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This post is my Valued Opinions review – I was a member of Valued Opinion, and have been paid!
ValuedOpinions_logoValued Opinions is a legitimate online survey panel. As a member, you will be invited to participate in various surveys matching your interests.  Money is given in exchange for your opinions and will be stored in your account until you are able to redeem your rewards.

Is Valued Opinions legit?

Yes! Valued Opinions is operated by Research Now Limited, a London-based,  leading global online sampling and data collection company. Personally I have been paid by Valued Opinions and I will show my payment proof later in this review.

Valued Opinions Rewards

  • Amazon Gift Certificate – Minimum cash out $20;
  • Cash – Paid Via Visa Prepaid card – Minimum cash out $30;
  • Gift cards – Minimum cash out $20

Who can Join Valued Opinions and How?

  • Minimum Age Requirement To Join
    16 years old
  • Open to Countries/Regions
    United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany

Sign Up for Valued Opinions here:

Valued Opinions Review

Valued Opinions definitely is one of my favorite and top paying survey sites!

Survey Quantity and Quality:

On their website they says: “for each survey you complete, you will receive a reward, typically between $2 and $5 and up to $50 for specialist surveys which will be credited to your Value Opinions account within 28 days.”

I receive lot of surveys from them, about 3 – 4 surveys per week. They send me survey invite emails and you can also check and take surveys from your account dash board after logging in.  I like the fact that their surveys cover a variety of topics which makes the survey taking experience more enjoyable. Below is a screen shot of my dash board, and you can see they have surveys about food, employment and utilities. 🙂

Valued Opinions Surveys Account Dashboard

Survey Payment

Their surveys usually pay between $2 – $5, and take about 10 – 25 minutes to complete. Reward is reasonable to good in my opinion, and reaching the $20 cash out minimum isn’t difficult at all.

They don’t credit your surveys right away, but they do have record showing which surveys are pending etc. Generally it takes between 2 – 6 weeks for the survey credits to show up.  I have only cashed out Amazon Gift Certificates and I received my Amazon Gift Certificate Code in my email box almost instantly after cash out! Following is a Amazon Gift Certificate I received late last year.

Valued Opinions Surveys Payment – Amazon Gift Card

Member Support

Support is pretty good in my case – I have contacted them once regarding logging problem. I got a response within two days and I was told that for some reason I have to change my email address which I did. From then on I never had any problems.  Personally I never had any technical problems and payment issues so that’s my only experience with their support.


Overall I think Valued Opinion is a very good paid survey site and I high recommended it! Please feel free to leave your reviews and comments!

Thanks for reading my Valued Opinions review. Please feel free to ask questions or share your review in the comment!

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18 thoughts on “Valued Opinions”

  1. I just took a survey – $2 and it took me about 10-15 minutes. Interesting survey, and I like the fact that at the end of the survey they ask you to rate your survey experience on various aspects such as length of the survey etc. Hopefully it will help them improve the survey experience.

    • That is a shocker!! Thanks for your feedback Soly. Recently I heard some members of Value Opinion Canada (Web Perspective) complaint being charged fees for payment. I was so surprised and even thought that I am lucky with Valued Opinion US. This is definitely not good! 🙁

      Now what do you mean by “So now you pay $22 for a $20 gift card”? Can you still cash out when you reach $20 and get paid $18, or you have to reach $22 and get paid $20? Thanks!

    • You are right Soly. To redeem $20 amazon you have to have $22 in your account ($2 fee). If you want to redeem $20 Visa prepaid care you have to have $25 in your account – that’s $5 transaction fee! There are no fees to redeem other gift card such as Macy’s gift card.

  2. Opps. I just said my pending credit is RM10. Actually, it’s Rm22. So adding to my available RM12 credits, I’m already entitled for second payout-RM34!

    Is that the reason why the make it all as pending credit?

  3. I’m based in Malaysia and actively joined other survey sites. even payment i requested months later than ValuedOpinions, i have received.

    To date, my requested payment still not received. My email to them, unanswered. I have RM10 pending credits since I dont know when–I dont know why it was pending, since some surveys after that were credited immediately..

  4. Update – I receive 22+ surveys a month and qualify for 1-4 of them. I haven’t had any problems with them. They are in my personal top 12 best survey companies!

  5. Hi Atika – Valued Opinions is not a scam, I was recently by them. I will upload the payment proof image and update my review…Sometimes it does take a little longer to get credits..Hope it helps.

  6. My credits are still pending after a month. My emails are not answered. I’ve requested for cashout, if didnt received it-it is truly a scam.

  7. Update – I receive 4-8 surveys a month and qualify for 1-2 of them, not as good as it was in 2010. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  8. I joined up at Valued Opinions because I had seen some positive reviews of the place and their website said they were a BBB certified business. I came to find out pretty quickly that they are the typical scam artists who never pay you.

    I have had to email them about 20 times regarding surveys I wasn’t credited for. They never responded to any of the emails, except one, about a month after the $1.00 credit came through, telling me that my account had been credited. Well, obviously. It took you 2 1/2 months to respond? Seriously?

    Recently, it got so bad that I have been keeping a spreadsheet with the survey number, date I took it, and the subject of the survey. I have been a survey taker for at least 15 years, and I have NEVER had to do something like this. I contacted the BBB because my money was either pending for months on end, even though their site says it will be 28 days or so, or they weren’t crediting me at all. The BBB, closed the claim because they weren’t getting anywhere. I find it appalling that Valued Opinions claim they are a BBB certified business with an A+ rating, yet the BBB did absolutely nothing to help me, and I have yet to be paid the money I am owed, which is now almost $30 dollars.

    I am sharing my experience here in the hopes that I can save someone else the frustration and hassle. Valued Opinions is horrible!
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Update – I receive 4-10 surveys a month. I qualify for 1-5 surveys. Better than it was in 2009. I havent had any problems with them or receiving payments.

  10. I had an experience with them I wanted to share. I took a VERY LONG 4 dollar survey which I totally completed. However on the very last page (right when I was expecting the ‘thank you for taking this’ message) – instead it popped up saying, ‘session logged out, too much time taken.’ OMG I freaked! I had spent nearly an hour and it was indepth, truse me!

    I immediately wrote customer service and it took them over a week to respond. When I finally got the response, I was much calmer (LOL my first email was right when I got the shaft) but then their response got me a bit angry again. It said something along the lines of, you were screened out and you must have mistaken our screening pages for the survey as we do have up to 20 pages of screening questions.

    Well, I wrote again, telling them I KNOW the difference between the beginning screener pages and when I’ve been accepted. This was a very long survey where they had me reading entire commercials and giving my opinions, etc. I had been at it for almost an hour and they were even breaking in with the little messages such as, “thanks for continuing, a final few questions.” Stuff like that. If I’d been screened out, I asked her, then why was my message that I had been logged out due to time to take survey? (I had not walked away nor had any periods where I stopped the survey at all, it literally had taken that long to complete it).

    Anyways, long story short, over another week later, I did get one more response from CS, this time she said she had noticed that I DID complete the survey and that I DID get the ‘session logged off’ message and she said that message came in error. They did credit my account the full amount of the survey.

    I was very happy and wrote her again thanking her. I guess the moral of my novel (lol) is to be persistant when you know you’re right and be calm in the emails and always email them back, cause you never know what the outcome may be.

    As a note, I’ve also earned the 20 dollar Amazon GCs too, and its correct, you are given the code immediately, its available on your accounts page as soon as you request it.

  11. I have been with Valued Opinions for a while. I receive like 2 surveys a week. And qualify for 1-4 a month. Most of the surveys I receive are $2-3. I havent had any problems with them. They are in my top 15 survey sites. 🙂

  12. Receive about 4 surveys a month, minimum $2 but many $3-$4, received one for $6. Sometimes long prelim & then not acceptable which can be frustrating but, it is balanced by other well paying surveys. On the whole a rewarding survey co. Completed surveys are listed immediately however, they take about 3 weeks for credit to be applied. $20 payout for Amazon, Macy’s, etc., but I prefer Amazon. Amazon gift certificate was credited immediately. After my disturbing experience with Clearvoice (credits deleted) I now read terms. Keep a record because once $20 is reached you must redeem within 3 months or credits will be deleted. Not difficult to reach. So far no problem, have cashed out once & am now $1 away from another Amazon gift certificate.


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