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How To Take Paid Online Surveys for Money – Step by Step Guide

Are you new to paid surveys and wondering how to take online surveys for money? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place! This article is a step-by-step guide for paid survey beginners. Please follow my directions below and hopefully you can get a quick and good start on taking surveys for money!

1. Remember do NOT pay anyone to do paid online surveys whatsoever. It is always FREE to do paid surveys and get paid. Legitimate paid survey and market research companies do NOT charge you – they pay YOU for YOUR opinion.

2. Set up a dedicated email account. You will get lot of emails and you need a separated email address for survey invitation emails. Note: you’ll need to turn OFF your spam filter or set the spam filter option to “do not delete emails in spam folder immediately” — otherwise you might miss survey emails.

3. You might want to open a free Paypal account . Many of survey sites offer cash payment via Paypal. It’s free to send money, and free to accept payment if you have a basic account (a low transaction fee apply for Premier and Business Accounts to receive money), and it is usually faster than check payment.

4. Sign up with all the real online survey companies on my paid survey lists, starting with the top 15 best online paid survey sites below: 

  1. Pinecone Research
  2. LifePoints
  3. Survey Junkie
  4. Paid Viewpoint 
  5. Opinion Outpost
  6. i-Say
  7. Toluna
  8. MyPoints
  9. Product Report Cards
  10. American Consumer Opinion
  11. SurveySavvy
  12. E-Poll
  13. YouGov
  14. PointClub
  15. MySoapBox 

Some Notes & Tips on Signing up with Survey Panels:

  • Please note all these survey sites are mobile friendly, meaning you can sign up and taking their surveys from your mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Make sure to confirm your survey panel membership. This usually involves clicking the link in the confirmation email from the survey panel after signing up. This is a important step for sign up.
  • Some survey panels do require you complete a brief profile survey (such as Pinecone) before they accept you. Most other survey panels have profile surveys that you should fill out to improve your chance of receiving more survey invitations.
  • I suggest you take time to sign up with ALL the legitimate survey sites on my lists (or as many as you feel comfortable). The reason is very simple – the more survey sites you sign up with, the more surveys you get.

For more legit online survey panels, please select the survey panel lists below based on your location (residence). Please be assured that the survey sites I listed are the best and legitimate paid survey companies I found over the year, they are FREE to join and have strict privacy policies (You will not get spammed) and actually pay!

I am doing my best to include all the legit survey panels I can find for your country or region. If you know any survey sites in your country that are not on my list, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. Thanks!

5. Tips on doing surveys:

#a. Be honest with your personal profile information when sign up with survey companies;

#b. Response survey invitations quickly. Most surveys have quota and some fill fast, especially high paying/easy to qualify surveys.

6. Tips on getting paid:

Make sure keep the invitation emails for the surveys that you qualify and completed, especially those online interactive surveys/focus group. You want to have proof for your participation when there is a problem.

7. Tips on avoiding scams:

#a. If you come cross a survey site, be sure to check their privacy policy. If you are not happy with the privacy policy or they don’t have a privacy policy, stay away from them;

#b. Be aware the difference between paid surveys sites and get paid sign up offer sites. The later sometimes say they are survey sites, in fact their “main business” is paid offers. They are the sites you get paid for signing up offers, and sometimes you need to pay or provide credit card information while sign up non free offers.

#c.  Stay away from any websites (paid or free) promoting known scam or spam – usually those sites claim they have a list of 300+, 400+ or even 500+ paid survey sites, (the reality is there are NOT 300 survey sites that pay!) They are just promoting anything they can find for commissions, no matter its scam or spam and can’t be trusted.

8. Be patient.

This is very important for survey beginners. It takes a while to get paid since most survey sites have minimum payout requirement and it takes time for them to process payment. Also it takes a while to receive more surveys. For me, I didn’t receive any cash or other rewards during the first month, I had some points or others but not enough to cash out, and the money didn’t start coming in until the end of second month. It is also after two months, I started to receive and qualify for more surveys, including those “high paying” surveys such as interactive online surveys and focus groups.

9. Subscribe my newsletter/following me on social networks and come back visit frequently.

Because I update this site almost every day – add new paid survey sites, post paid survey/focus groups opportunities, new articles (advice and tips), and other new fresh information. I also send newsletters to my newsletter subscribers about new survey site information before publish it on my site if the information is time sensitive.

paid surveys for money guide

Doing paid surveys does not make me rich, but I enjoy it. With the survey money I made, last year I bought a brand new laptop computer for myself! I also bought toys, DVDs, books, gifts and other stuff for my kids, husband and family. I hope you find this surveys for money guide helpful! Paid survey certainly is an easy and fun way to make extra spending cash, and it worth my time!

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  1. Nice site. Good information. Glad I found it. I especially like your #8 comment about having patience. Quick payout is great but you can pass over some good sites if a quick payout is your only criteria for a survey site if you are in it for the long haul.

    I would also add that at times there are going to be technical glitches. It happens. Get over it if it happens to you. Does not mean the site is a scam. This is a good time when that happens to contact the site and report the problem and see how long it takes them to respond and what type of response you get back. Often that can tell you a lot about the site.

  2. 😆
    new day, new start, new things, new mind, new life, I believe you will have a wonderful life.
    Good luck for everyone.

  3. Hi Mary – I think I know the sites you are talking about – I am not against you (or anyone) to do those but I would suggest you be careful. Personally I wouldn’t sign up. Those “tasks” are pretty much paid offers and maybe some low paying “daily surveys”. If you want to make extra money with paid surveys I suggest you sign up with all the real legitimate market research companies on my list, I think that way you get better return of your time. Just my 2cents. 🙂

  4. I hope I am doing this right, here is a job or they are Tasks pays good any where from cents to $1.00 -$2.00 & more, $1.00 for signup, $1.00 for referrals, their maybe a time limit on someyou can go in & see what the job or Task is ,How much it pays, the time limit it has, & if you decide you want to do the job or task, you click on I Accept this job, if you dont want to do it you just click on Not interested in this Job,I have not done enough to get paid yet, but we have nothing to loose by trying it, & it beats doing just surveys making 1/2 cent or less, here is my link for you to go & take a look, & maybe you would signup under me, You can also click on facebook & or Twitter for more info, Thank You Mary

  5. HI !!, I have a problem, I signedup on Weebly for a free website, but would rather have a blof, But it says only minutes to build, But hey!! I am 61 & nothing is easy when it comes to all this, I been trying for Days to figure out how to use their site, but I just cant get it I sell books on Amazon I wanted to put some on my own blog or webpage but it is confusing to me, Does anyone have any advice, Weebly put out a advertisement to build 200 websites free & ask for Voulnteers but by the time I got their they already gave away them all, I am looking for some one that could call me & I would pay for the phone call, if anyone would call me & maybe help me do it over the phone I live on a fixed income of $600.00 a month, So I cant pay to have one built, I am not decided if I want to sell my books or find someones product to sell, Thank U, Mary

  6. [quote name=ROBERT]Please tell me what are the best paid survey sites that I should join to make the most money for my opinions!
    Yours Truly,
    Robert, there are no BEST paid survey sites. Some of them good and some of them not. Take whatever you want and avoid scams. The list mlynn suggested is comprehensive enough. Use it.

  7. Hi Robert, please check out FREE Paid Survey Lists (link on the left under “main menu”) where I have listed all the legitimate paid survey sites I found over the years and worth joining!

  8. I would like to know or maybe you could tell me what are the best paid survey sites to join, so I could make the most money for expressing my opinions!
    thank you!
    yours truly,

  9. I just wanted to say Thank You for all the hard work you put in. This was so much information and it really helped. Love your site. Thanks Sandy


  11. Thank you so much for the information for beginers. I was wondering how long it took to start making some money. Two months, now I know.

  12. :cheer:
    Thank you very much for making all these.
    I am trying to make an extra income in whatever way I can. I need to set my life straight. I’m already 35y/o and I haven’t proven anything yet. Nor acquire any real property. And the main reason why I need to save a lot is that I need to get my 2 children from my inlaws. And if I can do a lot of extra income, I will. Thanks!

  13. Hello Mei,
    I want to thank you much for the help you have provided me so far.
    I would like to learn about BLOGGING and WRITING as well. Where do I go for that? You mentioned those.

  14. Hello
    I read some of your emails to other folks regarding FOCUS GROUPS.
    Is there any of them conducted by email or are they all face to face?

  15. Hello,
    I’m sorry but I don’t know what PM means.
    About a week or so ago I set up a new email account with GMAIL just for this SURVEYS business. Today i can’t log in.
    Has this ever happened to you and if so, how did you solve the problem?

  16. Hello,
    I’ve been busy. Some of these companies ask me for the name, email address of the person who referred me. Do you want to send me your info? Please let me know, yes or no.

  17. Hi Betty,

    Cookie is a small piece of information websites you visited stored on your computer. There is NO cost involved and generally no harm.

    Regarding password – I know if you sign up 100+ survey sites that’s a lot to remember. There are couple of ways for this: sometimes you will see a "remember my password" check next to the login button, if you check that button, the website will remember your password and next time you will login automatically. Another way is there is a program called Roboform (http://www.roboform.com/php/land.php?affid=mlynn&frm=frame1) – the program can manager all your password so you can log in automatically. It cost I think $29.95 pro version.

  18. I’m starting to work on mine now. This brought up 2 questions.
    1. I read to policy which mentiond that i would be required to use COOKIES. WHAT IS COOKIES AND IS THERE A COST?
    2.Password. If i go up to 100’s where will I create that many passwords/ can this get confussing?
    Thanks for your help.

  19. Hi Betty,

    Goes to Here: FREE US Paid Survey List (http://mysurvey123.com/index.php/Free-Paid-Surveys-List/United-States-Free-Paid-Surveys-List.html), and sign up with All (or as many as you can) paid survey sites on this list (use your new email address when asked for). Those are legit paid survey sites I found over the years that pay! 🙂

    Reason for turning off spam is sometimes survey email could get kicked in the spam folder. This doesn’t happen often, just sometimes. I check my spam folder everyday and delete spam emails manually so I don’t miss surveys. 😉

  20. I am ready to get started. i have a new email address. Why should I turn off spam filter as you suggested?
    Where do i go to get started?

  21. Hi Betty, NO it is NOT required to have a website.
    Do you need to get a new email address – not required, but recommended.
    How to turn of spam filter – check “options” or “preference” within the email program. 😉
    Welcome and good luck!

  22. I am not signed up yet. I want too.
    Is it required to have a website? I don’t have one. Do i need to get a new email address?
    How do i turn off spam filter?

  23. [quote name=robert]what’s a Focus Group – how does it differ from paid surveys (are they better) and how does one find them?[/quote]Hi Robert,

    Focus group is a group of people (usually 8 – 10) participating in an interactive discussion lead by a professional moderator and giving opinion on certain product or service etc. It’s similar to paid surveys, but it’s much higher paying.

    To find focus groups, just sign up with the paid survey or market research companies on United States Paid Survey List (http://mysurvey123.com/index.php/Free-Paid-Surveys-List/United-States-Free-Paid-Surveys-List.html) (assuming you live in US?) when market research companies have focus group opportunities, they might send you emails.

  24. [quote name=Mei]Hi Jackie, I am not sure I understand your question. Are you saying some survey site ask you give them second email address? :-?:[/quote]
    Secondary email: You need to create another email with different address for your business with paid survey only.

    It is easier to find it from secondary email.

    I would encourage you to read instruction again or call live during business hours (central standard time – CST).


  25. I am a little confused about some of the surveys I have registered with.
    What is, and how do I give a second E-mail address? Jacki

  26. I am looking to make some money answering surveys. If this is still a good site for that please send me information…. Thank You…

  27. Hi Joyce, which country are you from? Please check the “Free Paid Survey Lists” and choose the list for your country, and sign up with the survey sites on the list.

    Hope it helps, please feel free to let me know if you have more questions.

  28. Your site is just what I’m looking for! It was listed in the March/April AARP mag! I’ve been thing of doing this for some years now. thanks for the info. 🙂

  29. Nice to find you. I’ve had good experiences so far TG, inc. live inter-active on-line survey which was fun (as well as lucrative). Something which some guys seem to miss is that it can be interesting! Not to mention you can ‘slag off’ people who’s products /services disappoint.

  30. Hi Vedavath,

    There are a few good survey sites accept members world wide like Global Test Market, SurveySavvy, ACOP etc.. Check out the International Paid Survey Lists for more info…

    Besides surveys, many PTR (Paid To Read) programs accept international members as well.

    Regarding data entry, there are lot of scams out there, and real data entry job is very hard to come by.

    I would suggest you take a look a blogging and freelance writing jobs..

    I will be writing about blogging and freelance writing on my blog soon, or you could do some research on this yourself…

    Good luck to you..feel free to ask questions and start a discussion at the forum.

  31. Thak you somuch.Its great to read all your suggestions.But still I got some doubts about this oneline surveys.I am an indian woman.can you suggest some reliable websites for data entry works from home.I already mailed to you indetailed about my position.

  32. Hi martha,

    There are a few sites that accept members worldwide, such as global test market, survey savvy, acop.. they are all listed in the International Paid Survey List here on this site.

    I am not sure how many surveys you can get though, probably not as many as the folks live in US Canada etc..

    I also suggest you take a look at the PTR (Paid To Read Email programs)..

    Good luck!

  33. Hello,
    My name is Martha and i live in Cyprus.I have searched your site and i want to be registered with some free paid surveys but i dont know if they work at my country.Which of them are suitable?Shall i try the international surveys?Which of them are legitimate?
    Please help..

  34. Can somebody tell me any Paid Survey Sites that pay via PayPal, beacuse mostly of the sites that i have seen pay with cecks but they are not available for my country.
    TY in advance 🙂

  35. Hi Dc,

    How long have you been doing surveys? Are you just started?

    What I can suggest is:

    1. Sign up with all the survey sites on my Survey List, not just a few.

    2. Fill out profile surveys;

    3. Be patient and give it some time.

    Also read the “Paid Survey Tips” thread in the forum.

    I didn’t make any money my first month doing surveys, so I understand your situation..Give it more time and see how it goes.

    Good luck!

  36. Quick question about the surveys. Ive been trying quite a few but I am constantly turned down for not “qualifying” for the surveys. Im trying to make some extra money but i seem to spend 2-4 hours a day without being able to fill out a single survey for any money… its getting really frusterating. Any help with this would be great

  37. Thanks for all your advice. I’m new at this, and here in Mexico, this is not heard of. Its great to read all your suggestions.

  38. You are welcome Angela.

    I am glad it was helpful. Yeah, I was totally fed up with the scams everywhere, and finally decide to built this site and I am happy to see it helps!

  39. Hi mei! you really made my day. This is really what i need thank you for the tips and honest advice. God Bless!

  40. THANK YOU!!
    I am so glad I “stumbled” over this website. :zzz
    I have tried a few sites with hopes they were not scams. found some 2 good ones that you also mentioned in the list but also found some BAD, ones. I will try right now to delete my account from them and spam their e-mails.
    I appreciate you so much doing this research for so many of us out there who want to make some extra money but don’t know which sites to choose. You had what i was looking for. Thank you for your honest opinion! 🙂 I am grateful to have found this site when i did!!

  41. Your website is really an honest site and I trust in your advices. Thank you for your good information. I will use your sugessted list to do survey.

  42. Thanks, this was very helpful. Your postings saved me a lot of time and unnecessary aggravation with all those scam sites. I appreciate that
    you shared the results of your efforts with others.


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