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This post is my Global Test Market review. please note: GlobalTestMarket has been moved to LifePoints survey panel.

GlobalTestMarket-SurveysGlobal Test Market is a global online paid survey panel founded in 1999 as an division of GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)  GMI is one of the world’s leading providers of market research and serves more than 1400 clients in more than 60 countries worldwide, and provides a global solution for companies that wish to conduct online consumer research across multiple countries.

Join GlobalTestMarket Survey Panel – ALL Countries, 14+ years old

Is GlobalTestMarket Legit or Scam?

First I want to make it very clear that Global Test Market is LEGIT, NOT A SCAM!  In fact, it is one of the BEST online survey panels. Personally I have never experienced any problems getting paid.

GlobalTestMarket Rewards

Market Points – Members earn points for completing online surveys, and Market Points can be redeemed for following rewards.

  • Cash (via Paypal/Check) – $10 by Paypal = requires 230 Points; For check payment you must have 1100 points to redeem $50.
  • Amazon, iTunes e-certificates and gift cards for other popular stores and restaurants such as: Applebees, Autozone, TJMax, CVS, BabyRUs, Kohl’s, OfficeDepot, ToysRUs, Friday’s and Macy’s.
  • Minimum points required for amazon and iTunes gift cards is 230 points ($10).
  • MLB (Major League Baseball) e-certificate
  • Various prizes and merchandise.

You must accumulate 1100 points (equivalent to about $50) in your account before you can cash out.

Following is the screen shot of Global Test Market reward page, as you can see you can cash out via amazon, check or paypal.


Global Test Market Reward Options – amazon, check, paypal and gift cards etc.

Sweepstakes Entries: If you screen out a survey, you’ll still get 10 quarterly sweepstakes entries.

Who Can Join Global Test Market

  • Minimum Age Required to Join:  Must be 14 years old and up
  • Open to Countries: Worldwide – 49 countries
  • You may have only one active account at any time. Only one account per mailing address is allowed.

My Review of GlobalTestMarket

Global Test Market is definitely one of my favorite online survey sites.

Survey Frequency

GlobalTestMarket offers members numerous online surveys. On average I receive 3-4 survey invite emails daily. Within the survey email, it indicates survey number and reward for survey completion which is market points 99% of the time.  Also Whenever I log into my GMT account, there is always a long list of surveys waiting for me to take.

Survey Quality

GlobalTestMarket provides members a wide diversity of market research survey opportunities. Many of their surveys are quite easy and interesting, usually take about 10-25 minutes to complete. Personally I have done many product testings and online focus groups for them. I especially loved the new brand name products I tested.

If you have kids and teens, I highly recommend you join this panel, because they often have very good paying surveys for kids and teenagers. My kids have taken many of their surveys and earned quite bit of money! 🙂

Survey Rewards, Crediting & Payment

Like I said 99% of the surveys reward market points, usually from 35 points to 100 points, and every time you take a survey, you will earn sweepstakes entries whether or not you qualify and complete the survey.

Majority of the online focus groups I have participated required less than an hour of my time and pay minimum 600 points!

One thing I really like Global Test Market is upon completion of a survey, they immediately credit points to your account accurately, so no waiting period of survey crediting!

I have cashed out rewards many times since I joined GTM several years ago, and have always received the cash payment via check without any issues. I am so glad that GTM now offers cash via Paypal option, and hopefully this will help those who don’t have a bank/checking account or those have had problems receiving payment check in  the past.

Watch the following video which explains how you to redeem your points/rewards:

Member Support

Global Test Market provides professional customer service to it’s members. Personally I have contacted customer service many times, and have always received response with 48 hours, and my issues have always been dealt with and resolved to my satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

Here is a quick recap of Pros & Cons of Global Test Market Survey Panel:

– Frequent survey invites;
– Fair & good survey compensation;
– Good quality surveys, such as many product tests & focus groups;
– Many surveys for kids & teens;
– Good survey tracking system, especially credit surveys immediately and accurately after completion;
– Wide selection of rewards, including cash via Paypal/check, amazon and various popular gift cards;
– Good member support

– Only con I can think of is you have to accumulate minimum 1100 points before you can cash out. The good news is that points do add up quickly if you take their surveys regularly.

Other Notes & Tips

Refer a Friend

GlobalTestMarket_ReferralCurrent GTM members can refer their friends and family. For each referral you will earn 20 market points (about $1). Just log into your account, and on the right, there is a “Refer a Friend” box. Just enter your friend’s email and click “Invite Now” button. GlobalTestMarket will send your friend a email and invite him/her to join the panel.

Mobile App & Surveys

GlobalTestMakret has a new mobile app for members to take their new mobile friendly surveys, which are designed specifically for your mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet. So far I have received very few mobile surveys (in the survey email invite, it clearly indicates if it’s mobile surveys), hopefully they will have more in the future.

Tip#1: Complete your profiles

This tip actually applies to other surveys panels as well. Go to GTM and login int your account, you will see the “Surveys” page. At the bottom of the page is the “Profile Surveys”. Clicking the “Show all Profile Surveys” link displays all the profile surveys available. Currently from here you can see 7 profile surveys (at least to me): personal details, lifestyle, health, working life, finances, what you drive and purchases, with the date last completed. Each of those profile surveys takes about 5 minutes to complete.

global-test-market-surveys-reviewTip#2: Response surveys as soon as possible

This tip also is true to other survey sites. I remember when I first started with GTM, often time I ran into the “Sorry this survey no longer available”. You can begin with the high paying surveys. For example I always take the surveys for my kids as soon as I receive them because those surveys usually ofter more points and easy to qualify.

Final Thoughts

GlobalTestMarket is one of the very best online paid survey companies, and I highly recommend it! What do you think of Global Test Market? Is it one of your favorites?

To Get Started, Join GlobalTestMarket Survey Panel – ALL Countries, 14+ years old

UPDATE: GlobalTestMarket has been merged with MySurvey into LifePoints, and you can use your old/existing GTM account information to log into your LifePoints account. Lightspeed is the company operates LifePoints, they did a good job transfering/combining GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey into LifePoints!

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  1. I redeem my points and converted it to paypal, they send it july 9, I
    didn’t check my email on this day, when I open my email on July 10 it says that the money can only be claim on july 9. Is there any option where I can get the payment?

  2. Update: redeemed my Life Points on May 3rd for $40 amazon gift cards ($15 + $25), and received the rewards (via email) on May 7th!

  3. GlobalTestMarket will EAT the point you collected after filling-up survey. For my case, don’t know when and where they send my redemption to, at 7th weeks (globaltestmarket said they need 4-6 weeks to process the redemption) after I submit my redemption, nothing send to me. When I check with the program support. They just tell me that the redemption has been sent out and “No refund for point if the redemption get loss during delivery”. I was so mad because this is not my first redemption, for sure my mailing address in the system is correct because I’m able to receive my past redemption. I believe this is the issue with globalTestMarket’s vendor that making the delivery arrangement, because when I trace through the delivery channel, I found out that total 19 redemption was failed in one day in just my area, and you know what, all these so call fail in delivery redemptions has been successfully return to the globaltestmarket’s vendor (I have the proof of this). And since it has already return to the vendor, so I told the program support say I will collect from the vendor directly since it’s not too far from my area, BUT, was get rejected. This is so unfair to me that doing the hard work and at the end the fruit of my sweat is enjoying by other. This is a very big loophole for globaltestmarket, because they will never sent me any notification that saying my redemption is on the way, and off course they will never sent me the courier tracking number as well. Hence, I can never know if they really send out the redemption of not, until I gave that an email after waited, waited and waited for long long time. And what do I get? *pop* no redemption receive, and my point is gone. I’m really SADDDDDDD…………

    • Hi!
      I’m actually from the Philippines.
      I just want to know how to get my rewards via check? All I can see is thru paypal and amazon.

      • Hi Em, yes from what I see, they have check option for me (US member). Not sure about Philippines. Can you cash out using Paypal?

    • I am very upset with them. Before they converted from market points to life points I had enough points to get $200 in my Pay Pal account. After the conversion they say I now have enough for about $15. I have contacted them several times asking what happened to my points and have received the same answer, “our records indicate…….’ That is total BS! I kept track of my points, knowing that I was going to cash out before an upcoming vacation I have.

      • Sorry to hear the trouble Ted. That’s odd. What’s your market points before the conversion and what’s the life points after? You should be able to check your reward/points history to see what happened. If your points disappeared I wonder could it be possible somebody hacked into your account and cashed out?

        I checked my account, first they deducted my market points to 0, then added back life points (5 times the previous market points) to my account. After the conversion I have enough points to cash out. I have cashed out for $40 amazon gift cards (one $15 and one $25).

    • Hi, I don’t think you can do that. Why not just register an account? – they accept members from many countries.

  4. Today I cant log into GTM. When I log in it takes me to a page that says-“The page you are trying to access either doesn’t exist or is temporarily unavailable.”
    Anybody else experiencing this today?

      • Hi Mei! Glad to see I am not the only one. I also got a bunch of surveys from them this morning but scared to do them since I cannot get into my accoun. Want to make sure they will be credited. 🙁 Hope we can get on later.

      • Hi Mark, I think it’s a tech glitch and hope they get this fixed quickly! I also think it’s a good idea pausing taking their surveys for now until it’s resolved!

      • same with me, i think its a server error, because they cant do it to everyone. ill wait a day. and i am getting surveys on my email too

    • i got the same message today. never happened before. i was able to log on this morning, and now i got the same message that this page cannot be displayed.

  5. I have started global test market 2days back many sweeps entries should I take for my market points can u pls tell me about this sweep entries n market points ….

    • Hi Sanju, check out the GlobalTestMarket Rewards section of this review where I have shared detailed information. Good luck!

  6. hi.. i m new in global test market since ogos 2015. now my point is 1250. i want to redeem check. but in my list of redeem is only charites and electronik voucers. but ‘check’ not there? how can i redeem check?

    • Hi Khadijah, you click the “redeem” button which takes to the reward page. On the left under “category” you can see “check”. I uploaded a screen shot of the reward page under the “GlobalTestMarket Rewards” section of the review. Check it out.

      • yes.. i click the ‘redeem’ button but in my reward page just have only charities and electronik voucers. i can see your screen shot but that not same with my reward page. very sad.
        i think Jim’s problem same with me.

      • I see what you are saying Khadijah.. Hmm maybe cash (check/paypal) is not available in certain countries. Can you redeem and use electronic gift cards?

      • Hello,
        I have problems to change de market points for a check, I read here that in some countrys you can´t change it, I want to know if Argentina is one of the countries that has that problem.
        Thank you.

      • Hi Monica, when you at the reward page, can you see the “check” option on the left (like I showed in my screen shot/pic)? if not you probably won’t be able to choose check. Contact their support just to make sure! Hope it helps good luck!

  7. Hi, My name is simran and i am a part of globaltestmarket since 2.5yrs and today i m unable to login .tried too many times but saying wronng password.please help me as i have too many points in my account…please help me to login

    my email=
    GTM account number=25957156

    • send them an email, they might have blocked your account for some reason. You might loose your points.
      I have seen a recent slowdown in surveys this last week….have anyone noticed something similar?

      • Yes! Completely slowed down for me as well this week. I am lucky if I get one survey per day this week. I am glad I am not the only one experiencing this. I used to get at least 4-6 daily. Been with GTM for over 5 years now.

      • Have you guys logged into your account? – you can also check out and take surveys within your account “center”/dashboard.

  8. Does your paypal email and GTM account email have to match? I have a special email address for my survey sites that differs from my paypal account email so I wanted to make sure to before I register which email to use.

    • Hi Amanda, Yes your Paypal email and GMT account email need to match. If they are different, you can add your GMT account email to your Paypal account, since Paypal allows multiple email addresses for each account. Hope it helps!

      • Can anyone help me i want to reedem my points via paypal but i dont see paypal option why? How many points are needed 4 paypal payment? Im in south africa

      • Can anyone help me i want to reedem my points via paypal but i dont see paypal option why? How many points are needed 4 paypal payment?

      • Hi Bennet, if you go to the “Reward” page, the “Category” on the left, “Paypal” is listed below “Outdoors” and above “Personal Care”…If you still can’t find it, you might want to contact their support. Good luck!

  9. This is the leading survey site, They are professional functional and believable. I have done so many surveys and get paid for what I done. Make sure provide accurate information, be honest then you can earn. Doing few as 5-6 surveys you can earn $10 per day. I never had problem with them. except screen out from certain surveys, It’s very common and Don’t care, Do more as you can. once again being honest is important to get more surveys.
    Happy Survey hunting to you all.

    • Thank you very much for your comment Sanju! And I absolutely agree with you on Global Test Market and that’s the reason it’s been the #1 on my survey list for years! Cheers!

  10. Earn More with Facebook Connect!

    Just received an email from Global Test Market:

    Hi Mei,

    We know that sometimes it’s not easy to remember a lot of logins and to keep track of all your passwords.

    That’s why we are offering this simple method. Just link your Facebook and GlobalTestMarket accounts and receive 50 extra MarketPoints!*

    Take your chance now and link your Facebook and GlobalTestMarket account by September 1st, 2014 to secure your points*.

  11. Hi.
    What about my previous message.Still not received any reply
    Message details 29 july 2014.
    Time:4.28 pm

    As per your above line you have only mention
    230 point $10 in your pay pal ???

  12. Till now I have not received reply on my previous message and I have still 300 points and as per your above line u have mentioned that we are paying $10 for 230 points thats appsolute have not payed my earlier redeem.please do reply or we will unsubscribe this panel and treat as a scam.

    • Hi, you can’t redeem at 230 points as you must have at least 1000 points in your account before any kind of payments. Please contact GlobalTestMarket directly and good luck!

  13. Sir,
    I have reedeem my points and past 1 year I have not received I have send lots of message and I m receiving only auto reply.
    My account no 23851093
    Redemtion date :2013.09.07

  14. I do point redemption 1000 by check on the 15th of april 2014 but till now I exchange gifts with no check at all, I think the global test market already committed fraud to me, so a survey that they send me no longer responsible

    • I’ve been several times to contact support GlobalTestMarket answer I received from them check you will receive 8-10 weeks in fact none I received until now from 15/04 / 2014-25 / 07/2014 GlobalTestMarket true scam

    • I think the check might got lost in the mail. Is your mail deliver service reliable? If the check gets lost, you might have to wait a few month for it to expire before they can issue a new check.

    • I’ve received a 1 time payment to the address GlobalTestMarket and me, but for the payment to 2 seems GlobalTestMarket already scam

  15. I’m trying to redeem market points, i have 1120. When i go to the rewards page, i type all the necessary details but I don’t see the option to chose the mode of payment. Does it show on the next page after confirming the address on the GTM account? I don’t wanna confirm before knowing this. Thank you.

    • Hi Andy,

      It’s been a while since my last redemption with GlobalTestMarket. but shouldn’t you pick the reward option (which includes the mode/method of payment) first, then enter your shipping address, based on this Youtube video they posted:

      If you are concerned, I suggest you take a screen shot of your account containing point balance before doing anything.

      Hope it helps.

  16. Received the same email regarding the new reward: MLB e-certificate from Global Test Market: “Use your MarketPoints to get products from Major League Baseball”. Good new for sport fans, especially MLB fans.

  17. I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye bcbddgecdakg

  18. I am having problems logging to my globaltestmarket account. is anyone else having problems. I haven’t received a survey in 2 days.

  19. Dear Sirs! Recently there appeared serious problems with cashing issued cheques that You have Bank of America in our country. The last of Russian banks that accept foreign currency cheques for collection VTB24, refused to continue to do it. In this regard, please answer on question: can I return you the latest issued me a check Bank of America issued 15/04/2014 $130.00, followed by transfer 2600 MarketPoints to my account to print out this money in my PAYPAL account? Another way to get money today I do not see. Or offer an alternative.

    • Sorry to hear the trouble Vitaly. Did you know you can cash out points through Paypal? Anyway, you have to contact GlobalTestMarket support directly for this issue, since we have no relation with them. Hope it get resolved soon and good luck!

  20. I accidentally wrote the wrong email when signing up, and couldn’t receive the confirmation number.
    I’ve tried creating a new user with the same information but different email account, and I got a message saying those information were already existing, however I wasn’t able to delete the “other account” because it was saying my email was not in their database.

    What should I do? Is there any way to delete my information from their database and try to sing up again with the correct email?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      The reason you can’t create a new account with different email address is I think, your “other” information for the new account are the same for the “old” account such as mailing address and name. I think mailing address is the main reason.

      At this point, I think you should contact GlobalTestMarket’s support, using their contact form: explain the whole situation, and make sure let them know your name and mailing address and the old/wrong email address if you can still remember and tell them the correct email address you want to use for your account.

      It might take at least a few days to get a reply from them (based on my experience)…You can also try to contact them via their facebook page if this doesn’t work.

      Good luck Tiffany, and hope you keep me updated.

  21. never had a problem in my 3 years with GTB, you guys dont read the questions properly, follow the simple rules and you can (easiest way) get your money sent to pay pal then transfer the balance to your bank account, no charges, happy days. Imbeciles

  22. Okay, I was trying to redeem for a $15 amazon gift certificate yesterday. I have enough points (currently 495 points), but got the error saying I need to have minimum 1000 points to cash out. So I contact their support and got a reply today:

    Thank you for contacting us. Please know that per the FAQs the minimum order value is 1,000 MarketPoints. In our new catalog, you will find rewards which have a value less than 1,000 MarketPoints. To redeem, you need to select one or more rewards together, to make the value of your Order worth a minimum of 1,000 MarketPoints or more. If your ORDER total is less than 1,000 points, the system will not let you redeem. Enjoy shopping in our new catalog!

    So looks like you still need to have at least 1000 points to cash out, it’s just that you have more rewards options!

  23. Wow! Received a survey for my kid! Reward is 200 points – that’s about $10! If you have kids, GlobalTestMarket will be great panel for you! Here is the email:

    Hi Mei,

    Is your child opinionated? Of course they are! And GlobalTestMarket values their thoughts on everything from toys, to food, to music to pizza!

    This survey is meant for you and you child aged 7-12. There will be four 22 minute videos to view along with a follow up survey. If you and your child qualifies and completes, your GlobalTestMarket account will be credited with the reward stated in the invitation.

    Please note:
    – They will be able to take a short break in between the videos but make sure that your child returns quickly and completes the survey in one session
    – If your child does take a break, please be sure that they do not close the survey window or they will not be able to return and complete the survey
    – Please be sure that you have Flash installed on your computer in order to view all of the questions. You may experience problems if you do not have Flash installed. You can check to see if you have Flash installed on your computer by visiting You can also download the latest version from this site.
    – Take this survey using one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
    – Make sure you are using a high speed internet connection. If the video freezes, do not close out the survey window. Try reloading/refreshing the page.

    A new survey is available

    Survey Number: 286763

    Reward for Survey Completion: 200 MarketPoints

  24. I have redeemed my 1000 market points and received a mail as below.

    “Hi Sarika,

    We have received your request to redeem 1000 MarketPoints. You’ve been working hard and we really appreciate it!

    You will receive a check in your local currency within 4-6 weeks if you live in the United States, and within 6-8 weeks if you live outside the U.S. We appreciate your patience while your check is processed and mailed to you.

    Your check will be sent to the following address:
    Trivandrum, Kerala 686581

    on August 1, 2013.

    But I did not received the check yet and no response from their side after onwards.

    Also after onwards, I cannot sign in into any of my accounts. Always showing an alert ‘Please enter a valid E-mail Address and Password.’ But when I select forgot password option I get the same password into my gmail account. But on trying with that it shows the same alert.

    Also I do not receive any survey mails after onwards into any of my accounts.

    Please give me a reply.

    • Hi Sarika,

      Thanks for the update. I have a couple of questions for you:

      1. In their email it says

      Your check will be sent to the following address:
      Trivandrum, Kerala 686581

      My questions is: Is that a deliverable address? I mean there are no street number and street name, just your email address, how can the check reach that address?

      2. You also mentioned “one of my other accounts” – how many accounts do you have with them? If I remembered it correctly, GlobalTestMarket only allow one account per household. Also are all your account have the same address? If yes it might have raised a red flag. They might have detected that you have multiple accounts and therefore removed all your accounts.

      Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on this. I am not sure at this point what you can do. Sorry about that.

    • If you have mailing address filled out correctly I don’t know why they would use your email address. Did they ask you to confirm the mailing address when you cashed out? I kind of remember they asked me to do that when I cashed out.

      Regarding the three accounts, if they have same addresses, like I said they might have raised red flags.

      Sorry Sarika, I don’t know how to contact them either. I couldn’t find any phone number. Maybe you can try facebook, but I am not sure if that will help.

  25. I redeemed my 1000 points for cheque 3 months back and I have still not received it. I send them alot of emails and have raised two cases and still not a single response except for their auto response. Is there anything else i can do?
    I am from India.

    • Any update on this Ganesh? Sorry to hear your trouble. Personally I never experience any payment problems with them. I do have contacted their support a couple of times and received help within reasonable time frame. Hope your issue get resolved soon. Please keep us updated.

  26. Global Test Market rocks! I just qualified for a great product test! Can’t say what it is due to confidentiality agreement.

  27. so In Nov and Dec of 2012, I requested 2 checks. $50 each using 1000 points for each check. It is now June 21, 2013. I have tried contacting them numerous times and each time they say theyll look into it….but it is June and still no checks. And now they won’t respond to my messages at all. I think t his site is very unprofessional, and the amount of time it takes to even get up to 1000 points for a cash out is not worth the hassle of trying to earn $50. The site is a joke

    • Sorry to hear the trouble you are having with them Mike…It’s been six months now the checks probably already expired. I would contact them again and ask them to issue you new checks or pay you via Paypal. Good luck.

    • Mike, I really wish the issue is resolved by now…hopefully you won’t have these kind of problems anymore, since global test market now offer Paypal or amazon gift cards rewards and the cash-out require alot less points and much quicker!

  28. Is it still 1000 points-$50? Anyone ever won a sweepstakes? Why are the winners only posted through Sept 2012? I am very skeptical over this site. I go through 20 minutes of a survey only to screen out countless times a day

    • Hi Amber,

      I got an email from GlobalTestMarket on June 4 regarding their rewards changes beginning June 11, here is what they say in the email:

      Beginning Jun 11, you will be able to redeem and choose from a wide range of rewards at GlobalTestMarket.

      You will be able to exchange your MarketPoints for Paypal Credit, Amazon and Starbucks vouchers, giftcards of well-known brands such as Macy’s, Applebees, CVS Pharmacy and much more… And you will be able to support a good cause by donating your points to Unicef, Red Cross and a few other charitable organizations!

      Q: What are the key benefits of the new GlobalTestMarket Rewards catalogue?
      A: The new GlobalTestMarket Rewards catalog provides members the ability to redeem their MarketPoints for a large variety of rewards: electronic vouchers including Amazon, paper vouchers but also Paypal, some physical products, charities etc. Checks are also an option in the new catalog. Try the new catalog yourself, it is easy to navigate and similar to well-known webshops. On top of that the delivery is much faster than before!

      Q: I used to redeem my MarketPoints for cheques. What can I do now with my MarketPoints?
      A: You can still redeem your MarketPoints for check. However, feel free to check out the new rewards now available through your GlobalTestMarket catalog: electronic vouchers, paper vouchers, Paypal, charities, but also dozens of physical gifts! All these rewards are of course available in USD and localized for our US community.

      Q: If I have a question or a problem with my rewards delivery, who should I contact?
      A: On the new GlobalTestMarket catalogue interface, you will find a FAQs/Customer Service tab. In case you have any questions about rewards delivery, go to your rewards account, select your order and contact the support team through the GlobalTestMarket rewards catalogue interface. Very simple! Please note that you can track and trace the status of your order through the interface too!

      Q: If I have a question or a problem with my cheque received before the new reward program was introduced who should I contact?
      A: Click Contact Us on the GlobalTestMarket website, complete the form and we’ll be happy to help!

      Q: Do I earn the same number of MarketPoints for my surveys?
      A: Absolutely! The number of MarketPoints earned for survey participation stays the same.

      Q: Does the value of my MarketPoints change?
      A: Historically, 1,000 MarketPoints was equivalent to $USD 50.00. With the new program, each reward has a unique value so the equivalence will vary based on the reward. Also depending on the reward, there is slight change in the value of MarketPoints to include delivery and management fees, but we trust that the added value brought by the new program will compensate for these minor adjustments.

      Q: How long does it take for my rewards to be delivered to me?
      A: The great news with the new GlobalTestMarket rewards catalogue is that delivery times are much faster! This depends on your choice of rewards of course, but rewards like Paypal or electronic vouchers are typically delivered within hours, sometimes minutes! Products like cheques or paper vouchers take a bit more time, within 2 weeks or so.

      Q: What is the minimum amount of MarketPoints I need to redeem?
      A: The minimum order value is 1,000 MarketPoints. In our new catalog, you will find rewards which have a value less than 1,000 MarketPoints. To redeem, you need to select one or more rewards together, to make the value of your order worth 1,000 MarketPoints. Enjoy shopping in our new catalog!


    • I just checked on the site. Intead of being .05 cents each point (1000points= $50), now its 1100 poinTs for $50. not a good change after all. Anyways most of us will claim the points for a check or paypal.

    • Thanks for the update Soly… I agree more points required for $50…not good.. on the other hand, they now now amazon and paypal cash options, and you can cash out at $10, $15, $20 and $25…

    • you still need a 1000 points:
      “Q: What is the minimum amount of MarketPoints I need to redeem?
      A: The minimum order value is 1,000 MarketPoints. In our new catalog, you will find rewards which have a value less than 1,000 MarketPoints. To redeem, you need to select one or more rewards together, to make the value of your order worth 1,000 MarketPoints. Enjoy shopping in our new catalog¨”

    • They haven’t updated their FAQ yet, but you can see the new reward category. I have 395 points right now I am thinking to get to 550 points to cash out the $25 amazon gift card.

      Hopefully these new rewards options (amazon and paypal) will help those have trouble receiving checks assuming they will email the amazon gift certificates.

  29. have anyone noticed a slow down in surveys this week? I havent received a survey for points this week from them, when I usually get a couple every day.

    • yes, but its to be expected. theres not an infinite endless amount of surveys sometimes they have to wait for there to be a need. i got 1-2 surveys that i qualified for in the past 6 or 7 days. i usually get 5-6 a day. so yeah but thats probably overdue for a while now that thered be a lapse in surveys.

  30. Received an email today from Global Test Market:

    Exciting News for our Members!

    Your opinion counts… and so does your experience! GlobalTestMarket is excited to raise the bar and bring you a NEW & IMPROVED member experience coming soon.

    Please keep your eyes peeled for further announcements at

    The GlobalTestMarket Team

    Hope it’s something good, lol.

    • GlobalTestMarket has a new look! Just completed a survey and logged into my account. The new site looks great!

  31. Warning: Be aware the Mystery Shopper Scam:
    Recently when I visited Global Test Market website and checked my account, I noticed this “Be Scam Smart -> Review our FAQ’s” note and I checked out their FAQ:

    I was contacted for a Mystery Shopping job, is it legitimate?

    If you have received an offer in the mail, by email, phone, or seen an advertisement online offering you work as a “customer services evaluator,” “mystery shopper,” “survey agent” or “customer service rep” for Global Market Insite, Global Market Insight, or Global Test Market, please be advised that this is a scam.

    We urge anyone who receives these offers not to cash or deposit any checks, not to send any money to Western Union or Money Gram or engage in any other financial transactions, and to refrain from disclosing personal or bank account information.

    If you have been the victim of this scam, we suggest that you contact your local and/or federal law enforcement authorities for advice on how to proceed to recover any stolen funds, secure your bank accounts and to protect your personal information and privacy. (Visit for a list of state Attorneys General)

    I think I might be the victim of a scam using the GlobalTestMarket name. What should I do?

    Please alert your local authorities to the issue. We are aware of some scams/fraudulent activity using the GlobalTestMarket name. If you are not sure if the communication you have received is legitimate, please contact us.

      • Hi Debbie, how much is the check? Did you request it (meaning redeem your points for cash/check)? If you didn’t request it I am sure it’s a scam.

      • Hi Debbie, it is absolutely a scam! Glad you are cautious. Thanks for sharing your experience, hope to see you around. 🙂

  32. DON’T TRUST THIS SCAM SITE did a 3 hr 80 point survey. complete-webpage failed after finishing-no credit, just sorry ass lamm routine non-personal emails GTM WILL GIVE YOU LONG SURVEYS_ AND AT THE END WEBSITE FAILS _NO CREDIT CHECK OUT COMPLAINTS AT SURVEY POLICE AND BBB! 🙁

  33. Martha, have you earned enough points to cash out? You have to have 1000 points before you can redeem – I know it takes a while but you have to be a little patient, and don’t worry Global Test Market is legit and a good survey panel. Good luck to you.

  34. N 🙁 ot! happy, about this. First time i get to work in quite awhile, thinking i could trust these guys and, other survey companys. Wonder what they did with our information? I in dire need of money. My family thinks im not even trying. No! they havent paid me, want my pay i did this past summer.

  35. I signed up for GlobalTestMarket and I have to say that so far I am pleased with GTM. I haven’t had a problem with any of the surveys, and I received my first cash out. It did take a while, but I got it and that is all that matters. It seems that this site is legit.

  36. How many times have you been to the movies? within the last 6 months, 12 months. When I answered none I did not qualify. I don’t often go to the movies. then they send me another one of the same to which I responded none. The next time I answered once I’ve been to the movies because it’s true. Still I get the same survey sent to me. Is there more to this? After weeks of having to answer the same question, I had enough. This site is not cool.

  37. Worthless company! Have been waiting for my money for over a year now. Now they don’t even respond to my e-mails anymore. Don’t sign up!!

  38. I was thinking that this is the best survey site till I had this experience.I requested for redemption in the month of July 2011.After repeated reminders they informed that your cheque has returned 2 times & I was asked to send an alternate address.I cant believe this as I am staying in a posh area of Delhi and I have never missed any post so far.Any how I sent alternate address and their reply was the same.More over I was informed that they send cheque 3 times and after that the money is forfieted.I requested them to send me the details of post and the address on which it was sent but thay will not send it.They will not send the money by any other means like bank transfer or Pay Pal etc.So we waste our time and dont get paid.I have 2500 points but I dont know how to get paid for it.All the mails r replied by one VICTOR as if there is no body else in the company.

    • every 1000 market points you get $50.00, in order to get that you must log in to your account. then go to the top of the website, there will be something called REWARDS, click on it!!!. once you get there, their will be an orange tag in the middle of the screen, it will say REDEEM, click on it!!!. by doing this, it will take what ever points you have and convert them into money. this money will be sent in the mail to your address. the money will be in your mailbox with in one week. good luck and i hope this response helped. =)

  39. [quote name=mlynn]Irine – I am sorry to hear your trouble with them. I understand how frustrated it can be. I had a very bad instance with them – I was taking a very long survey, 45 minutes into the survey, I encountered technical problem and was not able to continue!!! There was nothing I could do but gave up!!! Oh well took me a while to get over that! Anyway, now whenever I took their surveys, once I complete the survey I immediately check into my account to make sure they credit the points (since GlobalTestMarket credit surveys right after you complete the surveys.) If no points show up I would know something is wrong and I would catch the screen shot of the final “you have completed the survey and earned xx points” screen and of course save the invite emails. Hope this helps and hope you issue get resolved.[/quote]

    Unfortunately, I’ve got another final message – as I wrote – “The survey is closed” after I completed those 2 surveys. And I’ve sent a screen of message with words “You’ve already passed this survey”. But they just don’t care!

  40. Irine – I am sorry to hear your trouble with them. I understand how frustrated it can be. I had a very bad instance with them – I was taking a very long survey, 45 minutes into the survey, I encountered technical problem and was not able to continue!!! There was nothing I could do but gave up!!! Oh well took me a while to go over that! Anyway, now whenever I took their surveys, once I complete the survey I immediately check into my account to make sure they credit the points (since GlobalTestMarket credit surveys right after you complete the surveys.) If no points show up I would know something is wrong and I would catch the screen shot of the final “you have completed the survey and earned xx points” screen and of course save the invite emails. Hope this helps and hope you issue get resolved.

  41. I’m lodging a complaint against globaltestmarket and against globaltestmarket client service.

    I’ve completed 2 surveys: 215109 and 214174. From beginning to the end! The first was about digital cameras, the second – about chocolate. I’ve spent 40 min on first survey and 1 hour on second. But in the end I’ve got message “The survey is closed”. They owe me 75 points! But they acting like robots!

    That message – “The survey is closed” – I’ve got not BEFOR, but AFTER I’Ve completed those 2 surveys. And I hadn’t even a one chance not to spend those hours I’ve spent on those surveys. THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM – that is a problem of organization of their system. I’ve done my gob, so they should do theirs – they owe me 75 points!

    Nobody will work with globaltestmarket on those terms!

    I’ve spent 10 years with globaltestmarket. Now I’ve wrote and sent about 25 – 25! – letters to their custom service, on two languages. I’ve told about the problem, but got only two messages from “robots”, named Olivia and Histina: “Our system shows, that you haven’t completed the surveys” and “Hi, Unfortunately the survey has closed. Sometimes surveys require only a limited number of responses per category, for instance, from a region or age group. Once these quotas have been filled, the survey is closed. We look forward to your future participation. Best Regards, The GlobalTestMarket Team”. I’ve told them, that there is a failure in their’s system; I’ve sent them screens of messages, that I’ve got on the url, she sent me to check the problem – with words “You’ve already passed this survey” – but they just don’t hear me.

  42. I have been waiting months for a check for $50 USD. They say I have an undeliverable address. If I don’t get my check on their 3rd attempt to resend it to me, they said it’s their company policy to forfeit my check because I did not provide them with a deliverable address.

    I have confirmed my address with them more than once.

    I get all my mail delivered. I think they just do not want to pay me. All company’s attempting to h ire Global Test Market should think twice. They do not appear to be an upstanding corporate citizen.

  43. I have been waiting months for a payment — they keep saying I have an address they cannot deliver to – I have reconfirmed my address with them several times. I always get my mail

    name=”ishad”]My globaltestmarket Account number is 19918503 and they cheat by didn’t send check after redemption of 1035 points and officials didn’t respond to my complaints properly. They mail me that they issued anew check but it also a big lie because after 3 months itself I didn’t receive check from them but I got Payment from mturk via check regularly. So they are cheating the workers. :cry:[/quote]

  44. I am sorry to hear about your trouble with Global Test Market ishad. I have been a member for over 5 years with them and have never had any problems with payments. Maybe the check got lost somehow??? They can re-issue a check once the lost one expires if that’s the case. I would suggest you contact them again.

  45. My globaltestmarket Account number is 19918503 and they cheat by didn’t send check after redemption of 1035 points and officials didn’t respond to my complaints properly. They mail me that they issued anew check but it also a big lie because after 3 months itself I didn’t receive check from them but I got Payment from mturk via check regularly. So they are cheating the workers. 😥

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