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The Perfume Club – Earn Rewards for Taking Surveys

In today’s post, I will be introducing a new online survey community called The Perfume Club, and since it’s the beginning of the month, I will also post a few good paid online focus group leads for this month.

Do you love perfume? Join The Perfume Club, an exclusive community of fragrance lovers and help inspire the perfumers to create the fragrances of tomorrow!

The Perfume Club Surveys

What is the Perfume Club?

The Perfume Club Community is managed by QuMind, a research agency based in the UK. The aim of the community is to provide feedback to manufacture to advise and improve products and services.

How Does it Work?

As a member of the The Perfume Club,  you have the opportunity to earn a variety of rewards and incentives. You will be receiving invitations via email to take part in taste tests, online surveys and focus groups. Participation in these will earn you direct rewards which you can view and claim from the ‘redeem voucher’ page.

Online Surveys, Forums and Focus Groups

Online surveys will ask all sorts of different things regarding The Perfume Club Community, such as new products, customer service and communication methods.  Surveys will normally take between 5-15 minutes to complete.

A forum is a place where you can talk to other community members. It contains all the forum topics posted. By answering these and interacting with other community members you will be providing valuable feedback.

How much you want to share with other community members is entirely up to you. It could take a minute or up to 5 minutes – or more if you choose.

If you receive an email inviting for a online focus group, go to the community homepage, and click the link that takes you to the screener questions. If you are selected, you will receive an e-mail giving you the date and time of the focus group.

Click Here to Join the Perfume Club! (If you live in US, Open to Males and Females 18-60 years of age)

$80 Consumer Baking Goods research By Focus Group by Schlesinger

Honorarium: $80.00
Location: Offsite
Date(s): 04-Feb-2022 to 06-Feb-2022
Duration: 60
Topic: Consumer Baking Goods
Reference #: HUT22800005

Additional Notes:

We will ship two refrigerated cookie dough samples for you to prepare and evaluate at home between February 4-6, then complete an online survey.

It is important that you prepare, consume, and evaluate each of the cookie dough samples on the same day so that you can compare both samples to one another when completing the online survey that same day. If you have kids in your household, we may ask you to respond to a question about your kids.

You must prepare each sample yourself.

The total estimated time commitment is approximately 60 minutes, which includes prepping and consuming the samples and completing the online survey. See below for breakout.

Time commitment:

  1. Prep: 5 minutes per sample x 2 samples = 10 minutes
  2. Bake: 12 minutes per sample x 2 samples = 24 minutes
  3. Questions: 10 minutes per sample x 2 samples = 20 minutes

The total time commitment for prepping, eating and evaluating both samples will be approximately 60 minutes

Your online survey must be completed by 11:59pm Central Time on Sunday, February 6.

The incentive for full compliance of prepping and consuming the sample and completing the online questionnaire is: $80.


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