels. It was launched by uSamp (United Sample, Inc.) in 2008. uSamp was founded by the creators of goZing.com at the same year (goZing.com was an established and well respected, one of the top online sample companies  from 1999 to 2005).In April 2013, Surveyhead was rebranded to iPoll.

Is iPoll-SurveyHead legit and safe, or Scam?

First I just want to make very clear that iPoll/Surveyhead is a legitimate online/mobile survey panel, not a scam. They are in fact one of the top survey sites that offers many survey opportunities for their members. I have been paid by them and heard many others also never have had problems with them.

As I earlier mentioned, iPoll was created by the founder of goZing. goZing used to be my top earning survey panels during my early survey taking days. I logged and checked into GoZing site every day and made really good money taking surveys from goZing back then. So I am very glad to see that iPoll/Surveyhead pretty much just like the old good goZing!

iPoll/Surveyhead Rewards

iPoll/Surveyhead offers a diverse reward program, including Magazine subscriptions, Amazon gift certificates, cash rewards delivered by Paypal, MP3 downloads, merchant gift codes, virtual gaming gift codes and charity donations. They do not use point system.

  • You Get $5.00 sign up bonus immediately upon registration.
  • Minimum cash out threshold $10.
  • To redeem Amazon, iTunes and other store gift cards such as Lowe’s, CVS, Lowes, BestBuys, Sears & Kmart, you must have earned $25.
  • You can also redeem cash via Visa Prepaid Card when you reach $25 in your account.  To redeem cash via Paypal or Walmart gift cards you need $50.

Who Can Join iPoll/Surveyhead

  • Minimum Age Requirement – You must be at least 13 years old;
  • Open to Countries/Regions – iPoll/Surveyhead accept members from ALL Countries

My Review of iPoll/Surveyhead

Survey Frequency

First of all, Surveyhead offers members TONS of surveys. For some reason I don’t receive their survey invite emails (for a long time since I joined Surveyhead I didn’t take any of their surveys!).  To take Surveyhead surveys, I just log into my surveyhead account, and takes surveys from my account Dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can choose any available surveys within your account, or try to qualify for more surveys. There are also profile surveys you can fill out to earn a small amount of reward. I also earned $25 which is enough for cash out at the time.

I log into my iPoll account about once or twice a week, usually there are around at least 20 surveys worth more than $50 in total waiting for me.  I often quickly pick and try to take 2 – 3 surveys (the surveys that are short and offer good payout) and take the daily quick polls.

So it seems that iPoll doesn’t send members surveys all the time, the best way to earn money with iPoll is to log into your account and take surveys from your account dashboard.

Survey Quality

Many of the their surveys pay between $1 – $5 but sometimes they have higher paying surveys such $10 or $15 surveys. Daily Quick Poll is very quick and easy.  I really like that iPoll tells you how much each survey pay and how long it takes to complete the survey.

Among the surveys I tried I qualify and complete around 30% which is not bad, and usually take me about 5-30 minutes to complete.  I have never experienced any technical problems taking their surveys.

iPoll also have product tests and online focus groups – and as you can imagine those surveys usually fill very fast, and you have to be log in at the right time to find them. This is also one of the main reasons I log in and check their surveys quite often.

Survey Crediting

For the surveys I completed generally it takes between one week to six weeks for the credit to show up on my account  (the status of the survey changing from “Pending” to “Earned”). There is one or two surveys took much longer – one took about three months and the another one took about six months, but in the end so far no problems crediting my surveys. They do credit profile surveys right away though.

I think they are little slow crediting surveys, but acceptable overall.

Rewards & Payments (Paypal Payment Proof)

Survyehead offers rewards with different redeem levels, the lowest is $10 and up to $130. For levels between $10 to $25 only rewards you can get are magazine subscriptions. If you want Amazon or store gift cards you need to reach $25 – so that’s a little bit downside, but consider the number of surveys they offer reaching $25 is not really too hard.  I have requested Cash reward via Paypal, and it took about four weeks to receive the payment.

Pros & Cons

Here is a quick recap of Pros & Cons of iPoll/Surveyhead panel:


  • Very frequent surveys – one of the survey panels offers the most surveys;
  • Many high paying surveys, focus groups and products;
  • Many mobile surveys and local missions that are good paying;
  • Offer a variety of reward options including amazon and cash via Paypal or prepaid cards;
  • Nice member account interface;
  • Reliable survey taking process and tracking;
  • Good member support;


  • Survey crediting occasionally takes a little longer;
  • Cash payout through Paypal requires higher threshold ($50)

iPoll Mobile Surveys – How to take iPoll surveys from your smart phones?

iPoll introduced their Mobile app last year 2013. If you have a smart phone and you can take surveys on the go.

Here Is How It Works:

Step 1: Join iPoll online panel (at iPoll website) if you are not a member yet, since you will be using the same iPoll online panel member login to sign in the mobile app.

Step 2: Download the app to your Smartphone. You can do this by clicking the “Mobile” link on top of  your account page to access the iTunes App store or Google Play directly on your Smartphone.

Step 3: Sign In the mobile app and take surveys.  All you need to do is logging in using your iPoll online account login info and you will be ready to start taking surveys.

Each mobile survey or local poll you complete will add cash to your existing iPoll online/website account.

iPoll Mobile offers you two different type of surveys:

Mobile Surveys: These are the short qualifying surveys/screeners to determine if you qualify for the local missions, usually pay $0.25.  Those are not the same surveys you log in your account online using your computer.  As soon as your complete the mobile surveys, your credit will instantly reflected on your iPoll online (website) account as pending, just like the other surveys you take on your PC or Mac.

Local Missions:  these are short surveys called “mission” about the businesses that are in your surrounding area. You can complete a survey about your local grocery stores or banks etc. while you’re visiting the businesses. The mission tells you store locations with map, and the pay is between $5 and $20 each!!

Step 4: Cash out – log into your iPoll online (website) account and request payment.

Some Notes & Tips

iPoll SurveyHead Review at https://mysurvey123.com - iPoll rewards members cash and gift cards for taking online & mobile surveys. Get paid to take surveys for money! 1. Check surveys  from dashboard frequently

Usually iPoll sends survey invites to your email address, but there are far more survey available if you check them in the account dashboard. I suggest you check available surveys from your account frequently, such as very other day or two or three times a week, because the good paying survey’s quotas (many lead to product testings and fcous groups) fill fast.

2. Take profile surveys from time to time

You will notice that every time you log into your account, at the Dashboard page, on the right there are additional profile questions/short surveys. Answering those screening questions will likely increase your survey opportunities in the future.

3. Remain active account per the following Reward Policy:

A Rewards Account which has had no activity for a period of twelve (12) months will be deemed an “inactive” account and any Rewards accumulated in an inactive Rewards Account will be forfeited without compensation and shall no longer be valid or usable. “Activity” on a Rewards Account includes: logging into an Account and completing a Survey or attempting to complete a Survey or logging into an Account and redeeming Rewards or clicking on a Survey link in an invitation sent to the Account.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

iPoll/Surveyhead is a top legitimate online and mobile survey panel and I highly recommend them! They remind me of the old GoZing which was one of my top earning survey panels back then. Today iPoll/Surveyhead is still one of the best survey sites that offer members a great numbers of online survey opportunities .

Are you a member of iPoll/Surveyhead panel? Please feel free to leave a comment or rate and review based on your experiences, or ask any questions you still have about iPoll/Surveyhead!

37 thoughts on “iPoll Review”

  1. Hi Ramu,

    After you sign into your account, click the “Rewards” tab at the top of the page,and scroll down to the bottom and you should see the $5 for Registration. If you just sign up you might want to wait for a few days, if you still don’t see the reward, I suggest you contact their support. Hope it helps and good luck!

  2. Hi.. just want to ask what should i do. i signed up in ipoll using my google account and not yet received any activation link in my emails. i also checked my spam folder but theres none.. hope you can help me guys. tnx

    • Hi, Ruth,

      Sorry to hear your trouble signing up. I just reviewed iPoll’s FAQ, here is the Q and A related:

      A confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the address you provide upon completion of the registration process. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam or junk folder. To avoid future messages from being filtered by your spam folder, please be sure to add support@surveyhelpcenter.com to your list of your approved senders. If you need a new confirmation e-mail sent to you, please login to My Account, verify that you’ve provided the correct address, using the Account tab, and elect to have a new e-mail sent, using the link on the Dashboard tab.

      So since you have checked your spam folder, you might want to contact their support support@surveyhelpcenter.com for help. You might need to wait 3-4 days for their response.

      Hope it helps and good luck!

  3. iPoll currently having a high paying survey – $50 for 60 minutes.
    Survey #: 325270
    Survey Length: 60 Minutes
    Reward Amount: $50.00

    It’s an online community discussion board/focus group. I disqualified.

  4. I just found out you must log into ipoll.com to take surveys from your account dashboard. if you sign into surveyhead.com – there is no survey available.

  5. Tried signing up 3 different emails now, never sends me the activation link in my email. And YES i checked my spam folder as well…ARGH!

  6. Logged in iPoll/Surveyhead tonight, there are three good paying surveys on my dashboard:

    294785 $11.00 30 Minutes
    294786 $8.00 20 Minutes
    295253 $8.00 20 Minutes

    It’s kind of late…Maybe try them tomorrow if they are still there.

  7. Had my 11 year old take a survey today, answering what video games does he want next. lol. Glad it was very short, but he earned $1.

  8. I just finished a super short $1.00 survey, took about 3 minutes (even on the dashboard it says 7 minutes). Interesting thing is after completing this survey, there are about 15 more surveys appeared on my dashboard, I wish I can continue taking those surveys but I have to go and get lunch, lol! iPoll/Surveyhead rocks!

    • I just check their reward catalog, now looks like you must reach $50 to get cash by Paypal, with a 3% processing fee. You can also request $50 “My Prepaid Visa® virtual account” or store gift cards such as Walmart, CVS, Lowe’s gift cards. I can’t find Amazon anywhere. This could be a temporary thing.

  9. Logged into my Surveyhead/iPoll account today and trying to do a $15 one minute survey – unfortunately I don’t have a smart phone. 🙁

    Also update my information to subscribe email and hopefully I will start receiving survey invite emails.

  10. Surveyhead has a mobile panel called iPoll. Join iPoll if you have a smart phone and you can take surveys on the go. You need to download an app first. Here is how it works (from their website):

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new smartphone app: iPoll.

    iPoll will give you the opportunity to participate in surveys and get rewards from anywhere! Look for the Local Polls feature which gives you the opportunity to complete surveys about the businesses near you. Below you will find more information about the app and how it links to your Surveyhead account.

    How it works?

    Download: The first step is to download the app to your Smartphone. You can do this by clicking directly on the link below or accessing the iTunes App store or Google Play directly on your Smartphone.


    Sign IN! We made the sign in process easy for you. All you need to do is enter the same login information as your Surveyhead account and you will be ready to start taking surveys. Each survey or local poll you complete will add cash to your existing Surveyhead account.

    Take surveys: iPoll offers you two different type of surveys:

    Mobile surveys: These are market research studies the same as those you complete in Surveyhead. Instead of receiving an email invitation you will get a message via push notifications. Activate the message and start your survey!

    Local Polls: We have leveraged the GPS technology on your smartphone in order to offer you more opportunities to get rewards. Local polls are short surveys about the businesses that are in your surrounding area. You can complete a survey about your local grocery store, while you’re waiting in like to pay.

    • Surveyhead has just re-branded to iPoll. I will update my review (new logo etc.). I logged into my account today, everything pretty much the same, except the iPoll buttons everywhere of course. They have lot of high paying surveys!

  11. Hi Robyn & Henry,

    I know their payout structure isn’t perfect. But you still can redeem Amazon gift certificate at $25 level. I am not sure how fast you get paid by amazon gc but at least it’s still an option at a “lower” level.

  12. So I have sent Surveyhead 3 complaints since I signed up for their site, I have done a total of $34.95 in surveys (which includes the $5.00) they gave me when i signed up. After two weeks of doing surveys, I noticed the only things that had been earned in my account were the profile questions and when i started complaining about why i wasn’t getting paid for it, i got some of my survey credits but then they changed the paypal withdrawl amount to $35.00 instead of $25.00, go figure, now I should only have to wait another 2-4 weeks to the full credit amount for all of the surveys I have taken. Not good business practices guys. It’s sad that you change your rewards when someone is getting close to redeeming one.

  13. Some of these groups are getting so unpleasurable to be apart of…..The cash out rules keep changing for their benefit. You won’t see the link to cash out until you get to the required amount. And only then, the rules are still vague about charge’s for using Paypal.
    Seems like I can’t win for loosing… 😐

    I wonder what the differents is between the “Cash only survey panel” and the “all other survey panels”?? 😮

    Thank you for the email. We do not make check payments or do any bank transfers. Once you have reached the cash out threshold of $20.00 USD (OnlyCash survey panel) and ($25.00 or $50.00 to cash out via PayPal/ gift card rewards for all other panels), a button will appear on your “Rewards” page that will allow you to begin the redemption process. Other payment options such as Amazon.com gift certificates, Nike gift cards and Playspan gift certificates are available. We have also introduced a number of new options for a member to redeem their rewards, such as YoVille Gift Card, FarmVille Gift Card, Mafia Wars Gift Card and many more.

    In order to view all the rewards, you need to first select the dollar amount from the drop down list. You can view this at each dollar amount ($20.00, $25.00, $50.00) and you will be able to view all the rewards at different thresholds.

  14. Witam…
    Jestem zarejestrowana w Surveyhead..wypełniam ankiety już od jakiegoś czasu.Zarobiłam na nich 26.99 dolarów i chciałabym je otrzymać ,ale nie poprzez nagrody ani darowizny…Jak mogę otrzymać pieniądze od Surveyhead,czy jest możliwość przesłania ich na konto bankowe i jak to zrobić,a jeśli nie to jak wyciągąć je przez PayPal???


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