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Join Under One Roof, an exclusive online community for those who are a fan of HGTV, Food Network, or Travel Channel and start sharing your opinions, thoughts, and ideas on topics related to home, food, travel and more.


Under One Roof Panel – this is a online community hosted by Scripps Network (HGTV, FoodNetwork & Travel Channel). Members of this community earn points for rewards by participating in surveys and discussion forums.

From their website:

“The people who bring you HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel invite you to join an exclusive online community where you can share your opinions, thoughts, and ideas about topics related to home, food, travel and more!

Under One Roof is your opportunity to tell us about your experiences in home improvement, decorating, cooking, shopping, entertaining, traveling, vacations, and much more. Your opinions will help shape plans for some of your favorite networks. Plus, you earn points for rewards by participating in surveys and discussion forums.

To get started, please click the “Next” button below to complete a brief survey and see if you qualify to become an official member of Under One Roof.*

Once you’ve qualified and confirmed your membership in the community, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of three $250 amazon.com electronic gift cards. Then you’ll be offered opportunities to earn points for rewards through your participation in surveys and discussion forums.**

As you go through the survey, please answer each question. You will be able to move from one page to the next only after answering all the questions.

Thank you for your interest in joining Under One Roof, where your opinions matter!”

*** This panel had recruited members before, and they are opening registration again, but I believe space is limited, so if you are interested I suggest you sign up as soon as possible before quota is full.  ***

Click here to Join the Under One Roof Panel – Open to US residents, and age 18 -50 years old only

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