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TellWut Review

This post is my TellWut review. I joinedTellWut a while ago and recently started actively participating in the surveys and other community activities.

TellWut Review - Earn Rewards for Surveys

TellWut is an online survey community where panel members provide insight and perception through answering surveys or posting their own questions online, all the while earning valuable rewards and enjoying the Tellwut Community experience.

Is TellWut Legit or scam?

TellWut panel is operated by the TellWut Corp, a market research company located at Toronto, Canada. It has a A+ BBB rating and based on the reviews many members have been paid and happy with their experience at TellWut panel. Therefore, at this point, I am confident to say that TellWut is a legitimate survey site. I will post update once I reach payout and cash out my points.

Who can sign up with TellWut Survey Panel?

  • You must be a resident of Canada or the United States
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old
  • Be the sole authorized account holder of a unique and valid email address
  • Tellwut only allows one account per household/mailing address. Additional accounts per household will be suspended and related rewards forfeited.

To earn rewards, you need to sign up with Tellwut as a “voter member”. You must complete the online registration form by providing your account information including first and last name, gender, date of birth and an unique e-mail address.

TellWut Survey Rewards

TellWut members earn points for a variety of activities such as answering surveys and creating approved surveys. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for e-gift cards, such as amazon, tango, Walmart, HomeDepot and Starbucks gift cards.

The minimum points required to redeem is 4000 points for a $10 amazon gift cards.

How to Earn Points at TellWut?

There are mainly four ways to earn points at TellWut:

  • Create a TellWut account & provide demographic information (up to 250 points)
  • Answer Surveys (5 – 2000 points): answering a tellwut surveys usually earns 5 – 15 points, an external surveys – 25 – 2000 points.
  • Create an approved public survey (10 – 20 points).
  • Refer a friend (25 points).

My TellWut Review

TellWut surveys, mostly created by community members, are short and easy. If you have spare time to answer simple questions, taking surveys at Tellwut is an easy and fun way to earn some extra rewards. Even though those surveys only worth 5 – 10 points, since there are plenty surveys to do, points can add up pretty quickly. I generally answer 3 – 5 those kind of surveys a day, and earn 30 – 50 points daily this way.

TellWut also has external surveys, usually worth 50 points and more. For those surveys you have to qualify first and only able to earn points after you complete the surveys. For every attempt/complete of such survey, you will earn an entry into TellWut’s weekly draw for 4,000 points.

TellWut sends the external surveys to my email address with survey information such as points, survey length, chance of qualifying and if mobile friendly. I carefully choose the surveys with short length and high chance of qualifying, and so far have qualified and completed a couple of such surveys and earned 150 points.

So while writing this review, I have earned exactly 600 points within a week of joining and taking daily surveys. Hopefully I will be able to reach the 4000 minimum points for cash out next month, and I will post update.


So far I really like the survey experience at the TellWut community. The TellWut surveys are so easy and fun. And for external surveys, I feel that TellWut is do their best to help members to have a positive experience. I think TellWut is a great online survey panel to earn extra rewards (such as gift cards), and I recommend you join TellWut survey panel and give it a try!

Are you a member of TellWut panel? If yes, what is your experience? Please feel free share your TellWut review. Any comments and questions are welcome!

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    • Hi I noticed that I haven’t been receiving surveys in my mailbox lately…but when I log into my account, there are surveys under “available surveys” link at the top. Hope it helps!


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