Weekly Update 9/30-10/6 – wRating and BzzAgent

Starting this week, I am going to write a weekly recap of some of the survey related site updates. Am I going to write this recap every week? Not necessarily, only when there are noteworthy and important things going on in the survey world. 🙂 Let’s get started.

1. wRatings Added (back) to U.S. Paid Survey List

I have added wRatings panel back to the U.S. Paid Survey List. I decided to remove it from the list a while back because I haven’t receive any surveys from them for a long time, until this week! Yes I received a survey from them, actually it’s a pre-screening survey. The survey invite looks like this (I removed some of the identifiable info)

You are receiving this invitation because you are a current wRatings panel member.
We are now pre-qualifying for a brand new panel based on your []. To help us select panelists, please answer a few questions here:

[survey link]

No right or wrong answers exist as we need a highly diverse group of panelists. If you are randomly selected for the panel, you will receive an invitation to complete the survey and receive a monetary incentive for your time within the next few days or so. Please contact us at panel@wRatings.com with any questions.

Thank you,

To join wRating Panel, Click here. You can also check out my wRating panel review, which will be updated very soon.

2. BzzAgent First Campaign

Recently I have started to give those “Non-Paid Product Testing” companies a try. So I logged into my BzzAgent account and glad to see there is a Kroger Home Sense campaign I can join. I love Kroger stores so I immediately signed up. Shortly after I received an email from BzzAgent as below:


Greetings BzzAgent cibermom,

Huzzah! Your spot in the Kroger Home Sense BzzCampaign is reserved. Now just sit back and relax — campaign activities aren’t available until October 16.

Why the wait? Bzz is best when it’s based on first-hand experience, so we keep activities locked up tight until most people have had a chance to try the product or service. Which, in this case, we’ve laboriously calculated to be October 16.

Once that special day arrives, we’ll flip the switch on activities and mind-beam a reminder straight to your cerebral cortex. Or send you an e-mail. All depends on how much technology advances in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, watch the mail. Great stuff is on the way!

I look forward to this campaign and I certainly will keep everybody updated! If you like having free stuff sent to your home to try, and would like to join BzzAgent, Click here.

Well, that wraps up the weekly update. 🙂  I hope you like this little “report”.

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