WRatings Consumer Panel

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Loading...WRatings Consumer Panel – formerly known as Kanbay Research, adjoined research or demand3d.

Amazon gift certificate, usually $5.00.

Age Requirement
Couldn’t find specific information on their website, I would assume it’s 18 year and older.

Open to Countries
I believe WRatings accepts members from United States and possible other countries.

My Experience
WRatings usually sends out pre-qualify surveys at the beginning of the month, and you might get to do 2 to 3 surveys later the month if your profile fits their studies and you are selected to participate in the surveys. Each survey they pay $5 amazon gift certificates.

WRatings offers surveys that are short and sweet and very interesting, and they always pay in a timely manner.

Join WRatings / Kanbay Research Consumer Panel

5 thoughts on “WRatings Consumer Panel

  1. I received a pre-screening survey from wRatings panel this last Thursday Oct.3! I couldn’t remember when was the last time I completed a survey for them, it must have been 2 or 3 years! I even removed them from my survey list – I have added them back! Will update if I qualify or not! I am going to to update this review though!

  2. I have been a member since Nov.08
    I qualify for about 1 survey every other month.
    I have received 3-4 GC’s.
    There surveys are different.
    They pay in a timely manner.
    I havent had any problems with them.

  3. Hi wellcraft,

    Sorry you have trouble getting paid by them. Have you kept the invite emails? That’s what I always do in case there is problems with payment with ANY survey sites.

    Hope you get your payment soon.

  4. This is the second year I have done surveys for this company and have not been paid. Spent months trying to collect the first time and I have in the process of doing the same right now. If you’re going to do surveys for them, keep everything they send you.

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