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Loading...Testspin is a paid survey site offer LOT of paid survey opportunities. I receive their surveys almost daily, and they pay pretty well, ranging from $1 to $10.  They pay Amazon gift certificate, and once your reach $10, you can request payment. After you request payout, they will deliver the Amazon GC right into your email box immediately!

For me, sometimes it’s difficult to qualify their surveys, but since they have many surveys, I can still make pretty good money from them.

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22 thoughts on “Test Spin

  1. I contacted Testspin twice asking information about the survey I completed 4 weeks before because I cannot see my account be credited with the right incentives. The first time they said one survey I did so fast or unfinished they cannot credit the $1 for me on that survey, I thought it was okay, maybe it was true. But the second inquiry email they used the same excuse to refuse to credit one $4 survey plus one $3 survey to my account, that is so frustrating because I monitoried my time to do those relatively high paying surveys. So I question their honesty to treat members fairly or intentionally find excuse to credit less money to my account.I still have 4 surveys left not be credited, I will see the final result, by the time I got the $10 to cash out, I will never take their surveys anymore! By the way, recently, they send out about 4 to 5 surveys a day, but be careful to do those survey because you may be used the same excuse to deny the incentives you should get! 😡

    • I used to do surveys with them, but I got tired of filling out their surveys.
      1. Its too hard to qualify.
      2. Yoy have to write down every survey you do with the number because sometimes they just never credit the points into the account.
      3. When they credit the points, it takes from 4 to 6 weeks.
      4. When finally you have 1000 points to request a payment. Instead of giving you $10 on paypal they only give you $8.20. Only with Amazon they give you $10.

  2. 🙂 WOW! I just forwarded 2 email survey invites from them that I received months ago and completed. I was never credited for either one. Within 24 hours, I not only got an email back, but was CREDITED right away. THANK YOU TESTSPIN!

  3. Hi Lulu, this happened to me once – check your junk/spam folder. If not there, wait for a few more days, then email their support – they will response. good luck.

  4. I signed up with them over a week ago and I did not received any surveys yet…I am wondering why, since everybody here is saying how many surveys they got

  5. I receive 4-8 surveys a week. I qualify for 1 survey every other month. I counted, I have completed 7 surveys in a year. I have been paid $1-2 per survey. Oh and the paypal fee stinks. I cashed out for an amazon.com card and I received it within 24 hours in my e-mail. I havent had any problems with them.

  6. :cheer: :cheer: hello fellow panelists
    i am a new comer to test spin survey site
    i have called the number listed on their web site and its a working number i got a hold of a market research company. i wrote to them sunday and then got a reply the next day. i think they are good at comunicating with me. I will stick with them about 8 months and see if i can earn money or amazon.com gift cards, I have internet explorer. i did have some problems with other sites saying my cookies are set too high i checked them and i have them set to medium its frustrating there

  7. They told me it PayPal charges them $1.80 to transfer points into real dollars. Yeah right! PayPal doesn’t transfer points into dollars. It’s up to the Panel to do that theirself. Another thing, when someone has a PayPal account and wants to send money to someone, they fund their PayPal account with real dollars so that they can send someone real dollars. There’s no transferring of points.

  8. If you have $10 in your account with Testspin and you want to redeem your $10 via PayPal, they will only pay you $8.20, meaning that they rip you off for $1.80 every $10. That’s cheap.

  9. This is what I know about testspin. They are not a dead site like some of the people mentioned. They are active and I get 10$ from them on amazon about once every 4or 5 weeks. It took me along time to figure out that there surveys were only working for me through internet explorer only. And I also found out that if they get 3 emails in a row bounced back to them they will close your account and you will lose your earning. So maybe give this a try and see if you have any luck.

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience John. Sounds like a good sign with Testspin..I guess I am going to start getting back to their surveys. :cheer:

  11. I get 2 or 3 a day from testspin but I can never get
    on.They always say we are have
    ing technical problems.I have
    emailed them twice and they answered back saying that I have my cookies set to high.
    That is wrong because they were
    set as low as I could set them.

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  12. I believe that the company has ceased operations. Even though the website is running. I tried contacting by e-mail, and It got bounced. I even called, and got a disconnected number.

    This happened several months ago. I haven’t had any communications from them in at least six months.

  13. Hi Angela,

    I don’t have trouble getting credits for their surveys, but it usually 4 – 6 weeks. If it’s been months, you might want to send them an email?

    I have not receive even one single survey from them lately, I wonder what’s going on. 😕

  14. Oh Tina that sucks! 🙁

    Have you contacted them about this? Sounds like you are not the only one have this issue.(see Angela’s comment above). I definitely would shoot them an email asking about this!

  15. Hi,
    Thank you for voting and writing about your experience.

    I am sorry this happened to you. I totally understand if you decide to drop them.

    I recently start receiving surveys from them again (I found out their email was on my blocked list), but I have not done any yet. I will start doing their surveys again, and share my experience and might reevaluate my rating for them.

    Thanks again and best regards,

  16. I would consider dropping your 4 star rating for them. I tried looking for a way to contact them and they have these statements on their web site that basically say –if you do not have credit after so many days, then you will not get credit because you either did not answer honestly or you answered surveys that were not directed towards you. Also if they ‘catch’ you doing this too often they will drop you as a panel member. I never answered dishonestly or to things that did not apply to me. They are simply cheating people out of their time and money and it seems like they are just trying to pocket more $ themselves as they take advantage of consumers and not pay them.

  17. After doing TestSpin survey’s for about 6 months I finally just started deleting them. I was only credited for one out of about 30 that I had qualified for and completed. 🙁

  18. Do you have trouble getting credit for the surveys you took through Testspin? I have completed so many and months later, I still do not have the credit for them.

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