Global Survey Group – Scam or Spam

I have seen people mentioning and promoting Global Survey Group (, so I visited the site, and here are my thoughts:

First, on their home page they say: “Join Today for a chance to win A new TV, $100,000 cash, or a new SUV”. For some reason I do not feel good about this, $100,000 cash or a new SUV is a lot of money. I have not seen any legitimate market research and paid survey companies offer such a big reward just for joining.

Second, when I look at their privacy policy, I found the red flag, here is the part:

“How is User information used?

When you register with Global Survey Group, you may receive offers from us or our marketing partners. Our marketing partners may use this information to make offers to you in your areas of interest or other offers. Our marketing partners wishing to contact you either give their e-mail message to us and we deliver it to you, or with your prior permission, we provide your contact information to them so they can deliver messages directly to you. It is solely at your discretion if you choose to provide additional personally identifiable information to a marketer by making a purchase, requesting additional information, or communicating directly with the company or organization after using its website. We may also use outside companies to execute the marketing campaigns on our behalf or on behalf of some of our marketing partners. We will share your e-mail name & other information that you give us that is necessary for these third parties to provide these services. These third parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purposes of providing these services.

Legitimate paid survey sites’ privacy policy always says something like “we will not share/rent/sell your personal information to any third parties, you personal information is strictly kept confidential with us…etc”, and they never say “you might receive promotions/offers from us or our marketing partners….”

Finally: Part of their “About Us” page tells me for sure that they are NOT a real paid surveys company that have market research surveys.

We’re willing to offer you amazing rewards for taking our surveys because your opinions and preferences are valuable to us! We are looking for people who want to SHARE THEIR OPINIONS on products and services. You will be reward with valuable offers over the web, and you might evenΒ  Win a GRAND PRIZE of $100,000!

Depending on your survey answers and preferences, you will receive offers, coupons, discounts, gifts, giveaways and other rewards for things WE KNOW YOU’LL LIKE because you just told us!”

Legitimate market research companies do NOT pay people offers for completing paid surveys. They reward people cash, gift certificates or gift cards, merchandise/prizes or sweepstakes entries for taking paid surveys.

based on above analysis, I think Global Survey Group is NOT a real legitimate market research paid survey site, They are either a paid offer site or an email harvesting site, you probably will receive paid offers from them (paid offers are those you have to sign up offers to get paid), and/or just tons of spams. I suggest you stay away from them.

If you are looking for REAL market research paid survey companies that actually pay panel members cash or gift certificates for completing paid surveys, I suggest you check out my Free List of legitimate Paid Survey Sites.

56 thoughts on “Global Survey Group – Scam or Spam

  1. i can’t cancel my membership so if they what to play bull with my info its ok i have a lawyer on the case sorry this site is fake everyone if the same dude keep on popping up its a scam

  2. I sign up for global survey group and i finish all that they need me to finish signing up for them and they said that if I answer to a few survey question and they will have a reward and get paid just for answer the survey and then a week later and don’t receive and money or reward that they told me so. Now I don’t know what to do

    • Sorry to hear the trouble Fun. First of all, if you signed up any paid offers (the ones you have to give your credit card information), make sure to cancel those offers. I am not sure what else you can do… I suggest you don’t waste any more time with them!

  3. I received the same thing in my email, never signed up for this company. I went ahead and gave them my address out of couriosity. Went to post office and they told me the money order was fake. lol

    I am so glad I researched it on Google, and found out it was a possible scam and took it to the post office. I was going to have my post office cash it, if it was legit, it wasn’t legit.

    I turned all info, over to the the government, hope they catch these rotten scamming thieves.

  4. I called about a mystery shopper job and they wanted me to pay $3 to register but I didn’t do i. Then received this letter and check for $1990.85. The letter said to send $1450 western union then shop with $85 at walmart, bestbuy etc.. Leaving me $350. thought it was what I called about but weird cause I didn’t register. Deposited check but haven’t done anything else with it. What can I do now? Called my bank and had hold put on all of it.

  5. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜€
    these messages here seem very odd whose scammed who?if you could not claim the check maybe it was youre error not theres as maybe you tried to cash using unverified account not realising globel use lol maybe there verified and YOURE NOT which in any case any money if youre scammed will be unotherized or unreconised and it will be diverted back from there acount whose joycelen123 and shirley and alesha are they scammers?if you thought check was fraudent youre moaning because you failed at scamming some one which is wrong and yet you moan here because you dont like the same treat hyprocrits is the word that springs to mind SCAMMERS cant scam if you dont let them any check you suspect bad you can submit unreconised transaction for specialy if you use a credit card with buyer protection they will cancel it

  6. this is fake and fraud i called the bank issued and they said so the bbb never heard of them. i found great company email me i tell u all about it richardhardyrsvpatgmaildotcom

  7. i recieved in the mail a check for 1.990.50 and a letter telling me to contact a manager and call the number on the letter to set up my account and the number is 1-289-892-3365 and it has a recording that says i do not have enough money in my account to proceed. it doesnt even let me talk to a live person. Hmmmmm. sounds like a scam to me

  8. [quote name=LOLEY]:-x They send me a check today for 2,600 big ones. They want mw buy in walmart, walgreens and westerunion 1,950 dollars. I’ve been looking at the check and let me tell you it looks real. Even the “Heat sensitive sticker”. Thats a good one. Thanks everyone for posting your expereince. It helped me see this is truley a scam. I would like to know who I can report this to besides the police. I really want to get these bastards caught and in trouble. :-*[/quote]what you need to do is call the state attorney of your state

  9. Thanks so much for all the helpful information. I just completed the survey with global freebies and got to the part where i needed to fill out my personal information ( to get a check of $500 mailed to me) and that was when i decided to google the company. I’ve always believed that if it’s too good to b e true then it’s not true. I don’t any legitimate company will send you a check for participating in an online survey πŸ˜‰

  10. I received a check from the Global survey group as well and I knew from the letter that came with the check wasn’t real. So, I called the bank that was on the check. They said it is fraud and that if anyone has received one, they need to send it to the bank listed on the check with Attn: Fraud Dept.

  11. 😑 They send me a check today for 2,600 big ones. They want mw buy in walmart, walgreens and westerunion 1,950 dollars. I’ve been looking at the check and let me tell you it looks real. Even the “Heat sensitive sticker”. Thats a good one. Thanks everyone for posting your expereince. It helped me see this is truley a scam. I would like to know who I can report this to besides the police. I really want to get these bastards caught and in trouble. :-*

  12. I just received a cashiers check for $2,575.00 from Global Survey & Management Services, Inc.
    The check is Sooper Credit Union in Denver, Co.
    The money to be distributed as follows; $275.00
    is to be mine, $100.00 to spend at J.C.Penney, $1,950.00 To be sent via Western Union to name not yet known + $150. svc chrg for W.U., and $100.00 to spend at Sears. The whole thing to me is a red flag. When I talked to a Michael on the phone he made it clear that money be spent in the order
    above. I would not receive recipient of W.U. until after I report back to him about J.C.Penney. Really to bad. I would like to find a real secret shopper company that pays real $$$. Is the company I mentioned above the same as Global Survey Group? Last question is, How can an unsuspecting person who falls for the scam be held responsible for funds? After all they would be unaware of any wrong doing, at least until the check bounces.

  13. πŸ™ i filled out the info on the web site and a few days later they sent me a letter in the mail with a check for $1950.75 bucks. they told me to put the money in my account and the go to sears and jcpennys and spend $50.00 at each store and when i was done doing that to money gram $1450.00 to a steve jones in Atlanta, Georgia. i didnt know if it was real so i took the check to the bank and to a check cashing store and both told me that it was a fraudulent check not to cash or deposit the check or i will have felony fraud charges and have to pay back the $1950.75 bucks as well. so PLEASE DONT TRY THIS Global Survey Group!!!!! DONT DO IT THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!

  14. Hello,

    The letter that you received is fraudulent and is not in any way affiliated with our company. Please do not respond to the letter and do not comply with its requests. Immediately report this letter to your state’s Attorney Generals office, or you can contact IC3( If you have any further questions, please e-mail us.

    Thank you,
    Web Master

  15. Hi Sweetc – that is a FRAUDULENT SCAM! You probably will have to pay back the money plus fees (and maybe fines).

    Talk to the bank immediately tell them you are scammed, also report it to the local police.

  16. Have anyone heard of egroup surveys or esurveys they got my info and address from some online survey I’ve sign up and send me a CASHIER CHECK for $1300 . So i call and talk to mr CHARLES HORTON he told me to deposited or cash it then call him back for training and assignment information. he said I get to keep $200 the other $1100 is for assignment . I went ahead and cash the CASHIER CHECK ( it not a regular check) but I have not call him back yet. In THE LETTER THAT I RECIEVED stated that the survey designed to get feed back from AN ON SITE, IN PERSON evaluation from store like COSCO. WALMART, BEST BUY, AND APPLEBEES ECT! have anyone contact this company or call 1-310-982-2413 or 1-416-939-8838. Please let me know

  17. Hi BarbRich – I am pretty confident that this so called company is NOT looking to hire you (or anyone), they just want you to take the survey so THEY get paid. The job on craigslist is just a bogus trap that lure people to take surveys so they get commission. This is a total SCAM. Glad you ask. Be careful on anything posted on craigslist, lot of scammers there, some of them are quite creative, sadly.

  18. Hi, I’ve read a few comments and would just like to add what led me to this thread…I responded to a job listing on craigslist…2 weeks ago. I received a response today which sounded great! The weird and suspicious thing is, the HR contact told me this….”Additionally and importantly, prior to your arrival we also need you to participate
    in a short Unemployment Survey we are carrying out jointly with the US Labor Dept.
    as part of an effort to render data used to help develop government policy to promote
    economic and labor market conditions going forward. Your personal information will
    remain anonymous and your information is relevant whether or not you are presently
    employed. The Government has generously offered participants who fully complete the
    survey to become eligible for a $500 benefit payment.

    To complete the survey, go to:

    Once you’ve completed the survey, reply by email to confirm which day works best
    for you so we can finalize your personal interview schedule. I will get back to
    you with the interview location and directions to our offices at that time.

    Looking forward to meeting you and hopefully bringing you on board! I know this is long and I’m sorry, but I wanted you all to see it and get your opinion. The link sent me to a survey given by Global Survey Group. That’s what made me google and search info about it. It was asking for too much personal information that just made me scratch my head as to why a company looking to hire me would require me to take the survey. Well, I’ll check back to see any thoughts that anyone else may have. Thanks!


  20. this message is for global survey group

    I was attempting to join your survey panel. But, I keep getting an error message saying my email address was incorrect. Well, I beg to differ. I have used this one for 7-8 years and have no intention whatsoever of changing anything about it. So, I will go on to the next one. There are dozens out there

    thought you needed this honnest comment

    r parker

  21. Sorry Janna for the late response. Yes those two checks are FRAUD checks and it’s SCAM. Hope you didn’t cash it.

    Just want to say that all those so called mystery shopping companies sending out those fraud checks are those scammers using other companies names.

  22. In the past 2 weeks, I also have received this “Mystery Shopper” mail. The first was from a company calling themselves Global Survey Group based out of New York. It had a check in there for $1,995.00. I was to deposit said check into my account, wait 2 days for check to clear and then send back to them via Western Union $1,540.00, $125.00 was to cover the service fee to Western Union. I am supposed to spend $40. at Wal-Mart and $40. at K-Mart or JC Penny. My contact person is named Chris Burkin. Other names on the letter were Ashley Wilson and Carol Simpson.
    Across the bottom of the letter it has this paragraph…my 2nd red flag
    “Please note that due to the confidentiality agreement we have with out clients. You are required not to comment or discuss your assignment with the staff in the store or at the Bank as it may jeopordize our set out Goal and Business code of conduct.”
    The second one came from a company calling themselves Solution Market Research. This is the name they have switched to from Unitech Training Inc. The check I got from them is for $3,515.00. Same deal as above, only this one gave me a list of names I am to send the money to. Angela Lopez/Brooklyn NY, Tina Lintz/Bronx,NY, Terry Coeny/NY,NY, Nicole Brown/Queens,NY and Jasmine Cruz/Long Island,NY.
    As a former employee of Target, I know how the “Secret Shopper Program” works. These stores KNOW who the secret shopper is. The surveys are turned into the store manager and they then go into the office and discuss the evaluation.
    Please be careful. The fools that are doing these scams will eventually be caught. I am taking both of my letters and checks to the local FBI office and discussing it with them. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to be part of a “sting operation”!! ROFLMAO.

  23. Ya had the bank run a check on the check I recieved in the mail from global survey group and the contacted me a couple of days later.THe check was a fake!!!They told me to report it to the local police and inform them of the scam…. don,t deal with this Angela Clark lady she must be running the scam if Angela is even her real name.

  24. i got the check in the mail also… deposit it and wait 2 days for it to clear were my instructions. any moron knows it takes at least 10 days… by then, you have sent them the $1900.00 via western union (because youre evaluating thier services), and the check will come back fraud. and you will be held responsible for that money.
    other notes of interest…. the address is NY, but you have to call quebec to get your check ‘activated’. angela clark, πŸ‘Ώ the ‘lady’ you are supposed to talk to, is the biggest, rudest pile of monkey dung you could have the pleasure of talking to. not the type of person that would be involved in evaluating customer service.
    ive been, like many, out of work for a long time, and life is rough… for people in the same situation as i, it could be easy to fall for this bull.
    thanks to this site, and others for taking the time to put the word out.

  25. Hi James,

    SCAM – absolutely the check cashing SCAM! It could be the scammer using global survey group’s name, but it is definitely a SCAM. πŸ™

  26. I recieved a check for 2,490 and they want me to send back 1,900 back to them threw Western union to supposably test the Western Union. and I get to keep 350.00 of the money it doesn’t sound legitiment but money would be nice was wondering what others think

  27. that 4k check is definitely a scam. You would wire them the money and a few weeks later the check would be found out to be fraudulent. You would then be held responsible to pay the 4k back, AND could face PRISON time in the process (they argue that you should have known better, and will find you guilty of felony check fraud.

    These usually originate from Nigeria where something like 20% of the population are in the business of SCAMs, and with so many people out of work these days, the Nigerians(and other scammers) are taking advantage,

    The usual scam is that someone will contact you or you respond to an online ad for a job. They come back and say something along the lines of they have no way to cash checks in the US and your “job” would be to receive checks, cash them, and wire the money to them. WESTERN UNION/MONEY GRAM/ETC IS ALL A SCAM!!!

    the checks they send you are counterfeit(they can even counterfeit money orders and cashiers checks). You cash them,send your money to them while keeping some for yourself. A month later the feds knock on your door and the bank wants all its money back.

    Unfortunatly do to the horrible state of the economy, the number of people falling for these scams is just outrageously high. Please do everyone a favor and repost this warning to other sites you visit. Make sure to tell friends and family so that no more people get scammed and possibly labeled as felons.

    I’m doing the whole warn 2 people, those people warn 2 people each, etc. etc. till hopefully no one falls for these scams anymore.

    Oh and another one they do, if you post on craigslist or ebay. The contact you and wish to buy “your item” (they almost NEVER say what the item your selling is, they use phrases like “i would like to buy the item” they dont get specific because the emails are usually just templates.

    They send you a “check”(money order etc” for up to 10 times the amount your asking for. They then ask you to deposit it and send them the difference as “this is easier than stopping the check and filling out a new one”(so many red flags should be raised by this point) Same as above, you cash check and send money AND your item, and now your out both and facing possible prison time.

    BE CAREFUL people, and please PLEASE warn others(especially the elderly as they are the ones tricked most often)

  28. Hi Charles, thanks for your feedback. Sounds like they have paid offers, so it just proves my thought on them – they are not a real paid survey sites, they are just a paid offer site! Crook!

  29. I read your blog on global survey group and the conclusion I came up with was as follows,All I ever did on there was say no to different offers to get free credit scores for 3 months free net flix for 3 months and just to get a gift card,I saw nothing that was going to make me a little cash,when it sounds to good to be true and they ask you for a credit card# you had better run

  30. Hi Brent,

    When I say “just my 2 cents” I mean it is just my opinion. πŸ™‚

    In terms of “Your 2 cents” survey site – yes they are slow paying. I am still receiving their surveys, but havn’t cash out lately. But I remember last couple of cash out was very slow, like over 3 months.. I would contact them if I don’t receive payment after 3 months. Just make sure login your account and make sure everything looks right.

    Good luck!

  31. Hi Mei;
    Could you say alittle more about what you mentioned above
    about real legit survey sites
    and then you brought up (your2
    cents). I asked for a check
    9 wks ago and they won’t answer
    the 2 emails I sent them. Are they on the up and up? I was
    wondering if you new something that I didn’t. Thanks

  32. Hi kenjixhaley,

    Click the “Free Paid Survey List” on the left menu – there are free lists of legit survey sites that worth joining.

    Good luck and feel free to ask questions.

  33. doing research on global survey group i have found that they seemed to be linked to another site called memolink. Thats where i see the points think come in. btw know of any survey sites worth going to?

  34. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for your feedback..

    Are you sure we are talking about the same survey site? I know there is another site that is also called something close that offer points for surveys..And I have checked this site again, NO where it says they offer points for surveys, , they offer something like this based on their site (about us page):

    Depending on your survey answers and preferences, you will receive offers, coupons, discounts, gifts, giveaways and other rewards for things WE KNOW YOU’LL LIKE
    because you just told us!

    You see: real legit survey sites do NOT reward members with offers, coupons, discount, giveaways..

    Just my 2 cents.

  35. I have been with this survey group for about 6 months or so and have not had one bit of problems. I haven’t tried to cash out my points yet, so that may be where the problems will lie, but I have yet to have them offer me any amount of money to cash, or send me any junk mail, that I’m aware of. I get junk mail all the time, years before I signed up with this company. And NO, I’m not being paid by them to write this e-mail! I just want to give another viewpoint. I’ll keep my eyes open and come back when I try to cash out my points. Thanks for the heads-up, but I think there may be a bit of over-reacting here, and someone may have the wrong company sending them that $4,000+ check. I get spam e-mails all the time offering me money-those have to be deleted all the time. But with all the surveys I do-around 20, I have yet to have ANY of them do that…

  36. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM……thank you for starting the site. You have helped A LOT of people, especially the one that received the check…

  37. Gee i guess I’ll delete them from my list also. Never knew about this until now- TODAY!! Thanks so much for the info.

  38. Thanks so much! Like everyone else who has left comments here, I am so glad that I decided to do some research on Global Survey Group. I have never done online surveys before and I came across their site by signing up for a free bottle opener on I guess it is “too good to be true”. A new bottle opener isn’t worth getting sucked into a scam.

  39. Wow…I guess we should all follow our instincts. “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” Thanks to all. I knew this sounded fishy.

  40. Gerri: if you had deposited the check, they would then have your bank account info, along with any personal info you supplied on your registration. Thank God you didn’t fall for it!

  41. I signed up with this company and received a check within one week for $4,930.00 which sent up a red flag. They asked that I send $4,440.00 of the money back by Money Gram with in 2 weeks to a person in Canada. They also included fees and asked that I keep $400.00 for taking part. I would never send money to a strange in another company so I think this is a way to get my $4,440.00 but they will not be that luck.

  42. Your observation helped me tremendously. I never received an offer to do surveys before and you helped me make the decision not to reply to this one. Thank you.

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