A.W. Survey – Scam

UPDATE: Looks like A.W. Survey website no longer exists. But I would like to keep this post, because it was a classic example of how those paid offers sites self claim they pay members for taking “paid surveys”.

I have seen people talking about AW Survey lately. It is a SCAM! You will not get paid by them! Big waste of time!

I actually signed up with them just wanted to know what is the deal. I could not stop laughing when I saw their “surveys” – $4.00 for “reviewing” a survey/offer site’s sign up page!!ย  There is no way they are going to pay ALL the members the money earned. They are absolutely NOT a paid survey site!

I have also heard that they just suddenly disappear once a while and come back, or charge member $25 for paying via Paypal! (what a joke!)

Anyway, I would not waste time with AW Survey at all. STAY AWAY!

ETA: See what other people say about AWSurveys!

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102 thoughts on “A.W. Survey – Scam

  1. i did the surveys and got some 20+ dollars and a referral earning of 1.25 something. i am just referring these site through a blog and sending messages to all my mailing list. Just trying my luck. Just A Fun HAHA

  2. Bottomline is that all those who said AW Survey is a scam actually got it wrong because their ip addresses are constantly scrutinized for veracity.Just make sure you do those surveys from ur own IP address.

  3. Hasn’t anyone noticed that all the websites that are reviewed are from “Aclarn Inc.”, http://www.aclarninc.com/, all the websites that you are reviewing are made by the same guy! And yes, you don’t get to $75…

    Honestly don’t waste your time…

  4. You could try this way… fill the welcome survey and send it, they’ll tell you to look at your balance. DON’T click the link, go back all the way instead – that’ll keep the survey on the list AND bring you $6. Repeat 13 times, then try to get your $78 and run ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looks like a scam, actually. If they don’t give me any surveys in 10 days (except the monthly bonus one) I’ll just leave the site for good.

  5. :zzz well me i have joined aw surveys just to get money to buy a rapidshare account,but unfortunatly i got nothing till today.i u got 1 rapidshare account,please send it to :haashimj_1995@yahoo.com

  6. Anemanda
    I did not get my money back….
    Munge hath muthu paramparawama mathak wenawa
    ๐Ÿ˜ฅ :sigh: :zzz ๐Ÿ™„ 8) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Let me give my opinion on this matter. What really suspicious is that all the site that pops up for surveying are related to them. I mean all the site contains the same tone, join for free, free gifts, get paid for surveys. If they are really surveying then surveys should be of different companies who have different stature,products,items,goods etc,etc. Believe me that site is a scam. I can bet that if anyone joins a site that comes up for surveying, then this site (A W Survey) will pop up for surveying again. What raises the suspicion more is that, they donot check for your e-mail ID confirmation. I am a Website designer myself, believe me, there can be no such surveys as “Do you like our website”. Website is not a company manufactured product that consumers will buy, It is merely to inform about someone or something. The only factors that matter in a website is whether it is clear & lucid enough for users to understand. Use your brains, website owners have got accounts from where they can get information about how many hits(no of people visiting the site),the more hits,the more revenue. So dont believe in those stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. AW Surveys are absolutely a scam. I know this from experience. They will pay once or twice not from doing actual surveys (of which they have none)but from recruiting referrals for them. I got up to $75 twice, took the paypal option of $50, and was paid. When I tried cashing out a third time at $50, all of my referrals (of which I had over 150) disappeared and I never received my $50. After trying to contact them for two months, I finally got a message from them saying all of my referrals were a fraud. They said if I was going to advertise for them, I should have joined a “paid advertising site”. I don’t know what the hell they meant, but I put in a complaint about them to the BBB. My case will be on file with them for 3 years. I’m also thinking about putting in a complaint about them to the FTC. Maybe they could help me to get my $50 from AW Survey Scam.

  9. this site is scam scam and only scam and mr awthokathaki and give them more then bad abuse they are bastard ๐Ÿ™

  10. i think i believe my motto “trust your self,believe it when see it”,so now i m trying to see what awsurvey can do till i got $75.LOL

  11. I only got 1 account nothing more and like someone else said it in here , i dont get any more surveys after I reached the 27$ and the minimum is 75 to get paid lol … that’s a joke, i just can’t believe i wasted my time on this crap… and whoever got paid… all I can say it’s bullshit, i know more than 30 peoples that tried it and everyone got the same exact crap..

  12. i’ve read all the posts on a.w. survey,i really want to do online surveys i think i’ll try this, but for other sites that pay, pls any1 wit info on any one that pays thanks.

  13. hi frndz..
    after reading all the posts above i m really confused ๐Ÿ˜• .
    i hv joined the A W survey last month and i hv also reached $29 marks and for the last 5-6 days they are not offering any survey !!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ . Dont kno whether i ll be able to go to the $75 marks or not ???????? if any body know any other genuine survey / paying site then plz let me know @ a77_mitra@yahoo.co.in.
    thanx in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. Well, whether it’s scam for you or not..I’l still go for it. there’s no harm in trying. Besides, we lose nothing here. We signed up for FREE and got a chance to check out some amazing sites. For this, even we cannot get any penny out of it or cannot redeem any cash from it,still, we never lost anything. It’s still surely a win-win ๐Ÿ˜‰


  16. Hi busydoingnothing,

    Check out the FREE Paid Survey List – there are many good survey sites listed on them!

    Good luck!

  17. i just saved some time just because of u tanu, cause i have started working on the referals as u dont get any surveys after u get $27..
    r there any other sites for survey who may good money?

  18. I too have joined it and hope it not to be a scam .I have too reached 27$.But not sure whether they’ll pay.Can any samariton guide with genuine internet work? :

  19. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ :zzz ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜• :zzz ๐Ÿ™„ 8) bhen chodo machodokutoo kamino ye site “AW survye s badi hi ma chod site hai, jitna loda dalo utni hi chodi ho jati hai
    for translation go to google hindi to eng translation lodu software. and bund maro

  20. lol Mr Care, i agree, it’s not like u’re making an effort big enough to earn that money anyway….still, it’s pretty funy they leave every1 at $27, i just wanna check and searched “A.W. Survey $27” and looked like i hit the mark.

  21. Andrew,

    AW Survey IS a SCAM. They only pay a few people to offer the “prove”, majority do NOT get paid.

    They do NOT have real surveys!

    Do NOT waste your time with them.

  22. so does this aw survery thing pay you or is it just a scam??

    Please some people are saying its a scam and some other people are saying they pay u ….what is the truth?!?!

  23. I’ve just signed up and researching about AW Surveys if it’s a scam. I come to this site and read all the discussions. I’m still confused and back to square one. :sigh:

  24. I have just joined AW SURVEYS and I hope its not a scam as I have referred alot of people and it will be a huge shame. Does anyone know of any other legitamate paying survey sites. Please let me know @intadata@hotmail.com, Thanks

  25. A.W.Surveys.com wasn’t a scam!!! Why? Just simple, they paid me. Hehehe. After checking my emails after I arrived on the office, I’ve notice that there’s an email for me from the admin of AwSurveys.com. As I checked that email, whoa!!! It’s my payment from A.W.Surveys.com. As you remember my last post about A.W.Surveys.com, A.W.Surveys.com Request For Payout, they said that my payment would reached after 5 business days and it’s true. They’ve sent me the money on my PayPal account after 5 days I’ve made my first payout with them. Want to see my A.W.Surveys.com Payment of Proof?

    Here’s my A.W.Surveys.com Payment of Proof:

    A.W.Surveys.com Payment of Proof

    I know that many of us today were claiming that A.W.Surveys.com was a scam, because a lot of people were telling that they have not been paid by A.W.Surveys.com and their accounts was banned for no reason. Hmmmm, I have no idea for this, as long as they would keep paying me I’ll treat them as a legitimate get to paid program online. Thanks A.W.Surveys.com for the money. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For those who want to join this, you can sign up here for free!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. this is not scam u must reach 75 dollars and they will send you to your paypal account to me works i have 350 dollars done with Awsurveys it’s not a scam !


  27. This site is a HUGE scam.

    And no doubt, some of the posts here (perhaps by the same individual) confirming that they were paid are not genuine but from the person(s) running that site. Take heed.

    Another tipoff you might want to add to your ‘hints that site is a scam’ is if they don’t do email verification and just allow you to start taking the surveys.

    Thorough waste of time, AW surveys that makes its money through raw click throughs

  28. I have always received payments from them with no problem. From my understanding they are pretty strict with how you refer people. They have a couple of ways you are not allowed to and if you make multiple accounts they probably catch and deny it…So as i said i’ve had several payments so far no issues hopefully that continues we will see ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. i think it’s scam because we are not doing survey but visiting many varius website i suggest you not to join this program

  30. I don’t see why people dont just read the TOS, theres like 15 of them, if your actually of the required age you can read them all in like 2 minutes ๐Ÿ™„

    ” 7. Why has my Referral Count decreased?

    When we periodically delete Fraudulent accounts and they have your Referral tag on them, you will lose them as your referral. We know that you can not control what your referrals do, but this is why we recommend only referring your friends that you know will not commit fraudulent activities.”

  31. Thank you for sharing your experience zatraz, Ray and AJAY KUMAR GUPTA, hope more people realize that AW Survey is a scam and don’t waste time with them.

  32. I earning $27, but I can’t receive more survey on this time. Really this program is surveys & searching referrals ($48 in referrals)to can complete the minimum amount $75 that is requirement. Try again with other better programs.

  33. Its a scam,I was curious then,because i wanted to see if it a real deal,so I joined the site 8 months ago and started a few survey and when I reach around $25 they won’t send you anymore survey.Even if you get survey from them,they will just give you $1 or $2 per survey and they only offer me 1 survey per month.Then after afew months,they stop sending anymore survey.Then when I reach around $35.My account cannot be log-in again until now,I did not do done anything wrong.And this is my part of the story,its true !! So stay away from it,mostly this survey stuff are just scam.I am sure that there be a few lucky one who get paid,I am 110% sure they are just a fraction of people who got it.Anyway always remember there is NO EASY MONEY in this world,If you want to earn some money,go get a job.

  34. so far,I haven’t received proper surveys. One thing is for sure, that is surveys are available only to Americans or
    Canadians and others are wasting time.It is my observation. ๐Ÿ™

  35. Hi Kunnu,

    Thank you for your insight! Wow, I am not sure I understand the “game” 100%, but I am pretty sure that’s their “trick” making money!

  36. Ok here’s the deal guys…

    They make many members and click’s for them generates revenue… I am sure you have heard about that… When they have made enough money they pay money to those people who have bought referrals… logic is simple… many get stuck at 27 American greenery and to cover up the rest they refer at least 38 people each… ok… it can be 32 at least if you fill one survey they give you per month to do… but it’s not really a bad deal for them… again think if there are 100 registered users at 27$’s and they invite another 15 on an average these buggers get another few thousands to click for them… and now they also create a chain… money cannot be logically redeemed till 2 years atleast (if you don’t bring referrals)… and many people getting tired churn out and don’t bother… so it’s a great concept used by them and yes I think logically they can pay a few… it’s a good business… but if you think you are getting paid for your survey skills… please don’t get too chuffed… they are just minting money by your clicks… I hope you guys understand… it’s probably the most rotten and hardest way of making 50$’s… in a country like India I make that in 3 hours so I am sure you guys can do better…



  37. I have always received payments from A.W.Surveys with no problems. I think it is like somebody else said a lot of people make multiple accounts and get denied because that isn’t allowed. Just be legit and you will get paid ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Sorry to hear that Jordan..

    Welcome and hope you find this site helpful to avoid survey scams in the future.

  39. Well just to start off, those that are complaining about the 25 bucks deduction for using PayPal or AlertPay, quit whining, you’re getting free money in the end. Two, who seriously prefers CHECKS over Paypal? Checks anything could happen to it. PayPal atleast it’s direct and PayPal will handle it. Just give it a try because it doesn’t hurt.

  40. Thank you every one for sharing your experience with AW Surveys. I can tell that once in a while some one get paid, but majority are not “lucky”. For those get paid I am happy for you, however I suggest you walk away with the money and not waste your time “testing” with them any more, not worth the time worrying about next time get paid or not, for those get scammed, it’s a just a lesson learned. There are many great legitimate survey sites that have lot of opportunities as you can see I and other members post those good paying surveys and focus groups all the time.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. today itself i got a payment of 50$ on my pay pal account from AWsurvey. 8) .
    but there is a bad news too., i had 51referrls but today it got reduced to 41, i dont know why.
    its not 100% scam site but yes i felt bad when my hard earned referrals got reduced automatically. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  42. A&W Surveys, AWSURVEY — whatever you cal them, they are a SCAM.

    Please write the better business bureau on A.W. Surveys/ Aclarn Inc., I have a case on them and the information will stay on the BBB files for three years.

    They have a $75 cashout requirement in their terms of service. Surveys become availalbe based on Age, Gender and not all member receive dthe same amount of sursveys every month.

    One of two options will happen to you:
    1. You will not have a survey to complete (never reach the payout).
    2. You will attain the payout through referrals, but then they will tell you that your account is fraudulent and not provide the payout.

  43. hello,
    i have just recently registered, i am wondering if it was a scam because i havent had any surveys to do after i gained my $27.
    a question 4 all the people who got paid… when do u get more surveys?

  44. Hi, thanks for coming back! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah you are probably one of the lucky ones!


  45. hey mei ok ok i undestood that ofcourse i got money but i saw online so many people are telling its a scam … may be unfortunatly i got money thanq you

  46. Hi ckreddy,

    Thanks very much for your feedback about AW Survey! – I understand that you got paid by them, and maybe some other people get paid also, however, it doesn’t mean they are legit. Based on my personal experience (like I said I actually signed up just to see what was the deal), their so called “surveys” were nothing but a joke – those are not real market research surveys, they are absoultely NOT a legitimate paid survey sites. Also based on other facts such as they disappear once for a while, charge members for paypal payment etc… Legitimate companies don’t operate like this…Sure you get paid, but there is NO way they are going to pay ALL members and of course it’s easy for them to find excuse to deny member’s payment. And that’s why I suggest don’t waste time time with them!

  47. dont tell aboubt A.W.SUREYS.COM as scam site …. its not true … realy its pay money to us … yesterday i got money from them 50$ ๐Ÿ™‚ now i m happy here condition is so many people trying to create more accounts from one pc and theated as faudluts thats why their account deleted… if you do it as perfect then defenetly u got money its 100%

  48. yep, you will get nothing but tons of junk emails after you signed up. wanna earn money? get a job.

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