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Synovate Panel

This post is my Synovate panel review. Please note: Synovate survey panel is closed.

Synovate is one of the largest marketing research firms in the world. As a member of Synovate Global Opinion Panel, you have the opportunities to voice opinions on the products and services you and millions of other people across the globe use every day.

Synovate Panel Survey Compensation/Rewards
Points redeemable for cash. Minimum cash out is 5000 points ($5.00).

Age Requirement
18 Years of age

Open to Countries

Synovate Global Opinion Panel accept members from ALL Countries!

My Synovate Panel Review 
Synovate Global Opinion Panel sends at least about 3 – 4 surveys each month.  When I first joined them, most of the surveys reward cash prize drawings, and sometimes they pay cash for complicated or lengthy surveys. Over the first couple of years I have done a few very long surveys for them and got paid between $10 – $15, and also have done a few interesting product testing for them also (which get paid cash and kept the products).

Now Snvoate Global Panel is using a point system and members earn points for every survey they take and complete, and they continue to send lot of surveys and products to test, and points add up very quickly. They pay by check and and usually it take 4 weeks to receive payment!

Other Notes
Synovate Global Opinion Panel also has a “refer a friend” program. For each eligible referral, they will reward you with 2000 reward points.

Synovate Global Opinion Panel is a great paid survey site, and I definitely recommend it!


Synovate Global Opinion Panel has been closed and merged with Ipsos i-say survey panel. Unfortunately my points with Synovate are lost – I tried to log into i-say website with my Syn ovate account information, but received “no such account exist” message, Ugh! It’s said to see a good survey site gone!

21 thoughts on “Synovate Panel”

  1. [quote name=Leah]I haven’t gotten any surveys since they merged and I don’t know what happened to my points.[/quote]I can’t login to Synovate anymore..what worse is I can’t login ipsos either! After emails back and forth with IPsos support, I was told that they can’t find my account! They suggest me to re-join! So I lost points in both accounts! Not sure what to do yet.

  2. Batty and Lisa – I don’t know. I tried to login to I-say with my Synovate login info (email/password), no success.. (yet), says account doesn’t exist.

  3. [quote name=Annie]I am not happy about Synovate closing without any warning to it’s loyal members. Had I known, I would have cashed out before the merger, because in my experience most mergers do NOT go smoothly! :sad:[/quote]I agree with you Annie!!

  4. I am not happy about Synovate closing without any warning to it’s loyal members. Had I known, I would have cashed out before the merger, because in my experience most mergers do NOT go smoothly! 🙁

  5. Update – I receive 3-6 surveys a month and qualify for 1-3 of them and sometimes I do product tests. I haven’t had any problems with them. They are in my personal top 12 best survey companies!

  6. I used to love this site, too: the surveys were fun & easy & they paid in good gift cards. Then, I got a spyware program and I found out that they put the EXTREMELY dangerous malware, lop.com, onto all users’ computers. It invades Internet Explorer & pays them (“pay per click”) every time you search around the web. It can take over your favorites, adding adware & porn site links. Normal antivirus programs can’t find it; only a complete spyware scan will find & remove, but then if you go to Global Opinion Panels the next day, it’s back. I have asked them about this & they don’t seem to care. Don’t take a chance! It’s not worth the “free” gift cards or cash!

  7. Update – I receive 3-6 surveys a month and qualify for 1-3 of them. I have had a few products to test in the past year. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  8. Update – I receive 4-6 surveys a month. I qualify for 2-3 surveys. About the same as in 2009. I havent had any problems with them or receiving payments.

  9. I e-mailed them about the “refer a friend” program and this was their response:

    Dear Panel Member,

    Thank you for your interest in referring your friends to our panel. We do not offer rewards for referrals; however we always welcome new members.

  10. Synovate is great. Even when you dq, you get points. They don’t always pay the most per survey but I recently did an extended project for them and every time I logged in, I had some ridiculously large # of points credited to my account. Payments are prompt.

  11. Synovate is legit. I have completed surveys with them for years. I have also received samples to try and completed surveys afterwards. You always get your money and do not have to give any credit card info.

  12. Synovate does NOT ask for cash or credit card information. It’s a legitimate company and I have been paid by them.

  13. How good is this online survey sites because i am being careful to join any since they ask for cash to join.

    If by chance i come across any one that doesn’t ask for cash or credit card information, i think i will be glad enough to join them….

  14. I average 4 surveys a month and quaify for 2-3 of them.
    It takes me a while to build up the points.
    Because they dont give me that many points for each survey.
    I have been with them since Sept. 08
    I just did a cash out. :cheer:
    Not to good for as long as I have been with them.


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