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Technology Advisory Board

This post is my Technology Advisory Board survey panel review. Technology Advisory Board is a great survey panel for tech professionals.

Technology Atechnology advisory board reviewdvisory Board is owned and operated by Decision Analyst Inc, a global marketing research and analytical consulting firm (the same company runs American Consumer Opinion survey panel).

What is Technology Advisory Board

As the name indicates, Technology Advisory Board is a global survey panel for technology professionals — engineers, scientists, computer scientists, information systems professionals, software developers, web developers, and executives in technology industries.

Technology Advisory Board Rewards

Members earn points for answering online surveys, and can redeem points for:

  • Cash (Paid via PayPal $1 = 100 Points)
  • You will earn points for every survey completed, including screeners.
  • Sweepstakes Entries
  • Once you have earned 2,500 Points, you can redeem your Points for cash, or donate them to a charity. Just Log in to your My Account page and choose the Cash Out option.

Who Can Join Technology Advisory Board Survey panel?

  • Minimum Age Requirement
    18 Years old
  • Open to Countries/Regions
    World wide – ALL countries
  • One account per household

Technology Advisory Board Review

Technology Advisory Board used to pay members cash via check on a survey-by-survey basis. They didn’t send surveys often, about 2 – 3 surveys a year, but they pay very well, at least $5 – $15. Their surveys are all technology related and quite interesting. If you are tech professional, usually it’s not difficult to quality for their surveys and their surveys require reasonable amount of time to complete.  Since joining and before they converting to the point system, I have taken 2 – 3 surveys that paid me between $10 and $15 They send out payment check very promptly.

Since 2013, Technology Advisory Board changed their reward system. Like American Consumer Opinion, they are now using a Point system. Member earn points for every survey including the short screeners (usually 15 – 40 points) and points convert to cash. I think this is a positive change and it will greatly increase the survey response rate since members feel their time and efforts are respected and appreciated.

A great improvement of Technology Advisory Board is that now members have an “account center” to update information, track surveys and rewards and request payment.  Also they are open to members world wide, they used to only accept United States members.

Shortly after the change, I already have received two surveys and I think it’s promising. Overall, Technology Advisory Board is a pretty good survey panel for tech professionals and I look forward to taking more surveys for them!

Should you Join?

If you are a tech professional, definitely should check out Technology Advisory Board.

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  1. UPDATE Email: from TAB:

    As a Member of Technology Advisory Board®, you now have the option to choose a Tango Card when you reach a balance of 2,500 earned Points in your Member Account.

    With a Tango Card, you can select digital gift cards from top-name brands, like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes®.

    To ensure the accuracy of your account you must first redeem your Points by check.

    Click the link below for more information about the Tango Card:



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