Children’s Snacks Study and more paid online focus groups!

Today I am going to share children’s snacks paid study, facial care for women study, and a few more upcoming nationwide online paid focus group opportunities!  Some of the studies also involves product testing. Here they are:

Children’s Snacks – Paid Study

Who: Parent & child
When: April 14 – April 28, 2021
Length: 45 mins webcam session + 3 day online board (30 minutes per day)
Incentives: $75 for the webcam session + $100 for the online board; you must complete both in order to be paid
Where: Online
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Product Testing Free Diapers for moms

This post is a paid product test alert: product testing – free diapers for moms! And a couple of paid focus group leads.

Paid Product Testing Free Diapers

Dynata, LLC (a leading market research company) is looking for moms to product test free diapers!

Click HERE to start the qualifying survey screener.
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Focus Groups, Surveys, Paid Studies, Oh My!

This article is a guest post by Amanda Brown – Amanda is the Panel Manager at 20|20 Research, and  a passionate advocate for all panelists in the consumer feedback industry.

Let’s just put it out there. It’s hard enough to search and find a matching sock in your sock drawer, filter through the ingredients of a product, or decide on paper or plastic; let alone sift through surveys for cash and focus group companies to identify one that is legit and how they work. But, the world of consumer opinion research is confusing, right? Providing personal information, without knowing why you are providing it, can be scary and makes you question why? Continue reading…