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This post is my ViewPoint Forum review. ViewPoint Forum currently is not accepting new members.

Viewpoint Forum Review - Legit cash paying survey siteViewpoint Forum is a community of consumers providing their opinions about current and new product and service ideas. Members of the community share their personal viewpoints on a wide array of product and service ideas and, as a result, directly impact the potential of these products and services in the marketplace.

ViewPoint Forum Rewards

ViewPoint Forum members earn points for each online survey completed. And members can redeem points for cash that is paid through check.

My ViewPoint Forum Review

Viewpoints Forum is another good paid survey site. They used to send about 3 -4 surveys per month, and now maybe one survey every month. I qualify about half of their surveys, for those I don’t qualify, I was rewarded 10 – 20 points.

You earn points for each survey completed. Their surveys mostly are about consumer products, such as trash bags, laundry detergent etc. Personally I have done their product testing surveys (tested trash bags, and completely a follow up survey). Most of their surveys take 10-15 minutes to complete, and worth 100 -250 points. The product testing surveys usually pay really well! I enjoy taking their surveys, since they are not time consuming, and you actually qualify!

They only pay through check.Β  After you accumulate at least 750 points (equivalent of $20), you are eligible to request payment. I have been paid a couple of times. I usually receive the checks within 2-3 weeks after redemption.

How to join ViewPoint Forum?

Viewpoints Forum uses a referral system to recruit panel members – in order to join ViewPoint Forum survey panel, you have to have a current panel member refer you. Each panel member can refer maximum 5 people. I have used all of my referrals. But they haven’t been accepting new members for quite a long time.

In Conclusion

Viewpoint forum is one of the good survey sites that pay cash, unfortunately they are not accepting new member registrations and haven’t been for quite some time.

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  1. I just cashed out from Viewpointforum. My daughter just finished a product testing and get paid 750 points (about $20). They are really a great survey panel, I am giving them 4 star rating because they rarely open registration! Wish more people can sign up with them.

    • Hi Stephanie, I just logged into my account and checked the “Refer a Friend” page, here is their notice: “Sorry, The referral program has temporarily been suspended”. OHH wish they accept new members soon!

    • I have completed a product test. However, I have not received a follow-up email yet. It’s been about a week now. What can I do about it?

      • Hi Temple, contact support as soon as possible! There is a “contact us” link at the bottom of the page. I would email them first, then call if no response within 2-3 days. Hope it helps!

    • Hi yesenia – can you subscribe or follow me on facebook or twitter and you will will get an update when they reopen registration.

    • Hi Ivon, Sorry ViewPoint Forum currently is not accepting new members. You can subscribe my site to get update – I will post it on my blog if they reopen registration. You can also follow me on Facebook or twitter (all new posts will be alerted on FB and twitter).

  2. Completed TWO surveys today and earned 230 points – enough to cash out, and also probably qualified to a product test.

  3. Update – I receive 1-2 surveys a month and qualify for 1 of them. Same as 2011. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  4. Are you a member of viewpointforum, Courtney? I would really like to have someone refer me so that I can sign up!
    [quote name=Courtney]Can someone let me referral them I want to add friends so it will let me get some more money? how do i do this[/quote]

  5. Update: just got an email reply from Poizinivee:

    I filled out the form and clicked on continue and got an error message stating they are not accepting new members at this time.

    Looks like ViewPoint Forum is not accepting new members at this time. Sorry about the confusion. Since the sign up forum is live I just assumed it is open for registration. Thank you very much Poizinivee for helping me clarify this!!

  6. Hi Poizinivee – did you click the sign up link and fill the form and click the “continue” button? I am asking cause I can’t register again since I am already a member. Please let me know, thanks!

  7. I just tried registering with viewpoint forum, and I got the same response as usual. They are not accepting new members. Can you clarify?

  8. Can someone let me referral them I want to add friends so it will let me get some more money? how do i do this

  9. πŸ˜€ This is my favorite survey site because I actually qualify for the surveys and earn points. I wish they would send me more surveys.

  10. Update – I receive 1-2 surveys a month and qualify for about 1 of them. Same amount of surveys as it was in 2010. I have no problems with this company.

  11. Does anyone have a referral code they can send me, I have been wanting to join Viewpoint for so long! πŸ™„ πŸ™„

  12. [quote name=MB]I would appreciate a referral to ViewPoint Forum. Thank you.[/quote]I would like to give you a referral to ViewPointForum but when I login my account and click on the “Refer a friend”, it said “Sorry. The referral program has temporarily been suspended.” You will get the most updated information to join it on this website as soon as Viewpoint Forum open its referral or registration.

  13. Dawn,thanks for the heads up about their suspension of registration again. Just a little while back I saw their Google Ad, which seems like also ended. Well, maybe next time.

  14. If anyone has a Referral Code they can send me I’d appreciate it. They are requiring one right now. Thanks

  15. Hi I tried signing up again and got a error message saying they were not accepting at this time. I also sent a copy of the error message to the person whose name was listed.Thanks for responding back i will keep trying….

  16. Telly and Dawn – you do not need a referral to join ViewPointForum now! See the sign up link I posted on this page. Hurry up! πŸ™‚

  17. Hi can anyone help me with a referral to Viewpoint Forum It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  18. Update – I receive 1-2 surveys a month and qualify for 1, same as in 2009. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  19. Hi TigerLilly – I just logged in my account and checked. Unfortunately their “referral program has temporarily been suspended.” I am sure they will open registration again sometime.

  20. I just checked out their site and they are only accepting referrals but the referral thread here on doesn’t seem to be valid anymore. Can anyone send me a referral?

  21. [quote name=Jules]This is a good make money taking surveys review, I would like to be a aprt of it.[/quote]Hi Jules, ViewPoint Forum opened registration, and I just put up the sign up link, please register as soon as possible, since they are only open for a limited time!

  22. I receive 1-2 surveys a month. I qualify for 1 survey a month. I just cashed out for the first time and received the check within 7 days. I have’nt done any product tests. I have’nt had any problems with them.

  23. Hi Mody, you should see your points on the top left side after you login..when you have enough points, you need to request payment to get paid.

  24. :confused: I am not sure how I would get paid?? I joined a week ago and have written a view reviews on products for them, but I see nothing on the homepage when I log in showing that I have earned anything?? My reviews are on the site though. :unsure:

  25. Hello everybody, Viewpoint Forum’s referral program has been temporarily suspended. I will send a newsletter alert if they reopen, so please subscribe my newsletter. also you might have to register an (free) account here at so you can send PM(private messages) to other members to referral you once their referral program resumes.

  26. Will you please send me an invitation to viewpoint forums so that I can take surveys with them?

  27. I would like to sign up for this site as it looks like one I would enjoy and wonder if someone can give me a referral – would appreciate it – thank you

  28. Sonny, I just found out that they have temporarily suspended their referral program. πŸ™ I will keep this in mind and when they reopen, I will send out newsletter. Thanks for your kind comment and welcome!

  29. Hi, recently discovered this site. the best source of survey info that i’ve seen on the web. i woul like to join viewpoint if anyone i able to refer me i would really appreciate it. thanks so much.


  30. Hi Sherry,

    ViewPoint Forum is open for registration again, you have to have someone refer you. There is a ViewPoint Forum Referral thread at the message board, please PM one of the members who still have referral left to refer you to join the panel. Thanks!

  31. :-?: I would also like to be notified if this site accepts new members. It looks really interesting. Thanks! MySurvey123 is a great tool. Thank you so much!!!!! :cheer:

  32. Hi Clare,

    There is a Viewpoint forum referral thread at the message board…you can register an account there, then PM one of the members who still have referral left..

  33. I would really like to Join Viewpoint Forum Survey Site – Can anyone please refer me ?? Thanks So Much !!

  34. Hi usha,

    Thanks for the comment! Please note Viewpoint Forum is currently accepting new members. Please check out Viewpoint Forum Referral thread at our Message Board.

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