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TGM Panel

This post is my preliminary TGM panel review. I just joined this survey panel a few days ago (I have heard of TGM Panel before), and will be sharing with you my early experience with them.

TGM Panel - take online paid surveys for money!

TGM Panel is an online survey panel where your opinion transforms into money. Members earn cash or gift card rewards for participating and answering market research surveys.

Who can Join TGM Panel?

  • TGM is a global survey panel, they accept members worldwide.
  • Join TGM Panel Here – fill out the simple sign up form, check your email, and confirm your membership.
  • When you have confirmed your membership you will become a full member of TGM Panel!

Is TGM Panel Legit or Scam?

TGM Panel belongs TGM Research FZE, a global market research company focusing on delivering surveys in cooperation with Cint AB and other survey suppliers. Based on the feedback from many members who have been paid, TGM definitely is legitimate. Personally I have not been able to redeem for rewards, since I am a new member. I will update this review once I cash out.

TGM Panel Survey Rewards

TGM member’s account consists of two kinds/parts of reward balances:

  • Cash balance – members earn cash by completing surveys. Minimum cash out threshold for US members is: $12.50 with Paypal and $10 amazon/VGcode gift cards.
  • Points balance – members earn points by filling out profiles and from being disqualified from surveys. 1 points = $1. Minimum cash out threshold is 3 points ($3) from Paypal.

Cash balance is funded by external companies that add surveys in TGP panel, while point balance fund is awarded directly from TGM Panel.

TGM Panel Review

I joined the TGM panel about a week ago. Immediately after confirmation of membership, I started receiving 3 – 5 surveys invitation emails daily. Average reward is about $1 for a 10 minute long survey.

You will find more (a lot more) surveys if you log into your account, ranging from very short surveys (such as 4 minutes) to longer surveys. Most of their surveys are under 10 minutes, with some 15 or 20 minutes surveys.

Currently my cash balance is $0.38 USD for completing a short survey (4 minutes). Point balance is 0.06 points for filling out 5% of my profile (0.04 Points) and disqualifying from a surveys (0.02 points).

I will continue participating and taking surveys at TGP and update this review with any progress!


My early impression of TGM panel is pretty good. I like the fact they offer plenty surveys, relatively low cash out thresholds and good survey reward options such as cash via Paypal and amazon gift cards. Overall I I think it worths a try if you like taking online surveys for extra cash!

Join TGM Survey Panel – accept members worldwide!

Thanks for reading my TGM panel review! Are you a member of TGM survey Panel? Please feel free to share you experience and review!

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