New Website Beta Testing – Travel to Live

Betabound has a new beta testing opportunity for a new website called Travel to Live. Please see email details below:


We’re excited to invite you to participate in a new public Betabound Exclusive test for Travel to Live.

Our private Betabound Exclusives can be pretty competitive at times (with limited spots available), so we wanted to create more opportunities for Betabounders to participate in unique testing opportunities.

Your participation in these public Betabound Exclusives will be tracked and monitored by our team. This means that by participating in these public projects, your chances of being picked for our private opportunities will increase!

This public Betabound Exclusive is for Travel to Live.

Travel to Live is a social travel planning website for travellers who want to dream of their next big trip, collaborate with friends to plan a weekend away, share their adventures with family, or promote their travel blog.

The simple drag-and-drop itinerary helps you easily organize your trip ideas alone or in a group. Start planning your next adventure today!

Please click here to sign in or join Betabound (create a new count if you are new), and view the opportunity.

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