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This post is my Global Test Market review. please note: GlobalTestMarket has been moved to LifePoints survey panel.

GlobalTestMarket-SurveysGlobal Test Market is a global online paid survey panel founded in 1999 as an division of GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)  GMI is one of the world’s leading providers of market research and serves more than 1400 clients in more than 60 countries worldwide, and provides a global solution for companies that wish to conduct online consumer research across multiple countries.

Join GlobalTestMarket Survey Panel – ALL Countries, 14+ years old

Is GlobalTestMarket Legit or Scam?

First I want to make it very clear that Global Test Market is LEGIT, NOT A SCAM!  In fact, it is one of the BEST online survey panels. Personally I have never experienced any problems getting paid.

GlobalTestMarket Rewards

Market Points – Members earn points for completing online surveys, and Market Points can be redeemed for following rewards.

  • Cash (via Paypal/Check) – $10 by Paypal = requires 230 Points; For check payment you must have 1100 points to redeem $50.
  • Amazon, iTunes e-certificates and gift cards for other popular stores and restaurants such as: Applebees, Autozone, TJMax, CVS, BabyRUs, Kohl’s, OfficeDepot, ToysRUs, Friday’s and Macy’s.
  • Minimum points required for amazon and iTunes gift cards is 230 points ($10).
  • MLB (Major League Baseball) e-certificate
  • Various prizes and merchandise.

You must accumulate 1100 points (equivalent to about $50) in your account before you can cash out.

Following is the screen shot of Global Test Market reward page, as you can see you can cash out via amazon, check or paypal.


Global Test Market Reward Options – amazon, check, paypal and gift cards etc.

Sweepstakes Entries: If you screen out a survey, you’ll still get 10 quarterly sweepstakes entries.

Who Can Join Global Test Market

  • Minimum Age Required to Join:  Must be 14 years old and up
  • Open to Countries: Worldwide – 49 countries
  • You may have only one active account at any time. Only one account per mailing address is allowed.

My Review of GlobalTestMarket

Global Test Market is definitely one of my favorite online survey sites.

Survey Frequency

GlobalTestMarket offers members numerous online surveys. On average I receive 3-4 survey invite emails daily. Within the survey email, it indicates survey number and reward for survey completion which is market points 99% of the time.  Also Whenever I log into my GMT account, there is always a long list of surveys waiting for me to take.

Survey Quality

GlobalTestMarket provides members a wide diversity of market research survey opportunities. Many of their surveys are quite easy and interesting, usually take about 10-25 minutes to complete. Personally I have done many product testings and online focus groups for them. I especially loved the new brand name products I tested.

If you have kids and teens, I highly recommend you join this panel, because they often have very good paying surveys for kids and teenagers. My kids have taken many of their surveys and earned quite bit of money! 🙂

Survey Rewards, Crediting & Payment

Like I said 99% of the surveys reward market points, usually from 35 points to 100 points, and every time you take a survey, you will earn sweepstakes entries whether or not you qualify and complete the survey.

Majority of the online focus groups I have participated required less than an hour of my time and pay minimum 600 points!

One thing I really like Global Test Market is upon completion of a survey, they immediately credit points to your account accurately, so no waiting period of survey crediting!

I have cashed out rewards many times since I joined GTM several years ago, and have always received the cash payment via check without any issues. I am so glad that GTM now offers cash via Paypal option, and hopefully this will help those who don’t have a bank/checking account or those have had problems receiving payment check in  the past.

Watch the following video which explains how you to redeem your points/rewards:

Member Support

Global Test Market provides professional customer service to it’s members. Personally I have contacted customer service many times, and have always received response with 48 hours, and my issues have always been dealt with and resolved to my satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

Here is a quick recap of Pros & Cons of Global Test Market Survey Panel:

– Frequent survey invites;
– Fair & good survey compensation;
– Good quality surveys, such as many product tests & focus groups;
– Many surveys for kids & teens;
– Good survey tracking system, especially credit surveys immediately and accurately after completion;
– Wide selection of rewards, including cash via Paypal/check, amazon and various popular gift cards;
– Good member support

– Only con I can think of is you have to accumulate minimum 1100 points before you can cash out. The good news is that points do add up quickly if you take their surveys regularly.

Other Notes & Tips

Refer a Friend

GlobalTestMarket_ReferralCurrent GTM members can refer their friends and family. For each referral you will earn 20 market points (about $1). Just log into your account, and on the right, there is a “Refer a Friend” box. Just enter your friend’s email and click “Invite Now” button. GlobalTestMarket will send your friend a email and invite him/her to join the panel.

Mobile App & Surveys

GlobalTestMakret has a new mobile app for members to take their new mobile friendly surveys, which are designed specifically for your mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet. So far I have received very few mobile surveys (in the survey email invite, it clearly indicates if it’s mobile surveys), hopefully they will have more in the future.

Tip#1: Complete your profiles

This tip actually applies to other surveys panels as well. Go to GTM and login int your account, you will see the “Surveys” page. At the bottom of the page is the “Profile Surveys”. Clicking the “Show all Profile Surveys” link displays all the profile surveys available. Currently from here you can see 7 profile surveys (at least to me): personal details, lifestyle, health, working life, finances, what you drive and purchases, with the date last completed. Each of those profile surveys takes about 5 minutes to complete.

global-test-market-surveys-reviewTip#2: Response surveys as soon as possible

This tip also is true to other survey sites. I remember when I first started with GTM, often time I ran into the “Sorry this survey no longer available”. You can begin with the high paying surveys. For example I always take the surveys for my kids as soon as I receive them because those surveys usually ofter more points and easy to qualify.

Final Thoughts

GlobalTestMarket is one of the very best online paid survey companies, and I highly recommend it! What do you think of Global Test Market? Is it one of your favorites?

To Get Started, Join GlobalTestMarket Survey Panel – ALL Countries, 14+ years old

UPDATE: GlobalTestMarket has been merged with MySurvey into LifePoints, and you can use your old/existing GTM account information to log into your LifePoints account. Lightspeed is the company operates LifePoints, they did a good job transfering/combining GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey into LifePoints!

209 thoughts on “Global Test Market

  1. Update – I don’t qualify for their surveys I deleted my account. Not as good for me in 2011 as it was in 2010.

  2. I have found Global Test Market to be good. I have received many surveys and a cheque for the US equivalent for $50, as promised. The achievable surveys slow down in frequency when nearing the target, but that might be just my impatience.

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  4. [quote name=sigh]I noticed upon registration that it’s not https:// it’s just http:// making my information unsecure. secure websites like paypal have https:// and kind of a lock symbol (if you know what i mean) just on top of the address bar. Therefore, I am kind of hesitant to even register. Any take on this guys?[/quote]Hi – I personally wouldn’t worry about it Global Test Market is a legitimate company and I never had any problems with security. Hope it helps.

  5. I noticed upon registration that it’s not https:// it’s just http:// making my information unsecure. secure websites like paypal have https:// and kind of a lock symbol (if you know what i mean) just on top of the address bar. Therefore, I am kind of hesitant to even register. Any take on this guys?

  6. Hi alazar2681 – sorry to hear your trouble with global test market. I suggest you contact their support. I once also had my account deactivated, but their support re-activated after I contacted them. I couldn’t remember the exact the reason for that…I have never had other problems with them. Hope get your issue resolved soon. good luck!

  7. I had GTM as my number one survey site for one and a half months. Then i cashed out. I still havnt recieved a dime and they started sending me surveys without point value lol loike im going to waste my time. I just deleted them. Finally I log on just to check and my account has been deactivated with no reason given. BS company. Remember they say in marketing if it sounds to good to be true…it is.

  8. GlobalTestMarket sure is not as good as before (the days when you get 5 points even if you disqualify)…I would say for me 55% of the surveys I received are sweepstakes ones..but I still get to do quite some point/cash surveys, surveys are not too long and I like they credit my surveys immediately after I finished the surveys…Still one of my favorite..

  9. I whole heartedly agree! I used to take their surveys and reap the rewards, then they changed to the sweepstakes and gave less pts for taking surveys, that is IF you qualified after the long process of taking the survey disguised as a screening questionare. As soon as I reached $50 I cashed out and closed my account.
    It’s a total waste of time.

  10. Please see my previous review when GTM was one of my best. No longer. Bait and switch into sweeps. Prelims which are surveys in disguise then disqualified. OTX surveys which I delete. Rarely qualify and unreachable $50 cashout should be lowered because rewards lowered. I have reached cashout with most of my points acquired before the downgrade and still subscribe because I know that when I cashout I will unsubscribe because I will never reach $50 again.

  11. Update – I receive several surveys a month, but seldom qualify. If their for sweeps I delete them. I haven’t had any problems with them.

  12. Hi all,

    Has anyone participated in a mobile/smartphone survey in France or UK this year?
    In Toluna or GMT or Pure Profile?

    Do you remember how you were rewarded for it?
    Did you have any problems completing the survey or spending too long before being screened out?

    I work for smartphone manufacturer that paid for that research. We got weird results and I am investigating. Thanks for your help.


  13. 🙁
    Don’t waste your precious time with this company. I have had numerous errors occur at the end of surveys and only got a form letter response and don’t receive enough for completed surveys. Beware

  14. hi,
    i had been member from last 3months but ihad received only 100 points and attended only 10-12 surveys so please can any one help me to get more surveys and more points

  15. I am in Australis but I wish I had a phone num,ber for them I would feel every penny spent talking to them would be worth it as they will not answer an email no matter what.
    They have got to the point of being arrogant and down right rude regarding us as worms they dangle carrots in front of.
    AS you say we were paid fairly but now the screening is a survey in itself and not until you have been screened do they tell you it is a sweeps stake.
    No blog now it has disappeared so no comments on their site. They are frightened we will get together .
    Who is BBB so I can complain. I cannot evenget an answer to my money

  16. [quote name=Leaf]Pays well (5cents a point), average survey 250 points, $50 payout not difficult to reach. Excellent customer service. They are having a problem on their web with itemized lists of completed surveys but they are working on it. Also are starting to have OTX surveys which I do not like. Other than this a great survey company. One of my best.[/quote]I never received more than 45 per survey and no points for screened out now

  17. I really am very very upset with GTM. It all started at Easter we were given a survey which we had to complete every day if we failed we did not get paid it was for 400points.
    I completed every day the last day the did not post the survey. I emailed them and tried to draw attention to the fact we had to finish that day. I was getting no reply I guessed it was a weekend that something was off in US. I even kept getting up in the night to check. I went to toilet and had a shower and it was out and gone. I asked what had happened. They said I had missed it they were sorry.
    IKt was still in my mail so I did as they suggested have another try but in the end they admitted they had closed it so it was finished on time their end I suppose. Theyu would not pay me anything I kept getting I felt were secret messages from some of the people there. Just being kind but I got nothing and it was not my fault they said their employer had said no so nothing they could do.
    I had a couple of small surveys after this but great hollows in between. I asked for my points to be redeem I was so fed up. They said they appreciated I had worked so hard all year they really appreciated my hard work.
    After this I have had 3 times been offered special work again over several days starting the following thursday it was for 500 points or $25 UD. I wait and allocated my time from the following Thursday to enable me to complete the work. Not miss out this time.
    Nothing arrive, no work, no apology, nothing to even say that I had even been offered the work.I did all the writing again. IO just did not exist, then I received another offer of the same nature. Went thru the same thing NOTHING. I have written, I cannot find ouut where my money is I have written to everyone there I think.
    A couple small surveys after you have been screened it is for sweepstakes too late to finish or walk out so to speak.
    Then today I have received to more 8 week diaries take 5 mins each thursday for 8 week only 200 points but it sounds less work. I need the pay for the nearly 1200 points. That is why I am still here.
    I went to sign in on each of these surveys went to next “page” it just says on a totally blank page otherwise “you have to fill in the questions first””
    That is what it says on both of these surveys. What am I supposed to do. I have asked them if they do not want me to just pay my money and say so.
    They have asked NOTHING since Easter not even when I have had a technical fault the survey has just ended and did not exist.
    They do not have a blog now or a forum so you cannot speak to anyone else see if there any more complaints. I looked at the Survey Police it just take you to Global Test Markets Home Page
    Any ideas email me I am so upset about all of this

  18. I agree with Brian. This company is a waste of time. You spend quite a bit of time on a survey only to learn you’re screened out. After a month or so, I completed only two surveys for which I got points and I lied about my product usage on one of them because I knew if I told the truth I would get screened out and I figured they owed me for all the time I’d already put in on all the surveys I’d gotten screened out of. Treat people fairly and they’ll treat you fairly.

  19. I belong to about 3 or 4 survey sites and I was really excited about Global Test Market because they seem to give you a lot of opportunities. Granted, I found out I was screened out more often, but that was fine.

    I wasn’t crazy about the sweepstakes only surveys, but they were OK, then I started realizing that they were as long, if not longer than normal surveys with points. I figure the less you are willing the give, the less time you should make us give.

    The second thing that really started bugging me was taking me into the survey up to 20 detailed questions sometimes until I was finally screened out. I thought I was already taking the survey! The questions they asked are involved enough that they can use them for their research and not have to pay. I also didn’t like the way they handled when you are screened out. “Bummer, you’re screened out, but you’re still the coolest!” I’m not 15 – don’t talk down to me.

    My final straw was this past week when I took a survey, I was being told I was starting the survey, I got to the end of the survey, they asked for my demographics, which I gave, and then suddenly I was taken back to GTM’s site to be told I was screened out. I was livid!

    I e-mailed them about the mistake, and they just confirmed I was screened out. I e-mailed back (even though they marked my my case as resovled – who does this without giving the customer a little time to dispute?) and asked them to check again, and got another message that after further review, I was screened out. I then e-mailed them back and told them computers are not always right (believe me, I work on them all day) and if they don’t believe me, send me the survey again, I’ll take screencaptures this time so they can see.

    You know, I didn’t expect them to do this, I didn’t even expect them to credit my account, but also I didn’t expect one of the biggest insults I’ve ever gotten from a survey site – they copied and pasted their last answer to me.

    I’m done. I unsubscribed, I was a quarter of the way to my first check and wasn’t sure if I’d make it ever or not. I have now read some very nasty reviews of this site that they have changed, no longer offer good points, some people say they cancel your account JUST before you reach your first check.

    For those of you who have had luck – congratuluations, but for those of you still new, be aware!

  20. i have been with GTM for years.
    ive never once had a problem with them.

    only occasionally do i get screened out. but i think they are still by far one of the better survey providers out there.

  21. They send a bazillion surveys for sweepstakes entries. Of course, who knows if these “sweepstakes” are legit or not. It’s a matter of time. If you don’t do anything all day but take surveys then you might as well do these.

  22. With so many companies out there, it’s easy for one to get a bad rep because of another. Global Test Market is very professional. I don’t qualify alot but I get several surveys daily. I recently did a survey that gave me an error message at the end so I contacted CS via their website Contact Form. They asked me to forward the email invitation to them but I forgot which one it was. Their rep got the survey # for me from the contact form I filled out. All was cleared up in less then a week.

  23. I just started with Global Test Market so cannot comment on their performance. But I did look up their BBB rating and found it is an A plus at this time. They are accredited by the BBB. The Global Test Market company that earned an F from the BBB appears to be a work at home company- different than this market research company of which we are writing.

  24. Hi-
    I filed my complaint with the BBB on May 12, 2010 so as soon as I hear something I will be happy to share with you. By the way the BBB has graded Global Test Market an “F”.

  25. Hello Therese – Sorry to hear you have trouble with Global Test Market and thanks for posting your experience. I also had a couple of times their customer service wasn’t helpful…Do you mind updating us on the BBB complain and survey situation since you are close to 1000 points? Thanks!

  26. I contacted customer service regarding a problem with a survey. The reply I received did not address my issue or demonstrate understanding of the problem. I tried twice to communicate the problem without success. I clicked on the link provided in the customer service response to rate the result and I marked it unsatisfied and marked neutral in recommending GTM to others. That same day I stopped receiving any surveys from them and haven’t received any since even though I previously received several surveys each day and they don’t respond to any of my emails. What really gets me is that I was so close to reaching the 1000 points to cash out. Beware of this company.

    I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, the BBB logo that Global Test Market has posted on their website appears to be illegitimate.

    There are also plenty of complaints regarding this company posted here:

  27. I recently got over the 1000 point mark, but still have not gotten paid. I can’t log into my account (it seems to be non-existent), and I’ve sent two e-mails to Global Test Market that have not been responded to. It’s been a week, and It doesn’t look like they have any intention at all to pay me. As far as I’m concerned we had a contract, and I fulfilled my part of that contract by completing enough surveys to get to 1000 Market Points. I have just filed a complaint with the BBB.

  28. Global test used to be agreat survey site, now they seem like con merchants. When completing a survey that is supposed to get you points you just get sweepstake entries. When you complain they say you screened out.When you have taken 30 minutes to do the survey that isn’t being screened out. How will I ever get the last 90 points I need to claim my money.

  29. For the last month or so, the only surveys I get are to join GTM or sign up for lightspeed.
    It wastes my time and I don’t get survey to do. I already belong to lightspeeed.

  30. I was with them for a couple of years. In the beginning they were great and over time they started changing. When they stopped awarding 5 pts for failure to complete the survey and then add sweepstakes came, I got fed up.
    I logged in and asked to opt out. I had to search long and hard for a link but I finally
    found it. After clicking on to it, thats when it got weard. They demanded to know why I was leaving? So I explained and submitted
    my answer. Well then they took me to another page and wanted more information. At that point I was willing to say what ever just to get finished.
    Once I finally did everything they asked me to do I read that I would be receiving an
    email and thats the only way I could opt out was to click that email link. (I’m thinking this is nuts!)
    So the email came right away, so right after clicking the email with in about 3 seconds my software told me it just got rid of a TROJAN. I said to my self why you SOB……………I guess they didn’t want me to quite?? So beware of opt out and make sure your computer is protected because they
    will turn it into junk………

  31. I just recently got an invitation from Global Test Market, to take a survey, and was to receive 35 Market points for my time. I completed the survey. At the end of the survey, I got a screen which said

  32. [quote name=Catherine]I[/quote]Hi Catherine, I understand your point about Global Test Market – they have made some changes lately. I will give it a little bit more time before adjusting my ratings on them.

  33. I am not happy with GTM I cashed out my points at the en of OCTOBER and I have not receive my check yet, also I have noticed to since I cashed out I don’t get as many pay surveys most of them are sweepstakes. 🙁

  34. 🙁 I had posted a comment on their blog site over a week ago and it stayed unposted. I checked it today and it was removed and not answered……. My question was why the change to sweepstakes and no more 5 points for disqualifying. I’ll be an even older man when I reach the next 1000 points!

  35. Of the last 10 surveys I’ve rec’d, 7 were for sweeps and I didn’t qualify for the others. This is why I don’t do sweeps only. Why pay if we’re willing to do for free? Unless a sweeps only is less than 10 minutes and I think it may lead to something bigger, I don’t bother.

  36. Used to be one of my best.Previously no sweeps & 5 points if not qualified. Now most surveys are sweeps & no longer getting 5 points for each survey if not qualified. Previously easy to reach $50 payout but wish they would now lower payout necessary because much more difficult to reach. Rewards are less. Also OTX surveys which I delete immediately.

  37. I receive a lot of surveys from them. But mainly for Sweeps and when I do get a survey I seldom qualify. I’m starting to delete the ones that are for sweeps. I cashed out at the end of Sept. and received the check this week.

  38. I been doing surveys for GTMs for over a month now. I never qualify for any of them. Im have got very many points. I been with them over a month only have 35 points. I’m not making any money like that. I haven’t been happy with them. I feel frustraded. I like doing surveys i wasn’t getting that many i seem i never qualify. Velda

  39. I have received both drawing and points surveys recently, but every time I try to take the points surveys, it says survey was closed. 🙁 I guess I wasn’t fast enough!

  40. I remember getting some vague email from GTM earlier this year, announcing a multi-incentive program.

    Their multi-incentive program is a bit frustrating because I’m 40 points away from a cashout, but haven’t qualified for a points survey since 10/23. I’ve received 20 surveys since then – 10 of them sweepstakes.

  41. I also noticed that DIERIGJ…Hopefully they still have cash/points surveys and you have to take it as soon as you get the invite.

  42. :confused: GTM has been one of my top sites for some time now. I have been able to cashout over $500.00 over the last 4 years with them. Over the last month or so, many of the surveys that are coming from them only are offering a "Sweepstakes entry". I have had a few with points, but not as many as I use to. Does anyone know what has changed with them? I have not seen any notices on their website. Thanks..!

  43. I like taking surveys i wish i can qualify for more surveys. I know you got Global test market as 5 star. I haven’t got that many surveys. I be more patient with them. I hope I do get more surveys in the future. Thank You.. Sign:Velda

  44. Hi Velda, I rated Global Test Market 5 star due to the fact 1. they have a LOT of surveys and 2. you can accumulate points quickly even if you disqualify since you get 5 points just for trying, 3. of course they always pay!

  45. :-?: I don’t think this is 5 star every time i get surveys then they say i don’t qualify for any of them. Im not happy with them i would give them 3 star. Is this really a good site? Thank You.. Velda

  46. I’ve been a member for GTM for a while and they’ve always been good to me. It doesn’t take long to reach 1000 points, and I probably only qualify for 20-25% of their surveys.

  47. Can anyone please let me know if they recently cashed out and did not receive a reward confirmation email?

  48. 🙁 I do not like this site. I filled out their profiles, got points for that, finally got a survey. Didn’t qualify for it, but was directed to other surveys for which I didn’t qualify. Finally got one I qualified for, but never got points. Wrote to them & it took forever to get a reply– they wrote that the problem was marked as solved, which it was not. When I re-checked the website, I lost the profile points. Finally I removed myself from their list.

  49. Hi Kathy,

    I would suggest you fill some of their “profile surveys”.. check out my “Paid Survey Tips” thread at the message board regarding filling profiles.

  50. Hi,
    I have been a member for 3 days now, and have not received a thing. I have received a confirmation email, so I know it’s not going into spam. Should I just be more patient? Thanks

  51. Hi Lisa, can you try use a different browser? If nothing works, I would send GTM an email, maybe it’s something on their side.

  52. I am trying to take a survey. I just got the e-mail but every time I click to take the survey a blank page pops up. I even allowed pop-ups from this site. Any suggestions?

  53. 🙂 I love GTM! I would log into your account and check the bottom of the page. There are usually current surveys available to you once you log in. Surveys do go very quickly due to them being such a great site to work with. I’ve collected almost $500.00 over the last few years with them.
    They are one site I log into daily to check for open surveys.

  54. update for me. I’m pleased with Global. I had to double check, but ya, I got accepted on 1/23/09. Today, eight days later, I’m up to 200 points. Thats not bad, I’m already 20 percent towards a payout request in just over one week! So, THANKS for your recommendations!!

  55. well, I was successful with the registration finally, that was by signing up with my secondary email. I have only so far done a few of those profile surveys but to my suprise I got an invite tonight.

    That has to be the STRANGEST survey I’ve EVER gotten lol!

    It was called brain squeezer. It was a series of tricky questions and things to test my creativity. I swear I was so stumped on a few answers I actually left them blank.

    I have no idea if I got credit on the survey site at all lol. I think so, yeah, I guess I did (see my brain broke after that survey)…cause I can see right now that I got 20 whole whopping points after I finished it.

    Thats okay, because in my experiences, I’ve noticed its more than likely that initially I’ll get small incentive invites and with enough completions I’ll begin to get more and higher ones.

    Oh, and I understand about the rule of one per household. I plan to NEVER attempt to log back in to there under that first account I had (It won’t work anyways plus the lady never wrote me back at all after I asked to reactive that one).

    So, I’ll get over there and do more profile surveys and wait around for more to come.

    Thanks again for this site, you are now part of my daily routine and since you advised me to get enrolled in all 100 of your suggestions, I’ve been diligently adding at least one new registration a day, usually two.

    I really appreciate this site.

  56. Hi Lisa and Brent,

    Sorry to hear you have problems with GTM..My experience with them have been good so far, but I do have a couple of suggestions re them:

    1. Make sure only one member in your household sign up with them, if you have more than one it could cause trouble;

    2. Make sure don’t rush through their surveys and take your time – I recall sawing someone complained about not getting credit because of GMT “accued” him taking the surveys too fast…(I mentioned this tip in my Paid Survey Tip thread at the message board..)

    Anyway, this is so far I can think of…Hope it helps.

  57. Hello all;Ive been with GTM for
    quite some time. I read all of the message’s and It sounds like I’m not the only one having problems. They do pay but I have problems with getting credit for all of my surveys. They never give me the answer to the question. They just sugar coat it and it
    never gets fixed. But I’m not
    one to give up. I wish they would acknowledge the earning
    at the end of each survey. That
    makes to much sence though. I
    wouldn’t want to be with out them. It seems like they have slowed sence Christmas….

  58. This site is baffling to me. I saw your recommendation and clicked the link and attempted to register but it told me I was already registered. So, okay, no prob. I tried to log in and apparantly didn’t have the correct log in info so I clicked to please send reminder.

    I did that and it obviously recognized my primary email because it said my pw was on its way!

    So, I get the reminder email go and click on to log on and dang if it isn’t STILL telling me ‘wrong info’ on existing account.

    So, I clicked CS and popped off a nice email asking about problems logging in.

    I get an email back – here it is:

    Dear Mrs.Castle,

    According to our records, your account was not in compliance with the
    User Agreement, notably Section 3.

    MarketPoints expire three years from the date of award and, if sooner,
    upon twelve (12) months of no account activity.

    GlobalTestMarket reserves the right to terminate any account suspected
    of User Agreement violations and further forfeit all MarketPoints
    earned from said account.

    Best Regards,
    Tomislava Recheva
    Customer Service

    So, I was like HUH? I looked up section 3 and its about not logging in, just like what she wrote. So, I emailed back again and apologized and asked if I could ‘PLEASE’ be back in the system since I’m organized and really want to join, etc.

    I haven’t heard back one word sinced then.

    Geez, lol, I feel so unwanted! 🙄

    So, I guess I have no choice but to re-register with my secondary email which I really wanted to avoid since I hardly ever go there, but I will I suppose.

    I’ll update you on my progress if they don’t send the cops out after I retry lolol 😀

  59. I have joined for about 5 days and i have finished all the profile questions, i have checked my mail, even the junk, but i still don’t have any surveys, when do they come
    is there a solution????

  60. I love Globaltestmarket! It seems like 1000 points is a high amount for minimum payout, but it doesn’t take long to get there! I cashed out near end of October and just received my check today, during this time period I earned enough points to cash out again!! The only issue is I have some technical errors with their surveys, sometimes when I take a survey it isn’t recordeds as complete. I was able to resolve this issues with member support, so I received credit for those surveys. Overall, its a good site, and you can earn alot of cash.

  61. Pays well (5cents a point), average survey 250 points, $50 payout not difficult to reach. Excellent customer service. They are having a problem on their web with itemized lists of completed surveys but they are working on it. Also are starting to have OTX surveys which I do not like. Other than this a great survey company. One of my best.

  62. Hi amirul,

    Log in to your account, and fill out those profile surveys.

    Also making sure their emails don’t go to your junk folder.

    Good luck!

  63. Hi,
    I am having a hard time entering their codes even thought i entered them correctly but there’s still no luck or there’s no successful message appearing.
    How can you help me about this? 😕

  64. well atleast they do pay out. the last survey website i used had a minimum of $75 but it takes only 30 mins to get that but you get no money from them

  65. so $50 is the minimum cashout, then? they give you $5 for filling out the profile surveys, which take about an hour…seems like $50 min is fairly steep… is this typical of survey sites, usually the gpt are about $30 and pincone sends out $3 at a time?

  66. Hi Stephanie,

    I don’t qualify many of their surveys either. Just be patient, especially if you just started taking surveys. Also even you don’t qualify, you still get 5 points so I always take their surveys, and the points adds up quickly.

  67. I am having a hard time taking the surveys. I never meet the requierments. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  68. Hi Amber,

    I know what you are talking about – it happened to me too and I have heard other people compain about it as well.

    You got to take the surveys immediately after receive the invite email. One thing I do is I have a Yahoo message to alert me new survey emails and if I see GTM’s surveys, I will take it right away. Hope it helps!

  69. 🙁 😥 😕 This site has not allowed me to take any of the surveys I have been invited to. Everytime I receive an invitation and click on the link, it says it’s closed. This is even on invitations sent the same day!

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