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Best Online Paid Survey Sites for United States

This post lists the best online paid survey sites for United States residents! Join these top US survey panels, take surveys and earn extra money & rewards (cash or gift cards)! They are all legit, free to join and actually pay! Starting with the top USA survey sites with new survey panels are added at the end of the list.

Tips: #1. Use a separate email account for signing up survey panels. #2. Set up a free Paypal account;  #3. Make sure to confirm your registration (mostly by clicking the links within the confirmation emails sent to you shortly after). 4. Fill out initial profile surveys to receive more relevant survey invitations.

  1. SurveySavvy
    SurveySavvy members get paid cash (via check) for taking online surveys. They offer members good paying survey opportunities, and also have a double tier referral program where members get paid when their referrals and referrals’ referrals completing surveys . One account per household. Accept 14 and up years old. surveysavvy review
  2. Paid Viewpoint
    Paid Viewpoint is a survey panel that pays members cash (via Paypal) and gift cards (amazon & walmart). They generally have short but interesting surveys. Must be at least 13 years old to join. Invite only. paidviewpoint review
  3. Survey Junkie 
    Survey Junkie pays members cash (via Paypal) or amazon gift cards for completing online surveys. Open to 13+ years old. surveyjunkie review
  4. Product Report Card
    Members get paid cash (through pre-paid visa card) and amazon gift cards for completing online surveys. You get $5.00 for signing up. Must be at least 13 years old to join. product report card review
  5. Mindfield Online
    They pay members cash for completing every survey. Paypal minimum cash out is $5. Check threshold is $10. They also have Amazon option minimum $5. Minimum age requirement: 18+.   mindfield online review
  6. MySoapBox 
    Members make money by taking part in online surveys, product testing and focus groups. You earn points and cash out points for amazon or store gift cards. Open to 13 and older. mysoapbox review
  7. Toluna US
    Members earn points for completing online surveys and answering sponsored polls. Points can be exchanged for cash (via Paypal or Visa Prepaid card) and various gift cards. Open to 13 and up years old.  toluna review
  8. Lifepoints
    Formerly known as GlobalTestMarket, LifePoints is one of the top survey panels! Members earn points for taking online surveys. Points are redeemable for cash (Paypal), amazon/iTunes and store gift cards or various prizes/merchandises.  They offer numerous online surveys as well as product testing and focus group opportunities. One account per mailing address. Accept 14 and up years old. lifepoints review
  9. SpringBoard America
    Springboard offers good survey, focus group and product testing opportunities, and rewards members cash via check. Minimum payout is $50. Must be 14+ years old to join. sprintboard america review
  10. MyPoints
    MyPoints is one of my favorites. Members earn points for taking every survey. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal amazon and other popular store gift cards. They also have paid emails, paid search, cash back shopping and paid offers etc.  Very reliable site. 18+
  11. YouGov
    You earn points for completing surveys, points convert to cash (paid via cash prepaid card), amazon/store gift cards or prize. They offer most political and current event surveys. Minimum age requirement 14 years old.
  12. American Consumer Opinion
    American Consumer Opinions members earn points for taking surveys and survey screeners, points are redeemable for cash via check or Paypal. They accept members world wide and 13 and up years old.  american consumer opinion review
  13. TellWut Panel
    TellWut is a fun online community where members get paid amazon gift cards for taking and creating surveys. Must be at least 13 years old to join. tellwut review
  14. LegerOpinion
    Formerly known as Legerweb, LegerOpinion is a great Canadian based online paid survey site, they also accept US residents. Members get paid cash (by check) for every survey completed.Open to 18 and up years old. legeropinion review
  15. Branded Surveys
    Members earn points for taking surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal and amazon gift cards. Open to USA, Canada, and UK. minimum age requirement is 13 years old. branded surveys review
  16. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks is a popular reward site, and they have tons of online surveys even product testing opportunities. You can also do many other activities to earn points and redeem points for cash or gift cards. Must be 13 and older to join.
  17. Univox Community 
    Univox  is a survey community where members earn points for taking surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal and amazon gift cards. Earn 200 points ($2) just for joining! Open to 13+. US, Canada & UKunivox community review
  18. ClearVoice Surveys
    Many online surveys, product testing and focus group opportunities. Accept 13+, USA.
  19. Ipsos iSay
    I-Say surveys, operated by Ipsos, members get paid cash or gift cards to take online surveys. One of the top survey sites, lots of online surveys and product testing opportunities. Open to 14 and up years old. i-say review
  20. Focus Group by Schlesinger 
    Formerly known as Inspired Opinion, Focus Group by Schlesinger is the consumer opinion panel launched by Schlesinger Associates. They have many focus groups opportunities as well as “regular” paid surveys. Panel members earn points for taking online surveys and focus groups. Points are redeemable for amazon gift certificates or cash (for focus groups). Accept 18+ years old.
  21. Opinion Bureau  
    Members earn points for completing online surveys, and points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal or amazon (and other popular) gift cards. Get $5.00 sign up bonus just for joining! 13+.
  22. Market Agent 
    Market Agent members make cash for taking surveys. They pay cash through Paypal or Skrill. Earn 150 points ($1.50) just for signing up! Age requirement 14 and older. market agent review
  23. Prize Rebel
    Prize Rebel is a great survey panel, they have low cash out threshold and pay fast! They reward members points for taking online surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash (Paypal) or amazon gift cards. Minimum age 16 to join.
  24. Survey Round Table 
    Survey Round Table rewards members points for completing online surveys, and points can be redeemed for amazon and other popular gift cards. Must be at least 13 years old to join.
  25. Opinion Square
    Opinion Square members earn points for taking surveys. Points convert to gift cards and prize. Must be at least 18 years old to join.
  26. Inbox Dollars
    Inbox Dollars is another good reward site, they offer many good paying online surveys, as well as other ways to earn cash or gift cards. Open to 13+ years old.
  27. Rakuten Insight 
    Rakuten Insight is looking for new members for their US survey panel. They pay cash via Paypal or amazon gift cards. Minimum age to join is 16 years old.
  28. Opinion Bar
    Opinion Bar pay members cash for completing online surveys. Must be at least 13 years old to join.
  29. National Consumer Panel (former Homescan)
    An unique panel. Members earn points for scanning purchases and taking mail/online surveys (so you always qualify and get points). Points add up quickly and redeemable for various merchandise. 18+
  30. Pureprofile
    Pureprofile is a very user friendly online survey sites. They provide many interesting and easy to answer surveys, and you can earn cash via Paypal or gift cards such as amazon. Open to 13+ years old.
  31. OnePoll 
    Onepoll members earn cash  for completing online surveys. Cash are paid through Paypal. New members earn $5 sign up bonus! Must be at least 13 years old to join. (Please note: if you see a “sorry” message, that means the quota is full for the month, come back at the 1st of the next month to sign up).
  32. Brand Institute
    Brand Institute is an unique survey panel that focus on brand name selection. It is especially great for health care professionals. They pay cash via Paypal for every survey you complete.
  33. OpinionSite
    Members get paid cash (via check) or amazon gift cards for completing online surveys. Get 50 points even if you disqualify for a survey. Minimum cash out thread $10. Open to 13+.
  34. Consumer Village
    Consumer Village rewards members points for amazon gift certificates for community board discussions and online surveys/focus groups. 18+  consumer village review
  35. Johnson & Johnson Friends & Neighbors
    Members get paid cash (by check) for testing consumer products. I have done few product testing for them. I heard that they have many product tests for babies and children.
  36. Executive Advisory Board
    This is a panel for business owners or executives, and is ran by Decision Analyst Inc. They pay members cash (check/PayPal) for online surveys and focus groups.
  37. Technology Board
    Technology Board is anther survey panel operated under Decision Analyst. Members earn points that can be redeemed for cash (check) to complete online surveys. You get 5-10 points for trying. 18 years old to join.
  38. Harvard Business School
    Harvard Business School Behavioral Research lab pay cash (money orders) or amazon gift certificate for every online survey. Must be at least 18 years old to join.
  39. Permission Research
    Members earn points redeemable for cash, gift cards and merchandise. Other member benefits include free online disk storage, free games, free software and screen savers. Safe software installation required.
  40. JuryTest
    They conduct mock trials online. You register as a juror and review cases. They pay cash(paypal) for each case.
  41. Panel Station  
    Members earn points for completing online surveys, and points can be redeemed for cash via Paypal or amazon (and other popular) gift cards. Must be at least 18 years old to join.
  42. Shoppers Perspective Community –  New! Added 4/28/2016
    An online community comprised of shoppers across America willing to share their opinions about their shopping experience. Members earn gift cards for their opinion!  Open to male & female 18 years and older.
  43. Crowdology – USAnew! added 12/19/2017
    Members earn points which can be cashed (Paypal) out for amazon gift cards or cash (via check) for completing online surveys. Must be at least 16 years old to join.
  44. E-Rewards
    Earn e-Rewards money for every survey. E-Rewards money is good for amazon and store gift cards and vouchers at E-Reward partners such as Blockbuster, Hertz rental, American Airline. This panel is by invitation only. You can get invitation by signing up with E-Rewards’ sponsors.
  45. McCormic Consumer Testing Panel
    Members get paid cash or amazon gift cards for participating product testing and online surveys. Must be 18 and older.
  46. Reckner Consumer Opinion Panel
    Reckner is a consumer panel that rewards members cash (check) for taking online surveys and participating focus groups and in-home product testings. Must be 18+ to join.
  47. E-Poll
    E-Poll survey panel members earn points for taking every survey. Points can be redeemed for cash(via Paypal) or gift cards include amazon gift certificates or prize. One account per household. Open to 13+ years old. e-poll review
  48. Opinion Plusnew! added 11/5/2019
    Opinion Plus members earn cash for taking surveys. Survey cash payments are made through Paypal. Earn $2 sign up bonus just for joining and answering profile surveys!  Open to 13+ USA only.
  49. Life Fun & Everything – added 2/20/ 2020
    Members are rewarded gift cards and prepaid visa cards for participating in online surveys. Invite Only. Open to 13+ years old.
  50. Finger on the Pulse – added 3/24/ 2020
    Members get paid gift cards (points conversion) for participating in online surveys, discussion boards and polls. Invite Only. Open to 18+ years old.
  51. MoBrog 
    MoBrog is a global survey panel powered by PLENDID Research GmbH from Germany. They pay cash through Paypal for completing online surveys. Minimum age to join is 18. They also have a mobile survey app.
  52. TGM Panel
    TGM panel is a global survey panel, they have many surveys and pay members cash via Paypal or Amazon gift cards for completing online surveys!
  53. Living Well Forumnew! added 6/7/2020 Special online community for 64+ years old. Earn points redeemable for amazon gift cards for participating surveys, polls and discussion board. Invite Only.
  54. Opinion World – new! added 2/1/2019
    Another survey panel powered by SSI. They have many survey and product test opportunities for members. They pay cash (Paypal) and amazon. Minimum age to join is 13 and open to US and some European and Asia countries.

Paid Survey Tips & Notes:

Best Paid Survey Sites USA1. You may notice that there aren’t hundreds of survey sites on this list – this is because I only list those legit and good survey sites that worth joining. Notice that all survey panels listed here pay members either cash and/or gift cards and/or prizes (in other words, no sweepstakes only survey sites), and many of them have high paying focus groups and product testing opportunities.

2. I suggest you sign up with all the survey sites listed here or as many as you feel comfortable – because the more survey sites you belong to, the more surveys you will receive.

3. It is a time consuming process signing up with all the survey panels and fill out detailed panel profiles – I recommend you join all the survey panels and fill out the basic profile first, then go back to each panel and fill out additional and more details panel profiles.

4. I add legitimate new survey sites whenever I find them. I also review this list at least once a month to make sure all survey sites listed here are still active and all links are working. Please feel free to drop me a comment if know any good legit survey panels not listed here or you find any broken links or any survey sites that are “dead” and should be removed from the list, thank you!

I have been taking online surveys for over 10 years. I still think it’s a great way to extra cash online since it’s free, legitimate and quite easy.  I hope you find this survey site listing helpful!  Pleas share it with family and friends or anyone you know who are interested in earning extra money by taking survey online – thank you! Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions, and ask if you have any questions about paid surveys!

382 thoughts on “Best Online Paid Survey Sites for United States”

  1. Hello,

    Do you know of any study companies that have online focus groups only? I’ve had a couple but it’s not until I have finished a complete survey that at the end they ask if I would like to participate. I want to skip the surveys and find more focus groups.

    Also, is their a way to “tell” if a survey is going to lead to a focus group? This way it would be easier for me to spot them before starting a survey.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  2. Hello,

    Is their a dry season for receiving surveys? I haven’t been doing this but a couple of months and it seems as if the last couple of weeks the surveys I receive has slowed down considerable. I was just wondering if it’s normal this time of year. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Roy, usually the end of year is busy season for surveys, therefore the recent months could be dry, but I didn’t notice big drop on surveys. GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey are in the process of merging to LifePoints, that might affect a little, other major survey panels are still sending many surveys to me.

  3. Is there any way you can make a list that has the best app based survey stuff? I know a lot of them but any extras definitely be great it’s a lot easier for me to do things on my phone compared to a computer

    • Hi Mandy, thanks for your suggestion! I have been thinking about compiling a list for mobile survey apps! Just you know many of the survey panels listed here are mobile friendly. Currently the only one that only works on mobile devices on my list is “QuickThoughts

  4. Thank you for this extensive list. I already belong to more than 164 survey sites and most of the ones on your list I belong to, but I did manage to join a few new ones I’ve never seen before. Thanks again!

      • ballerina, please feel free to fe-mail me at anytime at:


        At last count the amount of survey sites I belong to are now about 170 and I will be glad to give you my complete list.

        Best of luck,
        Catwoman=^..^= & Mija (my furbaby)

    • You are welcome Catwoman! And thank you for your comment! Wow you belong to 164 survey sites! I am so happy to hear there are a few on this list that are new to you too! Please feel free to share the ones I don’t know. Thank you!

      • Thanks for the list. I am the new one in this area and i am looking for to work online. Is this list only applicable for US residents? Can you suggest a list for all countries residents?

    • hello

      my name is tammy and i want to know if you can send the list with 164 surveys sites and focus groups if you have them on the list to.

    • Hi Patricia, LegerWeb doesn’t send lot of surveys for US residents. SurveySavvy does have reasonable amount of surveys. For both surveys panels, you can check available surveys after log into your account. Hope it helps!

  5. have you ever heard of a survey site that is opinionUSA. I was with them and have quite a bit to cash out, and I accidentally deleted the message from them. I have been looking for this site for several days now. I am not positive if it is opinionUSA or USAopinion. but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. By the way I did sign up for several here that I had not seen before. hope you get the credit. Thanks,

    • Hi Ginger, I kind of remember that I have heard of this survey site but couldn’t find anything. If you do a search in your email program, you might find it in the “deleted” message folder..Sorry couldn’t be more help and glad to know you signed up with a few that are new to you.

      • I have been to the opinions USA website and do not see any way to join or contact the company without an existing account. Do you know what the process is?

      • Hi Karen, Opinions USA don’t accept new members on their website. They just opened registration accepting 35+ old now. I just added it to the bottom of the survey list. Check it out and sign up asap.

  6. Great list of survey sites, I have been surveys for about 7 years now and belong to alot of these sites. Here is one that you do not have listed: Points2Shop, you can earn cash and points and you can shop on their website through Amazon. I have done well with this site, last year I bought Christmas for my grandchild through this site. Check it out. You can take surveys, play games, small tasks and the pay isn’t bad either.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!

  7. I believe Focus Pointe Global uses screener information to collect data without paying participants online. I’ve been answering screeners for a couple months and have been rejected for every online and in person survey except the very first one.

    • Thanks for your feedback Meliska. I haven’t been able to qualify for their focus groups either. Keep in mind it is a lot harder to get into focus groups though.

  8. Hello Mei,

    I want to draw your kind attention that “Opinion World” website is not working , may be broken link.
    One more issue would you please provide any legit surveys websites which is applicable for Indian Residents since many of them are not applicable for the India.

    • Hi Venus, thanks for the heads up on Opinion World – I just tried and it seems working for me. Yes the link is for US residents only. that might cause problems for visitors from other countries.

      Regarding survey sites for Indian residents, have you checked out my “Asia-Pacific Paid Online Surveys List” – it lists all the survey panels for Asia countries including India. Hope it helps and good luck!

  9. I have been using Mysurvey for about 15 months now and am enjoying it fairly well. Recently started with springboard and pinecone. I was thinking about joining a few others, but have been burned by bad ones in the past and was wondering which 5 you would say are the best of the best? Thanks so much!

      • Globalmarket is awful; they never respond to emails and delete members accounts if you question anything. Toluna is a headache; they pay close to nothing and you waste lots of time; half the time you get booted after you’re 50% done with the survey.

      • Try Resolution Research; they send tons to you and they are generally short surveys and there’s more on their site.

      • Thanks for your comments and suggestions Joe! I have heard of Resolution Research, I thought they are pretty much have the same surveys/focus groups as Clear Voice Research (and USA Talk Now), but I will take another look at them. Thanks again!

  10. Hi. Just wanted to say Opinion Outpost, Pinecone Research and Tellwut are all good survey sites. Pinecone Research pays $3 per survey but you only take a survey when they offer one to you. Opinion Outpost has as lots of surveys most ranging from .50 to 2.50 depending on the length of survey. Tellwut has multiple mini polls. Each is either 5 or 10 points and there are only so many available each day. Very quick and easy to answer. The points add up quicker than you think. All three pay quickly. I have cashed out for numerous $25 Amazon cards with Opinion Outpost. I would certainly not recommend Global Test Market. They do not pay!!!! Was first site I signed up for. Minimum pay out is $50 which is ridiculous and then to not receive compensation after numerous attempts to contact them. Do not sign up with them. Just my two cents. Thanks.

    • Hi Suzie, thank you very much for your comment! It’s very helpful. Also I am so sorry to hear your payment issue with GlobalTestMarket. Do you mind providing a little more details like what reward (s) did you cash out for, is it cash (by check or paypal?) or amazon gift cards etc? I am curious since I am close to cash out and have been thinking about what option(s) to choose. I am little concerned now even with my past cash out history with them without any problems. Thanks again and best regards!

  11. Hi, Thank you all for the info

    I just discovered another interesting survey site joinhiving.com

    It pays 1 euro for each friend invited

  12. I just discovered a new survey panel, dollarpanel.com

    Behind the panel is a trusted swedish company. Payments are done via paypal.

    • Hi Laurence, if you want more details for each survey panels, check out the “Paid Survey Reviews” section. I will add the review links to each site later.

  13. Very helpful information. Appreciate it.
    My Likes:
    Cashcrate is a site where you can earn free cash online. If you are someone who needs more money and has some spare time, this site is perfect for you. You earn money by doing free offers, surveys, watching ads, shopping online, participating in live contests and referring your friends and family members to the site.Their referral system is great too. When you sign up a person you earn 20% of your level 1 referrals. If you can collect quite a few referrals, that can turn into some excellent income from others doing work! Cashcrate not only pays you 20% of your level one referrals, but they implement a 2 level referral system. That means anyone who signs up under your referrals, you will also earn 10% of their earnings. When a referral gets to the $10 minimum you get an automatic $3 bonus! Not only can you earn all that money, but once you get more referrals, your referral percentage increase up to 30%. This is why Cash crate is the best GPT site. YOUR EARNING POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED.
    I have made close to $3000 using this great Get Paid To Site. The amazing part is I’ve spent only about 6 hours a week on this site and I’ve earned $300 in 1 month! I can’t urge you enough to try it out for yourself.

    • Rose,

      I appreciate you sharing your experience and I want to make it clear again to my readers that Cashcrate is NOT a paid survey site, it’s a GPT/paid offer site (due to the fact your comment under this survey listing article).

      Now Should you take surveys on those GPT/Paid offer sites: ?

      No, I I do not recommend take surveys from those paid offer sites like Cashcrate, for the reason below:

      Yes you can take surveys over there but those surveys are all low paying (under $1) surveys and you can earn a lot more if you take those exactly same surveys directly from real survey sites such as iPoll/SurveyHead, GlobalTestMarket and MyView etc.

  14. So I received an survey from Surveyspot, 75 points 1 minut. They one of the questions they ask:

    Which of the following do you currently own? Please select all that apply.

    The first option, guess what, is: BUS

    How the heck can I own a bus? funny and stupid!

    By the way, the survey turns out ask me to join Nielson Digital Voice, need to download software, no thanks.

  15. So.. I am BRAND new to this! As of today 01-08-14 what would be the number one paid survey site for begginers. I am very watchful of scams… Tried the ZNZ thing two months ago and that was a loss of at least $20.00.

    • Hi Sarah,

      The best ones are the top 10 on this list, and I would at least sign up the top 30 at least. Those are legitimate real market research panels and it is absolutely FREE to sign up, to do surveys and get paid. NO FEEs whatsoever.

      I am not familiar with ZNZ but have heard a little about it. It sounds they have bunch of paid OFFERS (which you have to pay).

      Hope it helps and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

      Good luck!

  16. Have been a member of eRewards for over 3 years and cannot ever remember them offering Amazon gift cards as payment. Blockbuster is no longer offered as well.

    • Hi JD, yes I know…when I was a member they never had amazon, but last time when I checked their website they listed Amazon gift cards as one of the reward options! It was a surprise to me as well! I will double check again, since I know their rewards options change from time to time as well as their sponsors.

    • Update: I just checked their site, while choosing amazon I got following message:

      Thank you for your interest in this Reward.
      Unfortunately, there are no Amazon offers available at this time.

      Only gift card they offer now is Restaurant.com gift certificates.

  17. You do know that 20/20 is not updated right?
    Also I have received a check from Global Opinion Panel in the past
    I believe I lost my account because my six months expired while I was trying too get the internet back

    • Not sure what do you mean by 20/20 Research updated?

      Global Opinion Panel merged (bought by) with Ipsos a while ago. I had been paid by them as well but no I no longer have an account with them.

  18. [quote name=Betty]How do I find Cash Crate? Is it on this list?
    Thanks for help.[/quote]Cashcrate isn’t a real paid survey site, although it does has low paying daily surveys. It’s actually a paid offer site. So I didn’t list it here, but you can find it in the Paid Offer site list. hope it helps.

    • I just want to say that i never seen this before until now. On one of these surveys personal info they ask you if you are in a (same-sex relationship) now with that in mind they can basically decline you because its not into law. I just want to put this out there thats all. Of course people will probally lie about it.

  19. [quote name=Mary][quote name=Betty]hello,
    I have been doing survers over a year now. Recently some of the surveys ask for “postcode”. That’s a new one on me. can someone tell me what “postcode” is?
    I appreciate it.
    Postcode I think is Zip Code or at least thats what I put, I may be wrong though[/quote]I live in Canada and we have Postal Codes which is similar to the USA Zip Code. Perhaps that is what they are referring to.


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