1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars Rating: 3.00 /1 votes accept members worldwide. They send about 1- 2 surveys a month, about half of their surveys award you a sweepstakes entries and half pay cash. I have been a member of for over 2 years, and have done quite some surveys that paid me cash. They paid me via Paypal.

Update: January 2010: is rolling out a new point system, however it is not fully functioning yet! You can still join but I suggest not taking surveys until their system is ready!

Updated Review: March 2011: finally finished implementing their reward system. Members now earn points for completing every survey (and if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will get 25 points. To redeem your points, you need to log into your account, and click the “My Incentive” link on left menu, which takes you a separate “reward” site/section (you need to input username and password which is different from your main site).  You can redeem your points for various merchandises, and they do offer a very wide selection of merchandises that you can choose from.

I like their recent changes, just hope they offer cash reward or at least Amazon Gift Certificates or other gift cards (maybe that’s something they will do in the future??) But at least they are getting better, and I do recommend!


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  1. Point rewards now available. Not good for me. The minimum points I would need for my interests would be about 15,000 points if not more. Do the math! A survey is about 225 points. I can buy these items for much less than these inflated points. I suggest that you review their rewards. If you can use them then fine, but not for me.

  2. Receiving surveys for points but point info not avail on their web. I emailed & was informed point info will be avail by the end of Jan. I already have 1000 points not listed in my account and have no idea what their value is. I clicked on ABOUT & found points program rules: Points expire eighteen (18) months after they have been awarded and credited to your account I will discontinue surveys until info is clarified.

  3. Thank you for the comment Diana…I received few surveys from recently but was hesitant to take them, I am glad I didn’t. This is ridiculous – if their system is not ready they shouldn’t send member surveys! I have remove them from my list. 🙁

  4. Hi mary. I have the same thing happening to me. They finally did write to me but all they told me was that the program is still being rolled out. I can sign on and I see the incentives link but none of my points are showing. Have you had any luck?

  5. Hi Mary,

    I haven’t received their surveys for a long time maybe because I always ignore their sweepstakes surveys so they made my account inactive. But I found my account login page here: (…and was able to login. (the sign in name is my email address) and all my account and profile info still there. Can you log in to your account and see if you can redeem from there? Please keep me updated on this, thanks.

  6. Today is the second time I wrote to, to ask for information about point incentives. I wrote an email to their support days ago but they never reply me. In there FAQ page, I cannot find any information about how many points can redeem for how many dollars and how to redeem, etc. But I truly finished lots of surveys recently as mentioned in email how many points are offered, and I collected over 1000 points. If they offer nothing but the “named points” as incentives, I will feel very very sad and quit doing their future surveys. 😡 :s

  7. recently released my personal information to a third party without my permission and has ignored my numerous complaints to them.

    As to payment, I don’t think in the 5 or so years I have participated that I have ever received payments. I receive very few surveys from them or I would have unsubsribed long ago.

  8. Okay, I just get an invite from for an opportunity to get into a special community…I probably didn’t qualify (it’s about babies)…but I will stay with them.

  9. [quote name=mlynn]Thanks for the heads up Golgotha…I didn’t get the email. I agree with you Lee, this is not good..I am thinking to remove them from the survey list.[/quote]
    I closed my account, I dont care for sweeps. And I didnt make much money with them anyway.

  10. Thanks for the heads up Golgotha…I didn’t get the email. I agree with you Lee, this is not good..I am thinking to remove them from the survey list.

  11. What a shame. As long as people keep doing sweeps only surveys, more and more companies will switch to this incentive method. Not only do we as participants lose but the data collected from these surveys isn’t as reliable for market research purposes. I know I don’t care about how I answer when the incentive is a 1 in 1000 chance of winning $100.

  12. They do not pay cash anymore. I received an e-mail saying they are leaving paypal based incentives and going to sweepstakes. 🙁

  13. I receive 1-2 surveys a month. Lately they have been for cash. They pay promptly through paypal. I havent had any problems with them.

  14. What do you happen to know about the promptcast software that they offer?I don’t like to install stuff like that on my pc but if it is going to get me a lot of extra opportunities then i will.Do you have any experience with it and is it worth it?Because i haven’t recieved even one survey from them yet.Thanks bud.Also I love this site it has helped me find lots of great survey sites!!

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