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Univox Community

In this Univox Community review post, I will provide more details about this cash paying online survey site and my personal experience and recommendations.

Univox Community Surveys

Univox Community is an online survey community for people to voice opinions and feedback about various products and services. It pays members cash or other rewards (such as amazon gift cards) for participating in market research surveys.

Is Univox Community Legit or Scam?

Univox Community is an online survey site operated by Market Cube LLC, an online sample and research company. It has over one million members worldwide, and numerous members have been paid. So Yes, Univox Community is legitimate. Personally I have just started taking their surveys last year, and I will post my payment proof once I get paid.

Who is Eligible to Join?

  • Anyone who is aged 13 or older can join.
  • Accept members worldwide – Univox Community is a worldwide community. It has over and around 1 million members from across 17 countries in all 5 continents, and membership is growing.
  • Click Here to Join Univox Community!

Univox Community Rewards

Members earn points for completing surveys and polls, and can redeem the points for following rewards:

  • Cash through PayPal or Virtual Master cards
  • Gift cards – Amazon or Tango gift cards

Minimum points required for redemption is based on user levels as follows:

  • Basic Members – 2500 Points
  • Verified Members (at least 3 redemptions) – 2000 Points
  • Premium Members (at least 5 redemptions) – 1500 Points
  • Ambassador Members at least 10 redemptions) – 1000 Points

Univox Community Review (with Updates)

Surveys frequency & credits

Univox Community sends me 2-5 survey invitations daily through emails, which indicate survey length, points, survey names and platforms (desktop, mobile). However, I prefer take surveys from my account dashboard, because the survey listings there not only have all the survey information, it also has members reviews/comments for each survey, which is really helpful for me to select which surveys to take!

Univox has surveys with various length and points, from 3 minutes to 30 minutes surveys that rewards from 30 points to 500 points. I really like that they have many short surveys, and most surveys are 10 – 15 minutes. The points they provide for surveys are decent compare to other survey sites, and they will credit points to your account immediately after you complete a survey.

Univox Community surveys are mobile friendly, you can take their surveys on multiple devices like desktop/laptop or mobile pone/tablet – they will let you know what devices are compatible for each survey. They also have apps (for Android/iOS) if you prefer taking surveys using app.

Univox Community members also earn 3 points for each poll they taken, although polls are not frequent, usually one or two polls each month.

Since I just joined Univox Community about 3 months ago, have not accumulated enough points (2500 points) to cash out as a basic level user. I noticed that after I successfully complete at least one or two surveys, I become a basic level user, which opens up a lot more surveys (with better incentives) for me.

Univox Community has some great community features, such as a community forum where members communicate with each other and administrators for various questions and issues. You can also contact support through chat or a toll free number.

Review Update June 2020:

Currently I have earned 2319 points by competing surveys and polls! Today I just found out that if you disqualify for a survey, you will get 3 points! Also they introduced a “spin” game. Today I got lucky and “won” 250 points! The trick is I have to complete 2 surveys within 24 hours to get the 250 points, and I did! So today I tried 5 surveys, qualified and completed two surveys that worth 52 points and 88 points, earned 9 points for disqualifying 3 surveys, and 250 “winning” points!

Review Update August 2020

Finally I earned enough points (2814 points) to redeem! I cashed out the 2800 points for Paypal on August 1st Saturday, and received the cash payment on August 3rd Monday. Following is the Payment proof (screen shot) of my Paypal payment from Univox Community!

Univox Community Surveys Cash Payment Paypal
Univox Community Surveys Cash Payment via Paypal

Review Update September 2021

Since March of this year, the reward payments process has been greatly slowed down. It took about 2 – 6 weeks for them to process my rewards. If you go to their member discussion forum, you can see many members complain about payments are being delayed. Some members even have their redemption requests denied.


I have been a member of Univox Community for close to two years. They continue to offer members many surveys. However, since some members including me have experienced payment issues (very slow payment or even being denied payments), I suggest you join them with caution, stop taking any surveys until you are paid.

Join Univox Community Here And Get Started! – Earn $2 just for signing up and completing your profile!

Are you a member of Univox Community? Please feel free to share your review and experience, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

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    • Hi, if you have earned at least 2500 points by completing surveys and polls, you can redeem either through Paypal or amazon (and other) gift cards. Good luck!


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