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This post is my Toluna Review. Toluna survey panel is a legitimate survey site and I have been paid!

logo_toluna_09.gifToluna Online Survey Panel is owned and operated by the Toluna Group, a marketing research firm with global headquarters in Paris, France. The Toluna community has over 2.5 million members worldwide, and after recent acquisitions of the Your2Cents panels and Greenfield Online panel, Toluna has greatly expanded it’s United States and Canada Panel base

Is Toluna Legit or Scam?

Toluna survey panel is Legitimate, NOT A SCAM! Personally I have been a member ever since it acquired Greenfield Online and I have been paid.

Who can Join Toluna?

  • Toluna accept members for these countries and regions: United State, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe & Asia.
  • Minimum Age required to sign up (for United States): 13 years old

Sign up with Toluna Survey Panel Here! 

Toluna Europe:
Austria   Brazil    Denmark         Finland       France     Germany     Greece
Ireland   Italy     New Zealand     Netherlands    Norway     Russia    Spain   Sweden
Switzerland (French Speaking)        Switzerland (German Speaking)

Toluna Asia:
Toluna – HongKong      Toluna – Japan       Toluna – South Korea
Toluna – Singapore (Chinese Speaking)     Toluna Singapore (English Speaking)

Toluna Rewards

  • Earn points for taking surveys, points are redeemable for Cash or Gift Certificates/Cards
  • 3000 points = $1, Minimum cash out requirement is 60,000 points = $20
  • Get paid cash via Check
  • You can also earn points by completing personal interest (profile) surveys and by taking sponsored polls and participating community discussions.
  • When a panelist attempts to take a survey, but does not qualify for the survey, he or she is still rewarded with an entry to the monthly cash sweepstakes.

My Toluna Review

I was a member of Your2cents and Greenfield Online (both are pretty good US/Canada paid survey sites) for years. So I was a little hesitant after Toluna bought both, especially Greenfield, since Greenfield was my favorite survey site (with their product testing, high paying focus groups and fast Paypal payment).

My experience with Toluna is pretty good. I receive LOT of surveys from Toluna, most of them offer 2000 – 18000 points (3000 points = $1) , although there are times surveys offer lower points.  I haven’t get any focus groups yet, but I have had chances to do product testings one of which paid $10 plus the product. I have cashed out for gift cards (such as Target gift card) and received the reward very fast. I am not sure how fast they pay by Paypal but I have heard other people get paid by Paypal within a week.

Please note: if you redeem for gift cards, to receive gift cards, you need to check the “Reward” section of your account, and you will be able to find your gift cards details that Toluna provides. Toluna doesn’t send gift cards details to your email address, they just send you an email informing you that your reward is ready to be claimed.

Toluna also have a community where members can earn points by taking sponsored polls, participating or starting opinion topics. Even though these kind of community activities don’t offer many points, it is quick and easy and you can do it every day, therefore points do add up.

Important Note:

Toluna points do expire! Please read their “Terms and Conditions“, under #20:

7. In addition to the expiration and forfeiture provisions of Sections 2, 9, 11, 12, and 13 of these Terms and Conditions, Points expire and become cancelled and forfeited under the following conditions: i) your cancellation of your panelist account at ToLuna USA, ii) if after initially registering for the ToLuna USA panel you do not take a survey and remain “inactive” for 6 months from the date of registration, and iii) if, having been an “active” member within the first 6 months after initially registering for the ToLuna USA panel you become “inactive” for a period of 12 months. In addition to the foregoing, each Point award will expire and be forfeited regardless of your “activity” 12 months after the Points were credited to your account.

So what does this means? Your points will expire in these conditions:

  • toluna-survey-reviewYou are inactive for 6 months from the date of registration;
  • You are “active” for the first 6 months, but become “inactive” for a period of 12 months;
  • Your points will expire 12 months after they were credited to your account regardless of your “activity”. – this is important, cause points will expire if you don’t redeem them 12 months after they were credited in your account.

So I strongly suggest you cash out as soon as you reach the minimum required points!


Overall, I think Toluna is a pretty good paid survey site and I recommend it.

Are you a member of Toluna survey panel? If yes, how was your experience? Please feel free to share your Toluna review! Any comments and questions are welcome too!

44 thoughts on “Toluna”

  1. I`VE BEEN WAITING 6 MONTHS FOR ALLEGED RECOMPENSE – WICH took 31 surveys ( $ 10.00 Amazon ) to no avail or response. Chinese kids could easily replace me .

    • Sorry to hear your trouble STE YAISTO. I cashed out a while back, it’s $10 Target gift card without any problem. You need to log into your account, find the “My Rewards” link and you will find your reward there. I will update my review to include the redeem instruction later. Good luck!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Sorry to hear the problems you experienced with Toluna’s product test surveys. Similar things happened to me before with other survey panels – I received products and I tested them but follow-up surveys never came!

    But I never had to purchase something in order to test products, so I really want to thank you for sharing your experience and your suggestion “NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING TO GO WITH A PRODUCT TEST FROM TOLUNA!” is right on! Thank you!!!

    • Oh Sorry Elizabeth I accidentally deleted your comment – I was cleaning all the spam comments and accidentally deleted some non-spams. I recovered some but still lost yours! Those damn spammers!

  3. Toluna has a new product testing project: Axe Aftershave Balm! 300 oProducts available and the product test runs from 1/20/-2/3/2014!

  4. Received a survey email invite title “A new survey for your child”, when I opened the email and notice the topic is about movie and film. I wonder why it’s a survey for my child?

  5. Toluna current product testing project: Spiderman Stationery kit with all the essentials! There are 200 Products available and the product test runs from 12/9/2013 to 12/23/2013.

    I am currently testing a food product for Toluna as well!

  6. Toluna currently has following product testing opportunity:

    Colgate Smiles Toothbrush for 0-2 years

    I signed up, got following message:

    If you are chosen, the product to test will be sent to the address given in your personal area. We therefore kindly ask you to check (and update if necessary) your address in your Personal Area.

    Please note that there are a limited number of products available.

    I don’t think I will get picked though, I don’t have a 0-2 years old around, lol.

  7. I am from Singapore. sg.toluna.com is a scam! I’m stating this from my personal experience. After depleting 24390 of my toluna points in Gifties(it’s like a lucky draw), I finally managed to win a $50 Subway gift card on 17th September 2013 at around 7:50am. But up till now, I have yet to receive anything. The Singapore Subway says they are not linked to Toluna at all and they also have not received any orders for the $50 Subway gift cards to be sent to my Singapore address yet. Subway Singapore also agreed with me that sg.toluna.com is a scam.

    • Sorry to hear about the problem Tan. Not sure if you are aware or not but Toluna’s points do expire. I mentioned it in my review above, so you need to cash out as soon as you can. Also congrats on the win of the subway gift card! Give it a little more time for them to deliver the rewards!

  8. Just completed a video game survey, took 10 minutes (survey invite emails says 15 minutes)!

    I login into my account, and found out that now they have a “test product” area where you can select and register the products you want to test, and Toluna will randomly select testers to send products to test. I just registered to test the “major sponge” hope i get select! Will update my review soon!

  9. Email from Toluna about reward changes:

    We’re happy to announce that beginning May 13th, PayPal has finally been re-launched for our US members! Payments are available in $20.00 increments, with a minimum of 60,000 points, and all requests will processed on a weekly basis.

    Changes to Check Payments
    As we launch PayPal payments to our members, we also have to make some changes to our check payment policy. So, starting May 14th, the redemption rate for checks increased slightly from 60,000 points for a $20.00 check to 75,000 points for a $25.00 check. We will continue to process check requests weekly, with delivery within 3-4 weeks

    • please can you help? have been trying to log on with TOLUNA for the last 3 days to no avail. Have also sent many e-mails with no response. What else can I do?

    • Sorry for the trouble. Did you enter the correct password? Try to Recover your password to see if they recognize your account/login email.

    • thank you for your swift response. did as you suggested, filled in “form” to see password, pressed “send” and nothing. Computer responds to everything else except Send button!!!!!

    • That’s strange. I tried using an incorrect email address and got a message “this email doesn’t exist!”. I also tried with my correct email and get was told that password sent to my email address which it did.

      By the way, how did you contact them? I saw a contact form on their site: http://us.toluna.com/contactus – this form is for login and registration inquiries.

  10. Toluna.com is a consumer website that relies upon the views of its members. In exchange for their time and efforts, they can earn points which to turn into vouchers once enough achieved. Easy right.
    Firstly the value of the vouchers you can earn for places like Amazon, HMV or Love2shop has increased to £15 which i’ll admit is good news. But you need 80000 points for that. Now at the moment if you only enter the screening polls you can earn at best 1000 points per weekday, thats 5000 points pw or roughly 3.5 months to earn one voucher.
    Now if you’re lucky to pass the screening and enter the survey proper, you can at most earn a max 10,000 points. But these are a rarity, the majority giving a reward on ave of 2000 points. Even then, the time it takes to be credited these points can be months if at all. There is a customer service helpdesk, but with regards to points rewards enquiries their response is the same. No points are awarded until the survey has the desired amount of respondents.
    So you work though 3.5 months and go to order your electronic voucher. Now members of dooyoo or Lightspeed for example will have to wait at most a couple of days. Toluna takes eight weeks to deliver an e mail. They blame it on Amazon quoting delivery timescales but seem unable to explain how dooyoo or Lightspeed can deliver the exact same service in only a fraction of the time.
    Of late a wonderful new event has hit the website. It seems that Toluna are having problems with their servers resulting in screening polls taking anything upto fifteen minutes while you get to stare at a status bar spinning rapidly, in an almost hypnotic twirl. Now bearing in mind they’ve been aware of this problem for at least a month now they seem reluctant or unable to do anything about it.
    Summary: An outmoded and outdated site, vastly inferior to dooyoo

  11. There is no customer service on toluna they are malicious, uncaring people that send you emails with copy paste messages without offering the help that members need, for the ones that haven`t had bad experiences with them beware they can turn around and accuse you of fraud – without proof or anything relevant quoting some God forsaken rules tight and unfair – and that because YOU are an active member and taking their money – SHAME ON YOU people don`t matter we are treated like cattle. TOLUNA is a bottomless pit – a trap – it eats up your time with the promise of paying you, you wait months for your vouchers to come… never again TOLUNA YOU HATE YOUR MEMBERS USE THEM AND CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GET RID OF THEM BOOOOO

  12. I hv registered this acc resently they send mails on surveys but when log on every time displays no surveys at the moment 😳 That’s happened to me more than 20 times. im disappointed… 😳

  13. Same here Porter. I just noticed today. I actually used their help center about a week or two ago and it was fine. I guess their server is overloaded due to the complains!!

  14. Has anyone else had issues with the help center not loading when you click the “contact us” link?

    I’m on a 5mb connection and the page loads after about 5 minuets if your lucky and it doesn’t give you a server time out error.
    The type of error indicates their server is not responding properly to your request for the page.

    My guess is this is possibly a purposeful deterrent to complain about issues with surveys/rewards.

  15. It took me more than 6 months to get to 80000 points in order to qualify for a £15 voucher. I have ordered it and now waiting 8 weeks to receive it…. I can tell you! in 6 months I completed at least 6 surveys per week. You spend 15 minutes on a survey to be chucked out after completing at least 10 questions. This is so annoying! time consuming! Them you are entered into prize draws. The advantage is that you can create your opinion polls/topics and find out about others experience on various subjects, so you find out a lot are moaning about waiting ages to get their vouchers, about never won at these prize draws. If you want to waste your time as I did, this is the site for you! Don’t go there, it is a complete waste of time for very little reward, if I get my voucher! …. To be continued….

  16. well at first i really didn’t like it. because i am 13 yrs old, and it toke me like 8 months to request 1 check. when the check did come i got so excited, and i showed it off to my mom and family members. then i found out more ways to receive points. so i did do surveys. i qualified for a 15,000 point survey and more! i am currently a VIP member. i got lots of points by creating INTERESTING opinion topics. then a lot of people post their opinion and i get like 2,000-4,000 points for each opinion topic that is popular. i am currently waiting for my second check.

  17. Takes a long time to earn the required 60000 points before cashing out. Sends a check, wish it were paypal or auto transfer. Lots of surveys

  18. This comment is long because it covers multiple subjects (My overall opinion, Support, Email-invite-surveys, Cashing out, and incentive crediting.)

    My Overall Opinion.
    I have had fairly good luck with Toluna, yes iv had survey errors and issues with then not crediting like I think they should but still I have made over $200 from them in the first 4 months of having an account with them. So I believe its at least worth trying for everyone.

    Support Cases.
    I too have had my share of “did not qualify”s after much time answering specific questions.
    I open a support case every time I have an issue with a survey of some sort, but their support seems to be a joke, either you get no response for months OR you get a response within days that is a generic “the problem is probably on your end” (clear your cache/cookies etc.) email.

    Email Invite Surveys.
    Anyone who complains that surveys their are email-invited to are closed when the click on them, the reason is people like you, the quota fills fast when everyone clicks that link. Go to the site and do a few surveys, dont just wait for the email.

    Cashing out.
    As for cashing out, I stick with requesting checks every time I reach the $20 minimum and normally get it within 4-6 weeks.

    Incentive Crediting.
    Because of the large number of surveys I have been able to qualify for through Toluna I have been able to notice a pattern. It seems often many protects close at the same time so my point balance may not change for days then suddenly I have more then enough to cash out.

  19. Update – Toluna has not been a good survey company for me in the terms of qualifying for surveys. I only had 3000 points since May of 2010. So I cancelled my account today.

  20. wen, I am sorry this happened to you, I understand it IS very frustrated cause I had similar experience. Did you save the survey invite? I would contact Toluna support and ask about this. I know you might not get anything but at least complain and vent.

  21. I recently took a survey with toluna that was worth 6000 pts and took 50 minutes to complete. I answered and answered what seemed like endless questions and when the survey was complete I got the “sorry you didn’t qualify” page. 🙁 They were not qualifying questions either. They were very specific questions about a specific product. I don’t know if I should invest anymore time in them or not.

  22. I have been paid out many times through them, so I recommend them. They just seem slow to credit your surveys, but they are a keeper.

  23. Hi Mel-sorry you have problem with Toluna. I never had problem with them before until recently – I can’t log into my account. Email them more than 3 time still no response nothing. Looks like they need to keep up with their support.

  24. I too have been having problems with Toluna, and I dearly miss the old “Ciao Surveys” and “Greenfields” days…

    I have had a “CD WOW” voucher being “processed” since December 2010. I have written to Toluna twice and they have never responded. I’m wondering if there’s an organisation we can report them to?

    It’s so disappointing spending so many hours completing surveys honestly and thoughtfully – just to have them not pay up. I NEVER had this problem with Ciao or Greenfields – and I DEFINITELY do not recommend joining this panel!

  25. Compensation section needs to be updated, paypal option was removed when they merged with greenfield a while ago.
    only 3 reward options are available now
    500 points for an extra sweepstakes entry
    3000 points for a billboard music download
    60,000 points for $20 check

  26. I have had two negative experiences with Toluna. First I participated in an online focus group for Greenfield Online in Nov 2009. It took 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours of my time. I received a message at the end saying I had successfully completed my participation in the focus group. I was promised $25 cash which I never received. My complaints to Greenfield online went unheeded. After they merged with Toluna I finally got a response. They claim I quit before the focus group ended. Definitely not true! I not only finished, I responsed to every question they asked.

    Recently I completed a 30 minutes survey for 3000 points. When I finished, I was told I didn’t qualify. When I complained, they claimed I had only been asked screening questions. The 30 minutes of questions I answered went far beyond screening questions.

    This site has an interesting way of avoiding paying out. One of the worst sites I have used.

  27. Hi Mary, did you sign up with Toluna? If not, you need to register with them first, then you will be able to receive and take surveys from them.

  28. Ihave contacted the customer service department5 times and I have receivedno help.All I want is my user name and password so I can log in and take surveys andaccess my account. Can you please help? Thanks

  29. Hi Rise – sorry you have had bad experience with Toluna. I would suggest you skip the lowing paying surveys. As you probably know Toluna bought Greenfield Online last year, which has many high paying interactive surveys and focus group oppos…so I would stick with them. Just my 2cents. Good luck to you1

  30. DO NOT bother with Toluna!!! Every time they send me a survey worth 5,000 or more points, THAT survey is ALWAYS closed. BUT, they have “others” (worth a lot less points). NOT WORTH IT – AVOID THEM!!!

  31. well i have been with toluna a couple of years not really had any problems.

    i dont know about being paid by paypal, i normally get the vouchers as i dont think i would stand a chance of getting anything in the prize draws. but you get loads of surveys from 800 points upwards so doesnt take long to get to the 80,000 points.

    i also do the sponsored polls which gives you extra points, ive only tested one product in 2 years, but ive had a couple of freebies one survey was on behalf of boots chemist and they sent me a extra gift of a scholl foot spa, and ive had an extra £15 hmv voucher.

    vouchers take a while to come though about 8 weeks, but i look at it, they are free so i dont mind waiting.

  32. So far I have had nothing but trouble from
    Toluna. I’ve spent so much time writing to them. I only have 12,000pts when I should have 75,000pts. They have SCREWED me out of points more ways than you can imagine. I was with 2-cents and Greeenfield and really miss Greenfield. I would love to opt out of Toluna but I can’t cause I have to many points pending on the line. Right now I do HATE this Survey Group………… :Pinch:

  33. I have been with Toluna since June 2009. I recive 20-25 surveys a month. I qualify for 1-4 surveys. I havent done any focus groups or product tests. I have done many sponsored polls and there interesting, which is an easy way to receive extra points. I havent had any problems with them or receiving payments.


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