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Loading...VocaLab is a pretty good and reliable survey company. Their surveys are easy to participate in. Basically you just need to call a toll free number, usually a customer service number of a service provider such as a airline or cell phone company, and sometime talk to a customer service representative regarding certain issues/questions you might have. The calls are recorded. Most calls and follow up surveys are fun and short.

I have done several surveys for them, they pay $1.00 for each project and they pay via Paypal very quickly.

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4 thoughts on “VocaLab

  1. I have done a few surveys from them. I believe $1 each and I have been paid through paypal. I just did one yesterday. Their surveys are different, which I like. I havent had any problems with them.

  2. I just rec’d my first survey Friday. I had to call a toll-free number to test an automated system. They provided the credit card information to use. I had to make 2 calls and fill out a short survey. It took 10-15 minutes and I was paid $1.50 paypal. Nice change of pace from typical survey…hope to get more. 🙂

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